The Super Affiliate System Pro Legit? [2023 Review]

The Super Affiliate System PRO by John Crestani is an online program meant to teach you how to make money with affiliate marketing.

John Crestani is a well-known affiliate marketer and today I’m sharing my honest review of his flagship program following his latest update and marketing campaign.

If you’ve seen him promote Super Affiliate System Pro, you may be wondering whether it is a legit program that will enable you to become an accomplished affiliate marketer.

And since you are here looking for answers, I am going to give you a complete breakdown of the program dissecting what the program actually teaches you (and how relevant it is to the market today), John Crestani’s background, and whether he is trustworthy, and whether Super Affiliate System PRO is legit or it’s another scam.

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Key Takeaways

  • The Super Affiliate System Pro is an extensive online program designed by John Crestani, a reputable affiliate marketer, to teach individuals how to succeed in affiliate marketing. The course covers various aspects, offering a blueprint for beginners to start their affiliate marketing journey and guiding them through setting up an online business.
  • John Crestani, the creator, is an experienced affiliate marketer known for his success in the field. His program, Super Affiliate System Pro, offers insights into his proven methods and strategies for affiliate marketing success. Crestani’s journey from eBay sales to a seven-figure earner adds credibility to his teachings.
  • John Crestani’s affiliate marketing program has undergone various iterations, with the latest being the Super Affiliate System PRO. The program has consistently updated its content to keep up with changes in the industry. This reflects Crestani’s dedication to remaining current and relevant in the rapidly evolving affiliate marketing landscape.
  • VERDICT: The Super Affiliate System Pro is a legitimate and valuable resource for individuals interested in affiliate marketing. With John Crestani’s extensive experience and commitment to providing comprehensive training, this program equips users with the necessary tools and knowledge to venture into the affiliate marketing space successfully.

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Is The Super Affiliate System Worth It?

Okay, I am not going to beat around the bush here or BS you. I am 100% happy to recommend the Super Affiliate System PRO.

I’ve attended the webinar and had insider access to the Super Affiliate System members area and I am happy to say that it’s 100% legitimate.

John Crestani is a real person with a real system that actually works when it comes to making money through affiliate marketing.

John has even been featured by Forbes for building a 500k-a-month business.

I’ve spoken to John Crestani on Skype numerous times and from our conversations, I can tell that he’s a nice guy and someone who wants to help!

What is The Super Affiliate System PRO?

Super Affiliate System PRO, sometimes referred to as SAS PRO, is a program that is designed to provide you with the ultimate blueprint for starting an affiliate marketing business.

Affiliate marketing is when you promote something and get paid a small commission when people buy through your affiliate link.

John Crestani shows you how to start an online business from scratch even when you are starting with zero experience.

Super Affiliate System Pro Review (SAS PRO Review by

The way I see it, he provides you with the best path to start your affiliate marketing journey.

Having made mistakes as he was learning how the affiliate marketing model works, he created this program to share the lessons he picked up along the way to help you avoid his pitfalls.

The program itself has evolved over the years; there have been different versions of the Super Affiliate System.

The current version is Super Affiliate System PRO; The previous one was Super Affiliate System 3.0 and before that, it was Super Affiliate System 2.0.

The industry has been changing and he has been updating his training to match new developments.

For example, when he was starting, the Facebook and YouTube ad systems did not work as they do today, and strategies that worked 7 years ago no longer do.

Personally, I am surprised he hasn’t integrated TikTok into his training given how big it has become.

But then it could be a case of him not wanting to get into something he doesn’t fully understand so he’s stuck to Facebook and Google.

If you are looking for programs that teach you how to get into that, others like Tai Lopez and Iman Gadzhi have programs that cover that.

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Why Join Super Affiliate System PRO?

Given how much free information there is on the internet on how to make it as an affiliate marketer, why would spend hundreds of dollars on a program like SAS PRO?

Glad you asked…

For starters, not all the information you find on the internet is useful and some of it is actually harmful to your efforts.

