What Is B.E.S.S. aka Tesla’s Secret Project?

Ray Blanco, a prominent newsletter editor at Agora Financial and St. Paul Research, has been promoting a presentation he did called Inside Tesla’s Secret Project B.E.S.S.

It is about a secret project that Ray tells us Tesla is working on that is based on a technology called BESS. It has nothing to do with electric vehicles, Low-Earth Orbiting satellites, or even solar panels.

Meanwhile, he believes that this secret project could have an impact on society that is 100 or even 1,000 times bigger than the internet has had. On top of that, he says that the new market BESS is creating could surge by up to 12,100%.

After watching the presentation, I put together this review to give you an overview of what Ray Blanco is talking about as well as the company he wants you to consider adding to your portfolio.

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What Is B.E.S.S. aka Tesla's Secret Project? 7

Inside Tesla’s Secret Project B.E.S.S. Review

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Introduction to Inside Tesla’s Secret Project B.E.S.S.

As I said in the preamble, Inside Tesla’s Secret Project B.E.S.S. is not about electric vehicles, solar panel technology, or satellite internet (such as StarLink). It is about a new subsector in the energy industry that is based on a technology he calls BESS.

After going through the presentation, I uncovered that BESS is an acronym that stands for Battery Energy Storage Systems.

Inside Tesla's Secret Project B.E.S.S.

According to Ray Blanco, BESS could change the energy sector because it is disruptive and it could herald a new era of “virtually unlimited dirt-cheap energy.” He expects it to dominate the industry much like smartphones have dominated the wireless communication space.

What is BESS?

Ray Blanco reveals that BESS (Battery Energy Storage Systems) is a combination of two game-changing innovations that are complementary to each other. He describes it as a computerized network of smart batteries that can “think” for themselves and can make decisions on the best time to store energy. This, according to him, marks a fundamental turning point in the history of energy storage.

The two game-changing innovations he is talking about are: 

  • Batteries
  • Artificial Intelligence systems that control the storage system. 

Energy storage has been touted as a solution to the sustainable energy conundrum. Yes, solar panels and windmills produce a lot of cheap energy; but, since they are intermittent, they cannot be relied upon. A system like BESS changes that because it creates an energy system that efficiently stores energy when it is abundant (like when the wind is blowing heavily or the sun is shining) and dispatches it when those sources are not producing the energy.

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How BESS will Disrupt Multiple Industries

Ray Blanco says that BESS will be a disruptive force and it will affect three areas in particular:

B.E.S.S. Disruption #1: “The Internet of Energy ” (I.o.E.)

Ray claims that BESS will disrupt the energy industry by turning every user into a producer of energy. He says,

“Where millions of smart energy devices like BESS grid batteries and BESS home batteries will connect to other smart energy devices like thermostats and refrigerators and light bulbs…

It will radically transform the outdated power grid into a digital network of smart energy…

With the flick of a switch, millions of people will become ‘mini energy entrepreneurs’…

And millions of buildings will become ‘mini power plants’…”

Rather than getting energy from the traditional energy providers, you will get energy from other users within this radical new system. He calls it the Internet of Energy and he claims that it could end up becoming 100 or even 1,000 times bigger than the internet.

Ray then says that it could spell the end of big power companies because it will render their whole business model obsolete. He says that their monopoly status will be challenged by the new BESS-inspired energy system.

B.E.S.S. Disruption #2: “The $100 Trillion Collapse”

Ray Blanco acknowledges that we are transitioning from a fossil fuel-based civilization into a new system of digital energy led by BESS batteries.

He says that BESS batteries will displace the global oil economy as early as 2030 thanks to the efforts of Tesla and its energy storage competitors. This will lead to the end of the fossil fuel industry, which investment bank Citigroup predicts will be a $100 trillion collapse.

B.E.S.S. Disruption #3: A $140 Trillion Reshaping Of The Global Financial System

Ray Blanco expects BESS to cause a permanent transformation of the world of finance by unlocking $140 trillion in new investment capital in the coming decades.

