Cloud Track Trader – 100% Scam!

Today I’m looking at a new binary scam known as the Cloud Track Trader. Cloud Track Trader makes some pretty bold statements claiming you can pocket $1,000’s per day easily, and all you need to do is just use their “free software” but don’t be fooled. It’s a complete scam and on this page I’ll reveal exactly why.

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Cloud Track Trader – What’s It All About?

The Cloud Track Trader is supposedly a trading robot that will help you make a lot of money from binary options. The software will literally do all the work for you and make you money. All you need to do is sign up to their recommended binary broker, make a deposit and activate the software. Sounds pretty easy right? The truth is it’s very easy but that’s the problem. It’s extremely easy to sign up and follow the steps, but that’s why it’s a complete scam. Because as soon as you to sign up and make that “deposit” you’ll wish you hadn’t as their software will trade your money away to nothing. That’s how these scams work, they suck you in with promises of riches but in the end you’re left out of pocket. I explained it all in this post here how the binary scams work.


I’ve been reviewing systems like this for years so I know exactly what to look for and it’s very easy to spot a scam. Cloud Track Trader is similar to other scams that recently launched like Orion Code and Snapcash Binary. Both these softwares operate the same as this one. They suck you in with promises of huge profits and leave you high and dry once you make that deposit.

Cloud Track Trader – Who Is Behind It?

The truth is it’s hard to know exactly who is behind each scam that launches because the real owners hide their identities. Unless you are part of an “inner circle” of people who launch these scam systems it’s really very hard to truly know who is behind a scam. All we really know is that it’s the same people who keep launching these kind of systems over and over again, kind of like a syndicate. They take it in turn and when someone else launches a new scam they all jump on board and start promoting it, helping each out other. For the scammers this is a business and their business is to extract as much money from you for themselves and their partners as possible.

Cloud Track Trader – Actors / Fake Testimonials

One easy way to tell that Cloud Track Trader is a scam is the use of fake testimonials and actors. In fact the man you see in the sales video claiming to be Matthew Shepard the creator of this system is an actor. He has popped up on other scam systems in the past such as Cloud Trader (notice the similar name). Also the testimonials are fake too and the claims of it taking 2+ years to develop this system are a complete load of BS too. Their website was only registered a couple of months ago!


Check out these fake testimonials above. They haven’t even done a good job with it! Anita Willis appears as from 3 different locations having made the same profits each time.

My Conclusion For Cloud Track Trader

It should be pretty clear that I’m not recommending it. In fact I am warning you to stay away from this scam system. It’s definitely going to be listed on my scams page and I’ll be warning anyone who comes close to it to stay away. The truth is the people behind the scams just want to get you to sign up because when you sign up they get paid a referral commission from the broker you join with. That is literally all they care about, they don’t care about your success. They prey on people looking to make a quick buck when in reality if you really want to make money online you need to put in the work with a genuine system!

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