When you buy a program like SAS PRO, you block out all the noise and focus on principles that have been tested.

In the Super Affiliate System course, there are 42 informational videos and 34 demonstrative videos that walk you step-by-step through the process of setting up and running your online business.

The training course teaches you everything about running affiliate campaigns from how you can design pre-sell pages, compose ads on search engines and social media, and scale your business to earn more income.

John also teaches you how to copywrite, take notes, analyze data, and conduct research. There are also quizzes and worksheets to test your understanding and even a final exam.

What I like about the program is that as he teaches you his best strategies to make money as an affiliate, he sets up campaigns in front of your eyes and makes money.

Having been through hundreds of programs, I’ve never actually seen one like Super Affiliate System PRO where the person doing it sets up real campaigns and starts making money almost immediately, so that is a huge plus.

We will go into the details of the program later.

Is John Crestani Hosting The Digital Millionaire Podcast?

In an effort to get people to join his program, John Crestani launched a pitch page that appears to be from a legitimate podcast (but it’s not).

You may have come across this page titled “Episode 13: 3-Step Strategy For Creating A Business Empire in 2023 Without Any Technical Skills Or Experience.”

The Super Affiliate System Pro Legit? [2023 Review] 1

The description reads:

“In this episode, John Crestani explains how he went from being nothing, to now being a digital millionaire in under 2 years. He shares how anyone with a laptop and internet connection can make so much more in 2023 using his 3-step strategy.”

You’d be forgiven for thinking that it is an actual podcast because the page looks like that of a regular podcast and I have to admit that I also fell for it at first.

John Crestani Digital Millionaire Podcast is not a thing

I got curious and wanted to check out the other episodes to see what John has been up to but the links on the page are not clickable and a quick Google search revealed that “the digital millionaire podcast” does not exist, for now at least.

It is just a pitch page for the Super Affiliate System PRO system and you can tell that he’s just riding the popularity of podcasting to get some eyeballs.

He got me there.

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What happened to IM JetSet?

If you’ve been following John Crestani as long as I have, you may recall when the Super Affiliate System order page used to sit on the IM JetSet domain name, which was another membership website John Crestani had created that now hosts his free training.

John Crestani imjetset free training

IM Jetset is an invitation website to access free training where John shows you how to create a 6-figure side hustle working online.

The webinar isn’t live or available anymore (or, let me say, it is not live as I write this).

Who is John Crestani?

John Crestani is an internet marketer from California who’s been behind some well-known programs that deal with affiliate marketing.

John Crestani’s story about how he got into internet marketing is quite interesting even for a guy with a beard who wears a baseball cap backward (I am not judging, John 😀).

John Crestani

John was a practitioner of the digital nomad lifestyle (something the Mikkelsen Twins and Jet Van Wijk of the Laptop Lifestyle Master Program are also known for).

But even before he got into that, his desire to make money was evident when he was still in school.

He told Forbes in an interview that his first side hustle was selling products on eBay where he was making about $1,000 to $2,000. Then his PayPal account got shut down because it was violating company policy.

He then attempted to strike it rich by selling the test answers to every online course for every major from his university and although what he did was illegal and got him in trouble, he said in that interview that it was his first experience of trading knowledge for money.

He dropped out of college in 2009 at the age of 21 and went to Thailand.

Tim Ferriss' The 4-Hour Work Week

He was still trying to find himself when he read Tim Ferriss’ The 4-Hour Work Week, a New York Times bestselling self-help book that has inspired a movement of people who want to break free of the 9 to 5 grind by building businesses and passive income streams.

He learned from Tim Ferriss’ book that the most important thing to do to achieve an optimal life is to stop trading time for money and instead have your money working for you. Robert Kiyosaki also believes that.

But even after he had bought into the general idea of living the digital nomad lifestyle, it still took him a couple of years to see success. He encountered a lot of false starts and failures along the way.

John Crestani, then aged 22, got a job working for a marketing agency in Los Angeles.

