Is Jens Income Team A Scam? [Unbiased Review]

Jens Income Team

Welcome to our review of the Jens Income Team. It is an online program by someone called Jennifer Calahan and it is allegedly designed to help people make money online. I watched the sales video to the end and in this article, I share my findings. In this Jens Income Team Review, I reveal what …

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Is Spark by Clickbank Legit? [Unbiased Review]

Interested in Spark by Clickbank? Spark is an education platform by ClickBank. It is the official platform through which Clickbank helps people who are new to the world of internet marketing as well as their more experienced counterparts improve their digital market skill set. The goal is to help them advance their online businesses. It …

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Is The Sales Agency Legit? [Robb Quinn Review]

Robb Quinn's The sales agency

Welcome to my review of The Sales Agency. The Sales Agency is a company that was formed by Robb Quinn with the intention of showing agency owners and coaches how to build a sales department. The company offers hands-on sales training, gives clients access to its sales systems, and provides sales reps to their clients …

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Is Productivity Pack by Taylor Welch Legit? [V2 Review]

Productivity Pack

Productivity Pack V2 is a system developed by Taylor Welch of Traffic and Funnels. It is one of the programs they sell to coaches, consultants, and service providers that want to “accomplish more in a fraction of the time.” Taylor claims to have developed a framework that enabled him and his team to double their …

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Is Affiliate Institute Legit? [Unbiased Review]

Interested in the Affiliate Institute? You’ve probably heard about people making money online remotely through affiliate marketing and as you were doing your research, you stumbled across the Affiliate Institute. It is a company that teaches people how to start an online business that focuses on affiliate marketing. But the problem is, these days you …

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Is Recession Profit Secrets Legit?

Richard Pierce, the guru behind Recession Profit Secrets claims that the Federal Reserve and big banks are working together to take money away from Americans. He claims that the elites will loot your savings and your bank account and render money less valuable thus triggering a recession and the only way to survive that is …

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Is The Loci Cycle Legit? [Unbiased Review]

Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz recently announced that they would launch the Loci Cycle program. The Loci Cycle is an online video course that teaches marketers how to use a traffic generation software to improve traffic and generate more revenue for all sorts of eCommerce business owners, including dropshipping and Amazon FBA. In this review, …

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Is Traffic and Funnels Legit? [Unbiased Review]

The world of consulting is filled with gurus and firms who offer sub-par services even when they promise the world to their clients. Is Traffic and Funnels one such firm? In this review, we will be examining Traffic and Funnels, a consulting firm founded by Taylor Welch and Chris Evans that specializes in developing paid …

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Is Clients & Community Legit? [Unbiased reviews]

Is Clients & Community Legit? [Unbiased reviews] 76

Looking for Clients & Community reviews? Clients & Community is an online program that is designed to help high-ticket coaches, consultants and course creators generate high-quality, targeted leads on a daily basis. If you have encountered the program and are wondering what to make of it, keep reading because in this review, I discuss how …

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