What is Alex Koyfman’s Bitcoin Successor Crypto?

The Bitcoin Successor is a presentation by an investment guru called Alex Koyfman and in it, he talks about investing in cryptocurrencies.

Often associated with small-cap stocks (or penny stocks), Alex Koyfman uses this presentation to give us his opinion on the cryptocurrency market as he reveals his investment strategy. He talks about two little-known but rapidly emerging cryptocurrencies. 

In this piece, we take a closer look at the presentation, highlighting the key talking points Alex Koyfman shares with us. Keep reading to learn more about “The Bitcoin Successor.”

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What is Alex Koyfman's Bitcoin Successor Crypto? 10

The Bitcoin Successor Review

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Introduction to The Bitcoin Successor

The Bitcoin Successor as a presentation is not about a new big cryptocurrency that will replace Bitcoin as the major crypto per se. (It is not that other investment gurus haven’t tried to predict the “next Bitcoin”; we’ve seen presentations like Tom Gentile’s 20x Bigger than Bitcoin and Teeka Tiwari’s Trillion Dollar Coin Portfolio as examples of this).

In his presentation, Alex wants us to turn our attention to little-known yet top-performing cryptocurrencies. His point is that each of these coins have the potential to do well and they are far more likely to earn big returns than any of the big mainstream coins that dominate today’s market.

What is Alex Koyfman's Bitcoin Successor Crypto? 11

Alex Koyfman tells us that although the cryptocurrency has done well in the past two years, there is still money to be made. While others consider it a cryptocurrency bubble, Alex thinks that the market will soldier on.

He is confident in his assessment because he trusts in the appeal of blockchain technology, upon which cryptocurrencies are based:

“When you use the ‘blockchain,’ no government, bank, or organization of any kind can snoop on your financial transactions.

The technology creates a decentralized public record of financial transactions free from human error or interference.

‘Blockchain’ technology prevents hacking, fraud, embezzlement, and cooking the books.

In a world where cybercrime is one of the biggest threats to our livelihoods, the security, and safety provided by this technology has reached a historic level of demand…”

He says that by encouraging decentralization, the blockchain appeals to many investors.

He says that major financial institutions are also trying to get involved because the blockchain is revolutionizing banking and finance. JPMorgan Chase already has a crypto and other big banks are likely to follow suit.

Alex claims that Bitcoin is symbolic of the first wave of the blockchain and that the second wave is about to start.

He believes that this new wave will create new investment opportunities and smart investors will have the potential for the same kinds of profits that Bitcoin has brought since its inception.

He thinks Bitcoin and Ethereum will keep growing but the biggest profit potential in the second wave will comes from a different class of cryptocurrencies entirely.

Alex says that these different class of cryptocurrencies has not yet made headlines; they are still relatively unknown among investors and they are in their early stages of development.

That’s why a small stake in any of these cryptocurrencies will produce massive profits.

When picking the cryptocurrencies to go for, Alex says that they must meet certain criteria:

“Here’s a quick look at the qualities of a top performer:

New ideas — Solves an old problem in a new way.

Attainable goals — The developers can make good on their promises.

Stage of development — The price has reacted favorably to news, updates, and releases.

Utility — Has real-world value; can be used for more than just trading.

Major players — What are governments, banks, billionaires, and financial analysts saying about it?”

When he puts all the cryptos in the market through his filter, only a few survive. These are the ones he wants you to focus on.

For the purpose of this presentation, out of all the cryptocurrencies he found, he says that two caught his eye.

Alex Koyfman The Bitcoin SuccessorHe has written about them in a special report called 2 Microcap Cryptos Every Penny Stock Investor Should Own that you can get a free copy of if you sign up for his newsletter, Microcap Insiders.

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Who Is Behind The Bitcoin Successor?

The Bitcoin Successor is brought to you by Alex Koyfman, the managing editor of the Microcap Insider newsletter.

Alex Koyfman does not consider himself a typical investment “guru” as he has never worked for a Wall Street bank. Instead, he is a self-taught trader who has been in investment research business for almost two decades.