His job was drafting ads and he was pretty good at it.

He was managing more than 20 client accounts and he got so good at paid advertising that he brought in more than $110,000 in extra business to the firm.

But he wasn’t happy, as he admits in his pitch:

“I was hating every second of my life.

I was selling myself short, working so hard and making so much money for someone who wouldn’t care if I died the next day.

And the worst part is…

Even though I was working hard and making my company a lot of money, I didn’t get any recognition – let alone a raise.”

When he asked for a raise and got turned down by his boss, he mentally tuned out of his job and was eventually fired.

He started looking for ways to earn a living when he stumbled upon affiliate marketing.

John gets into affiliate marketing

Crestani had seen an ad online by a guy called Kelly Felix who was hosting a paid event for successful online marketing folks. John gatecrashed the event and went on to meet with Kelly who showed him how much money he was making.

John was fascinated by the idea of promoting products developed by other companies rather than creating and promoting his own, aka affiliate marketing.

Building on the experience he had gotten from working at the marketing agency, he built a successful affiliate site that dealt with health-related products.

He later started training other people.

He found a way to scale his business and that explains why he is now a seven-figure earner with extraordinary success.

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How The Super Affiliate System PRO Works

The Super Affiliate System PRO is as the name suggests: a system for becoming a super affiliate.

John is a Super Affiliate himself and he has a system that he uses to train others to become affiliates hence the name “Super Affiliate System.”

When you are in the members’ area, what you are going to be accessing is a system that John has personally used to generate millions online as an affiliate marketer.

He will show you step-by-step how to go about setting up campaigns, the various tools you need, his traffic sources, and the affiliate networks that he uses.

He will also show you how to find the best affiliate marketing networks and the best affiliate programs, which isn’t always easy as many of them require experience. John will show you how to get into these exclusive networks.

You also learn how to set up ad campaigns, how to work with an affiliate link, how to use traffic resources, and how to find affiliate networks that can boost your chances of succeeding.

The SAS Affiliate Program

You can also become an affiliate of the Super Affiliate System. This means that you will be promoting SAS itself to other people earning a commission when they buy a membership too.

The Super Affiliate System Pro Legit? [2023 Review] 2

This program got John in a lot of trouble because as he was promoting it, he veered into MLM territory — not good.

Later in this review, I will address those allegations.

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What Topics Does The Super Affiliate Network Training Cover?

When you become a member, you learn affiliate marketing. Here is what that entails:

Creating Ads

John is going to show you how to create engaging ads that work. He will also show you copy/paste ads that you can use that have proven to be effective.

You also learn, among other things, how to create Facebook ads, Native ads, Google ads, Social ads, YouTube ads.

You learn how to choose an ad network and how to use Google Adwords (John prefers using paid traffic).

John also gives away a ton of ad credits so that you can actually get some free advertising from some of these networks.


Pre-selling is a huge part of making money online and being able to sell things.

It’s about pre-framing people so that they are actually ready to buy what you are working on.

John shows you how to integrate this into your business model and even gives you templates that have worked for him. These are easy to access and download via ClickFunnels.

How to pick offers

Being able to pick offers that actually convert is huge because, without this skill, you’ll never make money online as an affiliate.

John will show you how to find offers. He’ll give you access to the best networks in the business and show you the offers that work best.

You also learn to create a website, Niche selection on affiliate networks, Scaling, Tracking and testing, and using Click funnels


John will train you to become a copywriting pro, this is an important skill that people pay big bucks for. John also teaches you content creation.

Data Analysis

Often overlooked by the newbies when it comes to making money online, John knows this is huge and shows you how to analyze data to formulate strategies that generate huge profits online.

I know how important this is even as I run my online business and being able to do this will massively improve your bottom line.

How to Research 

Without research abilities in the internet marketing space, you will not succeed, period. John shows you how you can do your research online to make sure you are profitable.

How to create a success mindset

Often, this is overlooked but it is HUGE. John will teach you how to think properly and have the right mindset to succeed.