How will this happen? Here is how Ray Blanco explains this:

“Wall Street funds are fleeing the antiquated oil and gas industry…

They’ll be frantically looking for new investment ideas to generate outsized gains.

Logically, hedge funds and money managers will turn their attention to clean technologies like BESS batteries to grow their portfolios.

After all, BESS lies at the heart of this financial disruption.

It’s the master key technology that turns wind and solar into 24-7 power plants.”

That massive shift will cause prices of BESS-related securities to go up significantly because there will be a lot of money going into those assets.

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Investing in Tesla’s Secret Project: BESS

Due to these changes, Ray expects BESS to become one of the best ground-floor investment opportunities. He thinks that investing in BESS-related stocks will enable investors to earn huge returns. He even estimates that they could potentially earn 12,100% gains on their investments.

Why is he so confident in those estimates?

He is confident because he has seen billionaires like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Jack Ma, and Richard Branson invest heavily in BESS. The Saudi Royal family has also taken a keen interest in BESS and invested heavily in the trend.

On top of that, he alleges that a landmark ruling called Federal Order #2222 will pave the way for mainstream adoption of BESS.

Rather than investing in Tesla directly, he wants you to go for another company called Fluence.

Fluence is a small battery company that has been an important player in this industry. It acquired another company that had a master supplier agreement with Tesla. It has been installing and operating BESS stations for the past 13 years in 24 countries.

Fluence has 1/600 the market cap of Tesla although it is still a private company. This means that you cannot invest in it via a public exchange.

The good news is that they are owned by Siemens AG and AES Corp. These two juggernauts give you an indirect route to investing in Fluence, which is slated to have an IPO in 2022. For instance, Ray Blanco says that you can invest in AES Corp at no more than $28 per share to ensure that you profit from the IPO whenever it happens.

Alternatively, he says that you can invest in another company that is .002% the size of Tesla yet it is dominating Tesla in the battery boom. He has written a report about it called The Perfect BESS Investment: 10X Your Cash on Tesla’s Biggest competitor.

Inside Tesla's Secret Poject B.E.S.S.

The company he is teasing has installed 165% more BESS projects in the US than Tesla thus giving it an 80% market share and has a backlog of 10 to 20-year contracts with Fortune 500 companies.

It has a unique business model because it does not make the batteries. It buys them from competitors. However, it has a proprietary BESS battery software to manage and optimize energy for clients.

It has 24 patents and it already operates the energy supply of over 850 batteries across the globe.

Ray doesn’t stop there because he has written another special report called Lithium’s Replacement: How To Profit From The 122X Battery Storage Disruption.

Inside Tesla's Secret Poject B.E.S.S.

This special report is about a company that has developed a new battery chemistry that could replace Lithium as a key energy storage material.

The new battery chemistry is based on a mysterious metal that is not flammable, is abundant, and has a longer shelf life than Lithium (can retain electric charge for longer than Lithium).

This company has already signed deals with Texas, Colorado, and New Mexico.

To get both of these reports for free, you have to sign up for Ray Blanco’s Technology Profits Confidential.

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Who Is Behind Inside Tesla’s Secret Project B.E.S.S.?

Inside Tesla’s Secret Project B.E.S.S. was presented by Ray Blanco. You have probably heard about this name because he is the chief technology editor at St. Paul Research. He edits a couple of newsletters at the firm, including Breakthrough Technology Alert, Catalyst Trader, FDA Profits Alert, and Technology Profits Confidential

Inside Tesla's Secret Poject B.E.S.S.His work has featured in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and USA Today. The best part is that Ray Blanco has more than 80,000 readers from all over the world who follow his research on technology investments.

Ray Blanco has made a career out of predicting how big trends in the stock market will unfold as well as the investment opportunities they may create. Consequently, he has successfully identified some of the most profitable investing opportunities.

For example, he picked a collection of “penny pot stocks” for his readers in what was, at the time, America’s fastest-growing industry; the marijuana industry. He attributes his success at doing this to him having many insider connections.