He is a professional stock trader full time and his main goal is to identify small companies that have the potential to do great things. In short, Alex Koyfman focuses on stocks that can easily become the next Microsofts, Nikes, or Facebooks.

This time, he appears to be broadening his scope to also look into digital currencies. He wants to target the digital currencies that are following in the footsteps of Bitcoin in terms of providing investors with potentially lucrative opportunities.

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How Does The Microcap Insider Work?

Alex Koyfman’s The Microcap Insider is a newsletter by Alex Koyfman where he focuses on small companies with growth potential.

But as the presentation (The Bitcoin Successor) shows, he also delves into digital currencies.

If you subscribe to The Microcap Insider through the link at the end of the presentation, you will get a free copy of the special report about his two crypto picks i.e. 2 Microcap Cryptos Every Penny Stock Investor Should Own.

As we mentioned earlier, this report focuses on two cryptocurrencies you can invest in.

To make recommendations to his readers Alex Koyfman says that he typically spends thousands of hours, hundreds of thousands of dollars, and all of his firm’s combined resources. 

In addition to the special report, you will also receive the following when you become a member: 

  • Weekly Issues of Microcap Insider
  • Real-Time Buy and Sell Alerts
  • Specific Entry, Exit, and Target Prices
  • Complete Research for Every Recommendation
  • Access to VIP Service

On top of that, you will receive additional bonus reports as well:

The NH3 Revolution: How a Tiny Toronto Startup Beat a $3.3 Trillion Industry

This is a report about a new fuel that may revolutionize the energy sector. It will not be anything to do with hydrogen, batteries, or nuclear power.

Alex Koyfman The Bitcoin SuccessorYet, it will be big enough to disrupt the monopoly of big oil.

Alex Koyfman provides the name of the company behind this fuel that he wants you to consider for investment.

The End of Plastic — Retire Rich on the Company Saving the World

This report delves into a small company that is developing an alternative material to plastic. Alex talked about it in great length in his presentation about “The End of Plastic” that I covered a while back.

Alex Koyfman The Bitcoin SuccessorThe gist of it is that as many people in the world become more conscious about a need to minimize their use of plastic, such an alternative is a welcome proposition.

This company has created a biological material that may soon be used by brands like Nestle and Keurig that rely heavily on plastics.

Penny Stock Quick-Start Guide

Alex Koyfman The Bitcoin SuccessorThis is just a guide to Alex’s investment strategy. He sheds light on penny stock trading, revealing his “tricks” on how best to separate good penny stocks from the losers.

The Microcap Insider Subscription Price

A one-year subscription price of Microcap Insider is $1,999.

The Microcap Insider Guarantee

The subscription is backed by a 90-day money back guarantee.

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Is The Bitcoin Successor Legit?

Yes, The Bitcoin Successor is a legit presentation.

The main reason I see it as legit is because Alex Koyfman is a legendary investment analyst whose had a career dedicated to penny stock investing.

Since I have covered his work in the past, I have found that when he asks people to pay for a subscription, he delivers on what he promised.

That does not mean that he always gets it right. He doesn’t, as you’d expect of anyone operating within the markets.

In his presentation, he mainly focuses on good outcomes of past investments, brushing his failures under the carpet. But it is expected at this point because he is selling a newsletter.

The Bitcoin Successor Verdict

Alex Koyfman implies that if you missed the chance to invest in bitcoin at the right time, then these bitcoin successor coins may be worth considering. He has narrowed down to two digital currencies and he hopes that they will do well in the market.

If you will be considering following his advice, always remember that this market is arguably the most volatile in finance. Even the “more established” coins like Ethereum and Bitcoin are still subject to wild swings in their value making it hard for investors to make sense of them — it only gets worse with the smaller, lesser-known coins.

Therefore, although the massive potential profit margin is undeniable, take what Alex Koyfman is saying with a grain of salt because you can lose all your money speculating on them.

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What is Alex Koyfman's Bitcoin Successor Crypto? 10

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