Angel Publishing Investment Research [Unbiased Review]

Today we’ll be taking an in-depth look at Angel Publishing, a leading publisher of investment advisory newsletters and research reports across various sectors.

In this post, we’ll be reviewing Angel Publishing’s key analysts and authors, examining the different newsletters and services they currently publish, assessing their track record and reputation, and analyzing the overall strengths and weaknesses of their offerings.

Through a balanced, objective lens, we aim to provide insight into what Angel Publishing has to offer investors and whether it’s a company worth considering as a source of financial analysis and ideas.

There are many factors to weigh when determining if a financial publisher’s services merit your hard-earned money and attention.

By exploring Angel Publishing’s philosophy, approach, and offerings in detail, our goal is to empower you to make an informed decision about whether their paid newsletters and research align with your investing strategy and goals.

Let’s dive in and reveal everything you need to know about this investment advisory company.

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Introduction To Angel Publishing

Angel Publishing is a company that offers unbiased commentary, education, and analysis of the markets through online publications.

Angel Publishing

In technical terms, it provides ideas and strategies on how to navigate the markets productively and profitably.

Its investment advisories target specific industries and are run by industry experts to provide investors with insights that yield double- and triple-digit profits.

Angel Publishing has made it clear that it believes in limited government, individual freedom of speech and thought, free markets, and a celebration and defense of personal liberties. In doing so, they want to attract an audience that holds similar beliefs.

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Who Are The Experts at Angel Publishing?

Jason Williams

Jason Williams, a cum laude graduate from the University of Baltimore’s Merrick School of Business, emerged as a financial expert after studying finance and economics.

Angel Publishing Investment Research [Unbiased Review] 10

His career began with pivotal work for the U.S. military, analyzing complex projects and fostering valuable relationships within the defense sector. Transitioning to the private sector, Jason’s passion for business and investing thrived, driven by innovative cost-saving approaches for U.S. Army bases.

This propelled him into the financial world as an investment banking analyst for Morgan Stanley, where he honed his skills amidst the elite. Jason’s extensive global travels in pursuit of investment opportunities expanded his network to include CEOs, billionaire investors, and startup founders.

Now, he generously shares his expertise, leading Main Street Ventures, Alpha Profit Machine, and Future Giants, aiming to empower investors with the strategies that made the ultra-wealthy even richer.

As the managing editor of Wealth Daily and The Wealth Advisory stock newsletter, Jason offers invaluable insights to beat the markets and prosper in the world of finance.

Brian Hicks

Brian Hicks takes pride in being at the forefront of emerging trends, whether they involve disruptive technologies like hydraulic fracking or advancements in robotics, nanotech, and biotechnology.

Notably, he co-authored the 2008 book, “Profit from the Peak: The End of Oil and the Greatest Investment Event of the Century,” predicting the depletion of easily accessible oil.

Brian’s knack for identifying tomorrow’s winning stocks has granted him frequent appearances on esteemed platforms such as CNBC, Bloomberg, and Fox News.

Beyond television, he has captivated audiences at investment seminars and numerous talk radio shows.

Armed with a Political Science degree from the University of Baltimore and additional graduate-level studies in Political Theory and Modern Studies, Brian brings a wealth of expertise to his role as the managing editor of The Wealth Advisory.

He also contributes weekly insights to Wealth Daily, delving into high-profit opportunities within our current geopolitical landscape.

Christian DeHaemer

Christian, through his writings, has been showing his readers how to make money quickly and safely to consolidate their retirement savings.

He is best known for traveling the world in search of new profit opportunities. As he puts it, he doesn’t “get [his] information from hanging out at dinner parties with Wall Street hucksters…”

He takes pride in rolling up his sleeves and visiting the businesses he is about to pass on as recommendations. For example, he has been to Cuba, Mongolia, and the Middle East in search of profitable energy plays.

He writes for Energy and Capital and his newsletter, Christian DeHaemer’s Bull and Bust Report.

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Jeff Siegel

Jeff Siegel wears many hats in the realm of investment research, notably as the publisher and managing editor of Green Chip Stocks, an independent service focusing on alternative energy, transportation markets, sustainability, and agriculture.