Ray Blanco once worked for one of the most prestigious wealth management firms in the country, which had $30 billion in assets under management. He wasn’t a professional trader back then and was actually hired for his IT skills. But after that assignment, he pivoted towards the financial services industry. 

This time, he has come up with Tesla’s secret BESS project that will potentially be a part of the largest ground-floor opportunity he has ever uncovered.

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How Does Technology Profits Confidential Work?

The Technology Profits Confidential is a newsletter that Ray Blanco publishes via St Paul Research. He focuses on new trends in the technology sector and how to make the most out of them in the investment sense.

Ray Blanco recommends companies that are working hard to solve the biggest challenges we face as a society through innovative technologies, breakthrough ideas, and cutting-edge science.

The kind of companies he recommends are the ones that have developed past the “proof of concept” phase but are not yet household names. He believes that they have the potential to earn investors a tidy return hence his insistence on recommending them.

If you sign up for Technology Profits Confidential, here is what your membership entitles you to:

  • Free copies of the two aforementioned special reports: The Perfect BESS Investment: 10X Your Money On Tesla’s Biggest BESS Competitor and Lithium’s Replacement: How To Profit From The 122X Battery Storage Disruption
  • 12 Monthly Issues of Technology Profits Confidential
  • Members-Only Monthly Phones Calls 
  • Urgent Market Flash Alerts
  • The Technology Profits Confidential model portfolio
  • 24/7 Access to the members-only Technology Profits Confidential Website
  • Access to the Customer Service Team

There is another special report titled The #1 Stock For The Biggest Infrastructure Bill In U.S. History that you also get when you become a subscriber to Technology Profits Confidential. It is about one stock that Ray expects to gain value when Biden’s Infrastructure Bill is implemented.

This company has a history of working with the federal government and it went up by as much as 800% in the past two decades.

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Technology Profits Confidential Pricing

If you join Technology Profits Confidential via the link provided at the end of the presentation, you only have to pay $49 for a one-year subscription.

Technology Profits Confidential Money-Back Guarantee

Ray Blanco’s Technology Profit Confidential has a six-month money-back guarantee.

Is Inside Tesla’s Secret Project B.E.S.S. Legit?

Inside Tesla’s Secret Project B.E.S.S. is a legit presentation.

First, Ray Blanco is an actual investment analyst who’s been writing about the stock market for many years. He has a massive following comprising thousands of newsletter subscribers. On top of that, in 2019, his closed positions in Technology Profits Confidential outperformed the S&P500 by 50%. 

Another reason I think the presentation is legit is because the energy storage revolution is actually happening. As renewable energy gains traction, the industry has had to find a way to offset the intermittent nature of these energy sources. One valid solution to this has been battery power.

Tesla is among the frontrunners when it comes to battery technology both for their electric vehicles and for energy storage in homes and on the grid. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Ray has done a presentation about this.

That being said, take his advice with a grain of salt because for such a fledgling market, no one can accurately predict how things will pan out in the long run.

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Inside B.E.S.S. Tesla’s Secret Project Verdict

Ray Blanco’s presentation is all about investing in the fledgling energy storage industry. Throughout the presentation, he tells us that Tesla is working on a secret project that will disrupt the energy industry and trigger a new 122X battery boom.

On top of that, he says that now is the perfect time to invest in the companies involved because they are at the ground floor and may go up significantly in the future. His first recommendation is a private company called Fluence that he has identified as the frontrunner in this new trend.

It is not the only one he has picked because he teases two other companies he recommends you invest in to cash in on the BESS trend. The caveat is that you have to sign up for his newsletter, Technology Profits Confidential to reveal their names, ticker symbols, and why Ray chose them. In case you are not happy with your subscription, you can ask for a full refund within the first six months of becoming a member.

Ultimately, you have to decide whether you will follow Ray’s advice but he makes a strong case. He may be wrong about the magnitude of the returns you can earn from investing in these companies but it is hard to deny that the battery storage business is very desirable. And that’s even without mentioning the fact that we have an administration that is all for renewables.

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What Is B.E.S.S. aka Tesla's Secret Project? 7


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