Is Color Street MLM Legit? [Unbiased 2022 Review]

If you are into multi level marketing, then you probably know color street. Is it a legit mlm? Is it an online business worth taking the risk for?

In this color street mlm review, I am going to talk about Color street, what it’s all about and whether or not you can make money by joining this mlm company.

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Is Color Street MLM Legit? [Unbiased 2022 Review] 7

Color Street mlm Review

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What is Color street mlm?

Color Street is an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) beauty company that whose main product is nail polish strips. They also sell nail care items and nail art designs. It is a bit like Farmasi Makeup or Motive Cosmetics, two other companies that deal with beauty care products with the same business model.

What is Color Street mlm?

Color Street was founded in 2017 and its headquarters are based in Clifton, New Jersey.

Color street markets their adhesive nail polish strips as a better and more convenient alternative to normal nail polish.

The company’s sales method is through recruitment of consultants known as ‘Independent Stylists’. The stylists, just like in any other MLM, make commissions for the products they sell.

Each stylist has the chance to open their very own nail bar.

Color street maintains a strong presence in Clifton because its inspiration comes from New York City, the “City that Never Sleeps.” It is located beside sister brands Coconut Nail Art and Incoco , and employs around 1,100 full-time employees.

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Who founded Color Street?

Color Street’s founder and CEO is Fa Park. Park immigrated from South Korea to The United in the 1980s to follow his dreams to join the opera.

Fa Park

In 1988, he was on the bus that he took to and from his music lessons when he noticed a woman who was struggling to paint her nails in the back of a cab. Watching her, he thought that there has to be an easier and more efficient way to do your nails.

Later on, he went and purchased some nail polish products then began experimenting with them by painting them on various types of paper and drying them with a hair dryer.

Fa Park realized that he had to learn nail polish chemistry and there were several failed attempts for the next seventeen years before he finally accomplished his vision.

During those seventeen years Park met a retired nail polish chemist who taught him everything he knew. Furthermore, he learnt the engineering and metal fabrication skills required to build a machine to produce the nail strips.

Finally, Fa devised a method in which the top was dry but the bottom remained moist and could be adhered to the nail; thus forming the nail polish strips.

Color Street now has nail strips in many colors, varieties and designs. From patterns, glitter and French manicure style to Valentine, Halloween and Christmas strips, Color street offers it all.

Each set of strips comes with a nail file/applicator, a nail prep pad and in-depth instructions on how to use them.

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What does Color Street sell?

As mentioned before, color street’s main product is their nail polish strips.

What does Color street sell?

The nail polish strips are sold in sets and are available in multiple styles and variations such as solid colors, glitter styles, patterns, pedicure strips, nail art, holiday styles, French manicure glitter designs, pedicure strips and several others.

Color street nail art

For each set of nail polish strips, comes a nail prep pad, a nail file/applicator and complete application instructions that are to aid the customer with nail care.

Various video tutorials are provided by the company to help with proper application of the strips.

The main advantage of the nail polish strips over nail polish, as claimed by the company, is the ease of application.

Once the strips are applied, they last for a about a week or two before you have the need to change them and put on new ones.

The strips have to be used within a reasonable amount of time after the package has been opened or the products will dry out and are no longer fit for use.

Do the nail polish strips Ruin Nails?

The Color street nail strips are made of actual nail polish not vinyl, which is used by other brands.

Therefore nail polish remover can be used to remove the nail strips whenever you wish to. They do not damage the nail like acrylics when taken off the right way.

Avoid pulling off the strips so as not to damage your nails.

The unique thing about color street nail polish industry

The color street nail polish strips are made of real nail polish, making the company a formidable force in the nail polish industry.

Other nail product companies have entered the market selling nail polish strips that are basically printed patterns on paper, thus losing their alure and offering barely any competition to color street products.

Color street mlm company releases new shades, colors, and patterns every single month, making them several steps ahead of their competitors.

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How to make money on Color street mlm

The color street compensation plan that allows an Independent Stylist to earn commissions in four different phases.

Since the phases are cumulative, you can make money with Color Street through commissions in various ways.