Again this is an important part of why I have been able to make 7-figures online because I think BIG.

You’ll learn more in the Super Affiliate System training, of course, but that is a general overview of what you should expect. All in all, it is a very good training program for learning how to become a super affiliate.

The Super Affiliate System is an extensive affiliate marketing course because it goes deeper than most training programs.

For instance, few courses contain as much helpful content as SAS Pro.

On top of that, SAS PRO has video lectures, tutorials, and tests to help you retain what you learn from the training course.

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What is Included in Super Affiliate System Pro?

When you become John Crestani’s student, you get:

Unlimited Access To The Super Affiliate System PRO Training

You get Lifetime access to the Super Affiliate System PRO blueprint.

This is the system that John used to generate over $19,700,000 in sales. Each time he updates it to a new version, you get the new version for free.

John Crestani claims that students make sales 24 hours after signing up and you can get started without the experience or technical skills. He also says that you can use SAS PRO for 4 hours a week and still see amazing results.

They now offer the entire training in multiple languages so anyone, anywhere can implement this system.

Module 1 (People): How to find people to sell products to

You learn how to market the products you are promoting to the right people, which you have to master to earn those big profits. You gain access to millions of dollars worth of testing, tweaking, and perfecting tools, which means you will earn more for your efforts.

John Crestani’s course shows you how to target the right people at the right time. This module also covers paid advertising.

He also gives you access to his million-dollar swipe file. You can copy his best-performing ads, images, and videos and use them in your campaigns.

Module 2 (Place): Where to sell your product

When you’ve targeted the right people, this is where John shows you how to secure the sale with a pre-sell page.

Presell pages are the landing pages your visitors see before they get to the sales pages. Presell pages are the intermediary between the ad and the shopping cart.

He gives you access to a library of pre-sell pages that have generated millions of dollars for him. He also shows you how to set up your website for $2 a month.

Module 3 (Product): What you are going to sell

There is a wide selection of products you can sell on the internet and the key to succeeding is to find the right ones. John Crestani says that he knows where those hidden gems are.

He provides you with the best product/affiliate offers, some of which he is currently using himself.

You also gain access to an exclusive listing of top, high-converting products that are typically closed to most affiliate marketers.

24/7 VIP Customer Support

John and his team have a support center where you can get help with anything regarding the course.

He says that you also get lifetime access to SAS Pro coaches who will be reviewing your campaigns and helping you implement them.

DFY Profit Page Builder

These are pre-configured, hyper-converting profit pages, that have the potential to earn millions of dollars.

These pages have been optimized and you can literally click and copy them in under 5 minutes using John Crestani’s pre-configured software.

Drag & Drop: Website Editor WITH Domain, & Hosting For A Year

You don’t have to hire a web designer or learn to code to launch your website.

They set you up with a domain, hosting, and website editor for free so you can make any edits you want to your pre-configured pages.

Done-For-You: Pre-Configured Library Of Million-Dollar Ads, Images, Videos

You’re going to get access to millions of dollars worth of ads, images, and videos so you can create a winning campaign right out of the gate.

You can copy and paste John’s best-performing ads, images, and videos into your own campaigns.

Live Weekly Coaching Calls With Crestani’s Team

Four times a week, they call and do everything they can to help you avoid mistakes and fast-track your success.

24/7 + Unlimited VIP 1-on-1 Email Coaching

You’ll get direct access to their trained SAS coaches who will review your campaigns and help you implement them.

John pays these coaches thousands of dollars to look after his businesses but you get them at no additional cost for the rest of your journey.

Private “Accelerated Growth” Mastermind 

You’ll be hanging out with hundreds of hungry, driven, ambitious affiliate marketers who are on the same journey as you.

They share inspiring success stories, selfless support, and real-world advice you can’t find anywhere else.

Bonus #1: The $10,000 challenge

The premise of it is that if you succeed with SAS and earn $10,000 in sales, they refund your entire course fee.