He is also the managing editor of Energy and Capital, Wealth Daily, and Liberty Briefing.

Additionally, Jeff contributes his analytical expertise to the Energy Investor, another independent research service spotlighting stocks in the oil & gas, modern energy, and infrastructure markets.

Angel Publishing Investment Research [Unbiased Review] 11

Before dedicating his focus to alternative energy, Jeff worked with Agora Publishing, a prominent financial newsletter publisher. He’s become a recognizable figure in alternative energy markets, initially facing skepticism for his analyses but eventually earning recognition for his accurate predictions.

With a firm belief that “Capitalism is a catalyst for positive change,” Jeff consistently identifies the most lucrative alternative energy companies, guiding numerous readers to financial success.

Alongside his publishing work, he consults and frequently appears as a featured guest on major media outlets, showcasing his extensive knowledge and experience in the energy sector.

Jeff is also an accomplished author, having penned a best-selling energy book titled “Investing in Renewable Energy: Making Money on Green Chip Stocks” and co-authored “Energy Investing for Dummies.”

Through his regular updates and recommendations, Jeff keeps his audience informed about the latest developments and opportunities in the alternative energy landscape.

Alex Koyfman

Alex’s journey begins in Soviet Russia, where he was born. In the early 1980s, he and his family immigrated to the United States where his academic pursuits led him to a bachelor’s degree from the University of Maryland and a JD from Penn State.

However, finance and investing had always held a profound allure for him, even from a young age. By his late teens, he was actively engaged in trading, leveraging the emerging opportunities of online trading available to non-professional investors.

Angel Publishing Investment Research [Unbiased Review] 12

Notably, he seized early successes, such as a risky yet immensely profitable purchase of Worldcom shares during a stock panic when the price plummeted to below $1.

Post-law school, Alex made a pivotal decision to pivot away from a promising legal career and embrace trading and investing as a full-time venture. This shift encompassed a heightened focus on early-stage public equity and startup-stage private equity investing.

In 2014, prompted by Brian Hicks, a long-time friend and colleague, Alex embarked on a new venture—co-founding the now thriving Microcap Insider investment advisory. This newsletter has become a beacon for profiling the most promising technology and resource companies currently trading.

Employing a scientific approach and statistical de-risking methods, Alex has crafted a dynamic portfolio that consistently outperforms hedge funds in operation today. His trajectory embodies a blend of passion, risk-taking, and strategic acumen that has brought him to the forefront of the investment landscape.

Keith Kohl

Keith is the oil and energy expert at Angel Publishing.

A true industry insider, he is always ahead of the curve particularly when it comes to developments in the oil industry in North America.

For example, he called the Bakken oil formation before the Mainstream Media knew about it and recently wrote about Endless Clean Energy.

He writes for Energy and Capital, Energy Investor, and Pure Energy Trader.

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What Are Angel Publishing’s Free eLetters?

Wealth Daily

The flagship eLetter of Angel Publishing brings you insights and commentaries from experts and analysts from diverse fields.

The editors have a combined experience of over 75 years in the finance industry.

It covers the entire market providing daily analysis that you would never find on Mainstream Media outlets.

It is also educational, at times, making it appropriate for both experienced and novice investors.

You receive six issues of the free e-letter every week.

Energy and Capital

The energy industry is one of the most important sectors in the economy.

We use energy to power civilization making it a pervasive resource.

It is also one of the most lucrative industries in the world for investors.

Energy and Capital is for the investors who want to have a go at this lucrative industry to make money.

This free newsletter boasts some of the most highly sought energy experts in the world.

They research the markets so that you can adopt promising positions ahead of bull runs.

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What Are Angel publishing’s Premium Services?

Green Chip Stocks

This advisory service espouses socially responsible investing.

It is for those who are concerned with things like environmental conservation, social responsibility, and ethical corporate governance.

Green Chip Stocks is proof that you can make money from renewable energy, legal cannabis, biotechs, and other industries in that mold.

Technology and Opportunity

This one is all about technology and the opportunities that it brings.

Here, trends are king, and making ten or even fifty times your initial investment is not unheard of.

