Alex Koyfman Black Lithium EV Stock Legit?

Alex Koyfman of Angel Publishing recently put out a presentation that reads: “Can Black Lithium Save the EV Industry?”

The presentation has been getting a lot of attention because it exposes a small Canadian company that he claims has created a brand-new Extraction Technology that promises to unlock 4.3 million tons of lithium from an oil field in Northwest Alberta.

The fascinating thing about this company is that it has bought up a large reserve where it will extract a lot of Lithium and it has a proprietary method that is more effective than what’s currently in the industry, according to Alex.

Given how in-demand Lithium is, this could be very huge.

When I first saw this, I was eager to find out whether this was all legit. So I sat through the presentation and put together all the key takeaways in this overview and you can read it to find out if what Alex Koyfman is talking about is feasible.

Before I start…

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Black Lithium Review

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Introduction to Black Lithium

The pitch is about one of the biggest lithium resources on the planet that’s big enough to supply global demand.

Black Lithium

According to Alex Koyfman, one of the biggest lithium resources on the planet — big enough to supply global demand for three years and worth an estimated $322 billion — has been sitting around for decades, in plain view, with nobody able to lay a finger on it.

For 40 years, a privately held energy company has been pumping oil on a massive property in northwest Alberta, Canada, and, in the process, filled hundreds of wastewater ponds with brine.

The wastewater in those ponds may be worth more than the oil ever was it just might be the most lithium-rich resource known to man today.

However, there was no way to separate the lithium from the rest of the solution.

But now all of that is changing.

A Small Tech Company

A small Canadian technology company based in Calgary, Alberta, has perfected a way to extract high-grade lithium directly from these wastewater ponds.

It has a process as efficient as industrial-scale lithium production can be that is up to 20 times as fast as traditional methods.

Traditional lithium production, which is done in giant evaporation pools, can take up to 24 months, from start to finish.

This company’s extraction method has an edge over others because there are no exploration, geological studies, or multi-year drilling programs needed.

This is what Alex Koyfman is referring to as “Black Lithium.”

“Black Lithium” is up to 20 times faster than traditional lithium processing, taking just one–two months from raw material to finished product.

And, there is enough lithium that can be harvested this way to meet the rising demand of the electric vehicle revolution that we’ve been hearing so much about.

That’s because the small company has purchased the mineral rights to the oil company’s land as well as the surrounding areas. That is a total of 430,000 acres — or about 671 square miles — of Canadian tundra.

Black Lithium

It now has hundreds of wells and billions of barrels of lithium-packed brine in its hands, ready for processing.

That means this company can move fast into full-scale commercial production.

According to Alex, shares of the stock, which when he did the presentation traded for about $0.20, could rise as high as $44 in 24 months as the company goes through early-stage production runs using its new technology.

All told, there is more than 4.3 million tons of lithium on the property, just waiting to be harvested.

He believes that this tech company could well be the most undervalued stock trading anywhere on the public markets today.

Alex reveals that the company’s management, including the founder and CEO himself, come from decades of experience in the petrochemical industry. They understand how brine pits are formed, what’s inside of them, and how to most efficiently separate the lithium.

This is why they signed an exclusive deal with the oil company to process these brine ponds. They started a pilot program that has already proven effective at removing lithium from the brine at up to 97% efficiency.

It’s a revolution in lithium extraction, and this 2-year-old firm is about to start ramping up to full-scale production.

In fact, things are moving so fast that it’s scheduled to be in commercial operations later this year.

The numbers we’re looking at in terms of potential revenue and gains to shareholder value are enough to make you stop and think.

This company, which today is worth barely $20 million, could see a 100–220x gain in its market capitalization by the time full-scale production is achieved.

Black Lithium

Alex has put all the details concerning the company in a special report titled “Black Lithium: A World-Changing Revolution for the Global Battery Industry” and you can get it if you sign up for his advisory service, Microcap Insider.

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Who is Alex Koyfman?

Alex Koyfman is an experienced investment professional with a unique background. He is a member of the editorial team at Angel Publishing.

He does not have the typical credentials associated with Wall Street, but his investment strategies have consistently outperformed many top hedge funds.

With nearly two decades in the investment research field, he began as a self-taught trader in his late teens and later turned his passion into a career.

Alex has traveled extensively to discover investment opportunities worldwide, trading on various global exchanges. He has connections with high-net-worth individuals, making him a valuable source for cutting-edge investment strategies.

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How Does Alex Koyfman’s Microcap Insider Work?

For just $1,999 (it is an offer), you can subscribe to Microcap Insider for a full year.

This subscription provides access to exclusive profit opportunities, timely alerts, and updates related to small, lesser-known stocks.

Alex emphasizes that his research is completely independent, with no financial incentives from companies to promote specific stocks.

His primary commitment is to deliver results to his readers, and he prides himself on providing only the best stock picks. His sole focus is on serving his subscribers and helping them achieve financial success.

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That’s not the end! Some more bonus reports are also available for the subscribed members.

The first bonus report, “Lithium Independence: Cutting China out of the Battery Business,” provides information about a small tech company with patented cathode technology. It highlights the company’s partnerships with major global corporations and discusses the potential transformation of the battery sector due to this firm’s increased production.

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Is Alex Koyfman’s “Black Lithium” Pitch Legit?

Yes, it is legit because investing in lithium stocks makes sense. We are living at a time when batteries are ubiquitous and lithium is a critical component in the production of lithium-ion batteries, which power a wide range of devices, from smartphones and laptops to electric vehicles and renewable energy storage systems.

As the global shift toward electrification and sustainable energy solutions continues to accelerate, the demand for lithium-ion batteries is expected to grow significantly.

This increased demand for batteries is likely to drive up the demand for lithium, making lithium stocks an attractive investment opportunity.

Additionally, ongoing advancements in battery technology and energy storage solutions further underscore the long-term potential for lithium-related investments as they play a central role in addressing environmental and energy challenges in the modern world.

However, as with any investment, you should conduct thorough research and consider various factors, including market dynamics and company fundamentals, before making investment decisions.


Investing in a tech company based solely on its potential and without tangible production or concrete results can be risky because the tech industry is characterized by rapid innovation, fierce competition, and unpredictable market dynamics.

While a company may have an exciting idea or promising technology, it doesn’t guarantee that it can successfully bring it to market, generate revenue, or achieve profitability.

You may find yourself exposed to substantial uncertainty, as unproven concepts may fail to gain adoption, and startups can face challenges in scaling their operations, managing expenses, or pivoting in response to market feedback.

Additionally, the tech sector is susceptible to market sentiment and hype, which can lead to inflated valuations that may not align with a company’s actual performance.

Consequently, without tangible production or demonstrated market traction, you are taking a significant gamble on the company’s ability to deliver on its potential, making it a risky investment proposition.

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