Bonus #2: Tried, Tested & Perfected Traffic Strategies

If you cannot afford to spend on ad campaigns, John and his team provide you with free traffic strategies that you can use to get ahead.

Bonus #3: FREE Ad Credits

When John Crestani got into digital marketing, he used $95 of free ad money.

Where did he get that money?

He says that this kind of money is hidden from ordinary people and he will show you how to get hold of it.

He says that with his tips, it will be like handing you $1,245 in free ad money to get you started.

He says that he will provide you with credits to maximize your chance of succeeding. You use the credits to run ads on different platforms.

Bonus #4: Buyer Data For AI-Driven Ads

In marketing, when you create ads you have to figure out how to target them.

When you join Crestani’s course, you shorten your learning curve significantly because you don’t have to learn how to work out who’s the best to put your product in front of — he’s already done that.

He will give you data to upload to Facebook and the AI will do the heavy lifting for you. He says that it will pinpoint exactly who you need to target.

Bonus #5: High Ticket Commissions

When you join SAS Pro, you will get access to a secret affiliate program that earns you $1,950 per sale instead of only $20 or $30 per sale.

Bonus #6: Student Case Studies

Some internet marketers who have joined SAS pro have earned money pretty fast and become success stories.

John Crestani and his team will show you the exact ad templates, pages, and systems those star students used so that you can replicate them.

BONUS 7: 2-for-1 Mentorship Access

You get an extra spot inside SAS PRO, so you can bring a friend, a  family member, a colleague, or a partner with you.

They get access to the entire program for FREE, so the two of you can work together and support each other.

Bonus #8: 1:1 Call With Me, John Crestani

You get to be on a call with John Crestani. The purpose of the call is to fast-track your success. He helps you iron out any concerns or confusion you may have about your marketing efforts to make your journey as smooth as possible.

BONUS: Personal 1-on-1 Call With an SAS Growth Coach

The Super Affiliate System Pro Legit? [2023 Review] 3

You’ll be on call with an experienced marketing professional who’s helped hundreds of people
grow their business past $10,000. You can ask them anything you want.

SPECIAL BONUS: The 21 Day “ROI + Profit” Roadmap

The 21 Day “ROI + Profit” Roadmap

John and his team will tell you what to do – step by step – in order to make the money you invested in this program back and make a profit.

He says that in 3 weeks, you should have made your money back and generated some profit on top of it.

SPECIAL BONUS: Done-For-You, High Ticket Commission Bundle: Make Sales of Up To $500 Or More!

In this module, you learn how to make up to $500+ per sale (what’s known as high-ticket sales).

John calculates that one sale a day equals six figures a year; 5 to 6 sales a day makes you a millionaire.

SPECIAL BONUS: Pre-Paid Business LLC Creation & Tax Savings Consultation

You learn how to turn the side hustle into a legitimate business.

You get access to an expert who will teach you how to create an LLC and consult with you on how to save the most on taxes.

Special Unannounced Bonus: Done-For-You Local Business “White-Label” Accelerator Bundle

This is a bonus course where you use the tools and knowledge you learn from John Crestani to do marketing and lead generation for local businesses.

Here is how John Crestani puts it:

Most local businesses don’t know much about online marketing and would be thrilled to pay an expert to help them.

You can simply use the knowledge from SAS PRO in combination with the software to create ads, videos, and pages for those businesses and get paid up to $ 1000+ for your expertise.

The idea is not novel but it is generally untapped if you are willing to go out and convince local businesses that they should hire you to handle their online marketing.

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Super Affiliate System PRO Pricing

There are two ways to pay for SAS PRO.

One is a lump sum of $997.

Super Affiliate System PRO Pricing

The other is three payments of $397 spaced in three months. This way, you pay a total of $1,191.

Super Affiliate System PRO Pricing

Super Affiliate System PRO Refund Policy

You can ask for a refund if you don’t like the service.

