The Cash Loophole Scam – My REAL Review!

The Cash Loophole scam is flooding peoples inboxes after just launching today but don’t be fooled, it’s a complete scam. I’ve been taking a look at The Cash Loophole to get more information and it’s clear to me that this system is a complete fraud. Keep reading below to get my full review revealing the real truth behind this system.

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The Cash Loophole Scam - My REAL Review! 5


The Cash Loophole – The Real Truth

When I heard about The Cash Loophole I was hopeful that it would be a good system but as soon as I checked out their website it was clear to me that I was being optimistic! In fact after taking a closer look it’s so obvious to me that The Cash Loophole is a scam because it’s a complete clone of another system that launched a few months back. They have literally copied their entire website from an earlier scam they launched, made a few design tweaks and just re-launched under the Cash Loophole name. The truth is this is just another binary scam no different to others such as Click Money System and Quantum Cash Machine.

New scams like this launch every week and more and more people keep getting sucked into them. It’s a real shame however the promise of easy cash is clearly too good to pass on for some people. The truth is you can’t make money like these websites state. Don’t get me wrong, you can make a lot of money online, I personally make a 6-figure income online however it does take some work, you can’t just click a couple of buttons and get rich. The Cash Loophole would like to tell you differently however these scam just wants to steal your money. These guys don’t have a clue about binary options trading, they are a bunch of scammers who get paid commission for referring you to binary brokers. I’ll explain how it works below…

How Does The Cash Loophole Scam Work?

So you land on their website, watch their BS sales video and you think great how do I get started? Well if you follow the steps you will be forwarded to their recommended binary broker. The binary options broker allows you to trade binary options but to get started you need to make a deposit. The minimum deposit is $250 and this is pretty standard across the binary industry. When you make this deposit into your account you will be told “it’s just a deposit” and “you can withdraw the money anytime” however you should not be fooled as this is a lie. These guys want you to believe that it’s only a deposit you are making but in truth you’ll never see this money again. Because when you start with this system The Cash Loophole software will start trading automatically for you after you make a deposit and it will make a bunch of terrible trades until you’ve got no money left. The software simple does not work and the guys behind The Cash Loophole website don’t care because they get paid as soon as you sign up and make your deposit.

The real truth is the binary brokers are part of the scam too. The brokers are usually the guys who create the binary options software and they create it so that it loses! The brokers try to come across as if they are a genuine investment vehicle but they are a complete lie. The truth is binary brokers are no different to casinos! You wouldn’t go and invest your money into a casino would you? I’m not talking about owning a casino here by the way, I am talking about sticking your money in a casino so that you could play blackjack or whatever your game is! You wouldn’t do that because it’s gambling, however the binary brokers will try and persuade you to invest by pretending what they have to offer is a genuine investment. In truth binary options is just betting on the stock market and the brokers will only make money when you lose money.

The Cash Loophole Conclusion & Recommendation

It should be clear from my review that The Cash Loophole is a complete scam you need to avoid. If you sign up you are 100% guaranteed to lose money!

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The Cash Loophole Scam - My REAL Review! 5

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