“Dark Burst Device” – Legit Solar Technology Stock?

dark burst presentation

Wondering what Dark Burst device is all about and how it can help you? I recently started reviewing dozens of email promotions for this “Dark Burst Solar Technology” presentation. It talks about a life changing solar technology device that could generate $153 billion. The question is, what the Dark Burst device really all about? I’ve …

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“Paul Mampilly America 2.0” Stock Investment [Review]

America 2.0 by Paul Mampilly

Looking for more info on Paul Mampilly America 2.0 stock presentation? I’ve been receiving invitations to check out the “America 2.0” presentation from Paul so I decided to take a closer look. I’ve reviewed numerous offerings from Paul before so I’ve got a good understanding of what he offers. This closer look at Paul Mampilly …

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“5G Master Key” Company – Legit Stock? [Casey Research]

The "5G Master Key" by E.B. Tucker

Looking for more info on the “5G Master Key” company pitch by E.B. Tucker? I had been getting emails from Casey Research about the “5G Master Key” presentation so I thought I’d take a closer look. The presentation centers on a tiny $10 firm that could soar 9,700% in the next few months because it …

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Is The “Extreme Fortunes” Summit Legit? [Paul Mampilly]

paul mampilly

Looking for a review of the Extreme Fortunes Summit? Extreme Fortunes is a new newsletter created by Paul Mampilly. With the help of Banyan Hill Paul Mampilly has been able to bring numerous investment services to market. The latest being Extreme Fortunes which has been promoted via the “Extreme Fortunes Summit”! Keep reading below as …

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Is “Commission Plan X” Another Scam? [Review]

Commission Plan X

Looking for a review of Commission Plan X? A subscriber recently contact me requesting that I take a closer look at “Commission Plan X” a new system claiming it can help you make an easy $1,500,000. Yep that’s $1.5million, which immediately sent alarm bells ringing inside my head. I’ve researched it to find out more …

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What Is The “Cellular Extraction” Breakthrough Technology About?

Cellular Extraction

Looking for more info on the “Cellular Extraction” breakthrough? I’ve recently come across the website titled, “United States Patented Cellular Extraction Breakthrough Reveals Long Lost Fountain Of Youth Secret” and it caught my attention. What is this Cellular Extraction really all about and could it be a unique investment opportunity? The whole website is essentially …

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Easy Money At Home – Scam Exposed?

Easy Money At Home (EasyMoneyAtHome)

Looking for a review of the Easy Money At Home system? I recently received an email that had an attractive headline saying that hundreds of ordinary folk like me are making over $12,000 per month from home with the latest online money-making program. I opened the email and was led to a page that outlined …

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Louis Navellier’s Accelerated Profits [Unbiased Review]

Louis Navellier's Accelerated Profits

Welcome to my review of Louis Navellier’s Accelerated Profits. Have you heard about Louis Navellier already? Accelerated Profits is one of his latest inventions where he claims to share with you the best stock investment opportunities on Wall Street.  If you’re looking for more details on his strategy you’re in the right place. I have …

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“Louis Navellier’s Platinum Growth Club” [Unbiased Review]

Louis Navellier's Platinum Growth Club

Heard about Louis Navellier’s Platinum Growth Club and wondering if it’s worth it? Recently I’ve been investigating numerous programs offered by Louis Navellier and his Platinum Growth Club is next on my list. Louis states that this is a “Total Wealth System” so I decided to dig deeper to see what it really offers. Below …

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Wall Street’s Billion-Dollar “Blacklist” [Alex Koyfman Review]

Wall Street's Billion-Dollar Blacklist by Alex Koyfman

Looking for a review of Alex Koyfman’s “Wall Street’s Billion-Dollar ‘Blacklist’” presentation? I received an invitation to check out the pitch, but my interest piqued when I saw the heading. I was interested to know more about “… a secret list of shares the big banks are dying to get…” In this review, I give …

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