Super Affiliate System PRO Refund Policy

John Crestani states:

“If you don’t feel confident that you’re going to make your first online sale with this system in 30 days…

Or – if you don’t think that this is the best course and software for making money online…

Or – even if you don’t like the colors we used, my big beard OR the font I use on slides…

Just send me an email I’ll give you a FULL REFUND without question.”

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Benefits of Super Affiliate System Pro

  • It is a program created by John Crestani to provide people with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed at affiliate marketing.
  • It is module-based thus making it easier for people to grasp John Crestani’s affiliate marketing philosophy.
  • The use of training videos also works better for people who love demonstrations and visual learning.
  • John has immense knowledge on the subject of digital marketing having made a lot of money doing it. The training course provides you with the tools to become a super affiliate marketer and John alerts you to the mistakes that people make while marketing so that you can avoid them.
  • It is suited to beginners who have no experience with digital or even native advertising.
  • It has weekly questions, daily assignments, and tests to help keep you on your toes, which will then help you grasp all the concepts better.
  • The Super Affiliate System support staff are helpful and available.
  • The Super Affiliate System has a money-back guarantee.
  • It has a 3-month payment plan that caters to people who cannot afford its pricing in a single payment.

Drawbacks of Super Affiliate System pro

  • It is quite expensive
  • Although it does a great job of covering most aspects of online marketing, it does not offer comprehensive coverage of affiliate networks and niches.
  • The 30-day period to try it out is not enough in case you later decide to cancel your membership.

Is The “Super Affiliate System Pro” Legit?

As I said at the very beginning of this review, The Super Affiliate System / John Crestani is 100% LEGIT.

I teased the “scam” thing a little in the title of this review and to be honest, it’s simply because I know how many people search for things like “Super Affiliate System scam” simply to see whether or not it’s a scam, so I wanted to make sure that I was showing up on Google to set you on the right path.

Some people out there will negatively review the Super Affiliate System and call it a scam just so they can sell you some other junk product.

SAS Pro is not a get-rich-quick scheme but rather a training guide that gives you the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in the industry.

It provides affiliate marketers with a bunch of tools to fast-track their success.

I should point out that out of the hundreds of systems I have reviewed (and literally 99% of them I have exposed as scams) Super Affiliate System Pro is one of the VERY FEW products I recommend.

You can click on any other review on my blog and chances are, it is mostly just me exposing a scam. But that is not the case with John and the Super Affiliate System.

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Is John Crestani Running a Multi-Level Marketing Scheme?

No, I don’t think so, but a while back on YouTube, John Crestani did a video to promote the SAS affiliate program and it didn’t look good.

I must admit that he didn’t do a good job getting his message across because he sounded like he was promoting an MLM.

He was saying that you can promote the program to your friends and family even if you haven’t taken the program and have no idea how to make money online.

If you got someone to pay for it, you’d earn $450

The video was a massive hit and as I write this, has over 1.9 million views.

While there’s technically nothing wrong with what he did, it didn’t sound right because, ideally, you want to promote a product that you have used.

“Super Affiliate System” Pro Verdict

Super Affiliate System Pro by John Crestani shows people how to get involved in affiliate marketing. It is suited to people who want to try their luck in the Affiliate marketing industry.

If you are dedicated to your goal, the program will boost your chances of succeeding and in that sense, it is a good investment. It equips you with the relevant skills you need to achieve your goals in the field.

In this Super Affiliate System review, we’ve seen that it is not a shortcut to overnight success. It is just a guide that shows you how the affiliate marketing industry works from John Crestani’s vantage point

Although Super Affiliate System is not my no.1 recommendation, (you can see that below) I think it is still a great product.

If you simply wanted to check whether it is a scam before buying, then you’ll be happy to know it’s legitimate and if you click here you can access the Super Affiliate System directly without re-watching the webinar.

I honestly believe it’s one of the best products out there for teaching you to become a super affiliate.

Alternatively, if you’d rather check out my no.1 recommendation, which I rated “no.1” out of over 500+ systems I have personally reviewed on this blog take a look below.

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