Taking on companies with great ideas and watching them grow is how it works.

Bull and Bust Report

This service has a bearish outlook on the market.

If you believe that the good times are about to be halted because of irresponsible fiscal and monetary policies, this newsletter will show you how to navigate the impending market crash (if you believe it will happen).

Main Street Ventures

Jason Williams, an angel investor and former Morgan Stanley analyst, established Main Street Ventures with a mission to democratize wealth opportunities.

Utilizing his rich experience in Wall Street, where he aided the super-wealthy in generating substantial returns, Jason is now extending this opportunity to everyone.

Through Main Street Ventures, individuals can tap into Jason’s extensive network of venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, private equity analysts, and corporate executives, gaining access to the kind of significant returns that were once exclusive to the world’s billionaire elite.

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Launchpad Trader

Chris DeHaemer, with over 25 years of experience in investing, trading, and financial analysis, observes the current state of the stock market with a discerning eye.

The prevailing chaos, irrationality, and growing instability are concerning. The actions of the Federal Reserve, like money printing favoring the wealthy, have exacerbated the situation.

Moreover, the proliferation of free trades has empowered a wave of inexperienced traders, amplifying volatility through speculative stock movements promoted on social media.

Recognizing this critical juncture, DeHaemer delved into a lesser-known 1930s manuscript, unveiling a remarkable system tailored for these tumultuous times.

This system effectively filters out the noise, offering strategic insights on when to buy, when to sell, and when to step back from the market. It’s a calculated approach to navigate the evolving financial landscape.

Energy Investor

Energy, like other industries, is an evolving industry.

Technological shakeups in this old industry are charting the way forward into the future.

This newsletter is all about finding innovative energy companies and investing in them.

The Wealth Advisory

If you are worried that your current retirement plan is not preparing you for your golden years, this service will provide you with the alternative wealth creation strategies that will grow your retirement nest egg faster.

Future Giants

Drawing upon the strategies he honed during his Wall Street tenure, Jason Williams and his team assist investors in pinpointing companies with the potential to become industry behemoths long before the wider world catches wind.

This foresight virtually ensures these investors a substantial portion of the forthcoming profits. It’s a blend of expertise and vision that shapes the future of investment.

Alpha Profit Machine

This service is based on a trading algorithm that detects profit patters early.

Microcap Insider

Microcap Insider gives you Alex Koyfman’s perspective on the hottest, most aggressively expanding companies in the tech and biotech sectors before they start making headlines.

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First Call

Investing in micro-cap stocks is a risky business for the untrained eye.

This service is all about identifying promising companies while they are still fledgling.

To be an investor of such companies, you need to know that you are going to embrace risk with the promise of massive upside.

Topline Trader

The strategy here is identifying major catalyst events in drug development cycles and positioning yourself to profit from the wild swings characteristic of such companies. Topline Trader was recently promoted via Project Greenlight website.

Wealth Trust

This is Angel Publishing’s gateway to all other premium services.

You get lifetime access to all the premium and free services and VIP tickets to conferences, virtual tours, and meetings.

It gives you the “inner circle” experience.

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Is Angel Publishing Investment Research Legit?

Angel Publishing Investment Research is not a scam.

It is merely a collection of industry experts offering investment advice to investors and traders

It provides a similar service to others I have reviewed like Banyan HillAgora Financial, Stansberry Research and Palm Beach Research Group to name a few.

Since they are not licensed brokers, the advice they give should not be taken personally (they state that in their terms of engagement).

Pros of Angel Publishing Investment Research

  • There is diversity in that they cater to people with different investment strategies and approaches.
  • The investment advice is suited to both novice and experienced investors.

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Angel Publishing Verdict

Angel Publishing is a publisher of investment advisory services and newsletters.

They have experts who cover various fields, including energy, tech, cannabis, oil, just to mention a few.

They appeal to people who have a certain outlook of life and hold certain beliefs, as they clearly state on their website.

However, they don’t close the door to people who have differing opinions because after all, it’s all about making money.

Ultimately I believe they provide legitimate services and I’d be happy to recommend their newsletters to any investor.

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