The Marketing Phase

In the marketing phase, you are compensated for your individual sales through commissions while also being rewarded for helping others to do so.

It includes retail commissions, jump start rewards, level bonuses and rank promotion bonuses.

Retail commissions

With retail commissions, you earn up to 35% of your PV(Personal Volume).

It includes base retail commission that starts at 15% of your PV. You earn an additional 10% if you sell 300 in PV in a calendar month, for a total of 25%. Base Retail Commission is paid in weekly payouts.

You can earn an additional 5-10% in Enhanced Retail Commission, paid monthly, based on your Personal Volume per month.

Jump Start Rewards

You can earn product credit of $50 USD by reaching selling and enrollment goals during your Jump Start period which is basically your first three months as a stylist at color street.

Each month represents a jump start level and you earn $150 USD Product Credit when you earn all three Sales JS Levels

Level Bonus

Once you are paid as a Qualified Stylist or above, you get to earn a Level Bonus on the PV of any Level 1 Stylists that you might have on your team.

The term “Level” is used to describe the position a downline Stylist is relative to you.

Rank Promotion Bonus

You earn a one-time bonus when you are promoted to the Senior Stylist($50 USD) or Elite Stylist($100 USD) ranks for the first time.

The Development Phase

In the development phase, you start to develop your team by mentoring the stylists that you have enrolled.

To qualify as a Team Builder or above, you must meet what they call ‘Leg requirements’ in addition to the monthly volume requirements.

You can earn rank promotion bonuses as you are promoted through the ranks in the Development Phase i.e. senior team builder($300 USD), team leader($400 USD) and senior team leader($600 USD)

As you mentor those you enrolled, you are eligible to earn Jump Start Enroller Bonuses when the new color street stylist achieves their Jump Start goals. When a stylist you have enrolled achieves any of the Sales Jump Start Levels, you earn $25 USD in Product Credit.

As you build your team and progress through the ranks in the development phase, your level bonuses increase.

The leadership phase

The leadership phase begins at the Director Rank and rewards you for building your team and developing emerging leaders and directors.

The other ranks include senior director, elite director and executive director.

You also earn up to five levels of level bonuses on your downline stylist’s PV.

You can also earn generation bonuses on the volume from your downline generations.


This phase rewards you for mentoring leaders in the executive levels on your team. After being promoted to a senior executive director(SED), you must have earned 100 leadership points to be paid as an SED and above.

You earn level bonuses on the volume of the first five levels on your downline and generation bonuses for the volume of your first five generations.

At paid ranks of national executive director(NED) and above, you can earn the Build Wide Build Smart Bonus, which rewards stylists for building a healthy team with many strong legs.

Additional bonuses

There is the Build Fast Pay More Bonus which is an additional 5% paid on level bonuses for any new legs created.

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How Can You Become A Color Street Independent Stylist?

In order to join color street mlm company as an independent stylist, you mst pay the membership fees of $119.

With that done, you have two available options:

Starter Kit

You can enroll as a stylist by going through the color street website and ordering the starter kit.

The Color Street Starter Kit costs $250 and includes everything you will need to get started as a color street independent stylist. The starter kit contains the following:

Color street stylist starter kit

  • 12 sets of manicure strips
  • I set of pedicure strips
  • 72 testers
  • 40 remover pads
  • 100 prep pads
  • 2 large nail files
  • 2 nail buffers
  • 60 mini nail files
  • 50 cuticle sticks
  • 25 catalogs
  • 25 Opportunity Brochures
  • Road to success booklet
  • Tote Bag

Jumpstart Program

The Jump Start program is designed to recognize and reward Stylists who have started their business from the ground up. Participating in this program allows you to earn products to supplement your kit(which you can use or sell)as well as sales aids.

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Is Color street part of Incoco?

Innovative Cosmetics Concepts, which is color street’s parent company, was also founded by Fa Park.

Color street is a part of Innovative Cosmetic Concepts and they sell similar products but with different business models .

Is color street part of Incoco?For about ten years, Innovative Cosmetics’ nails have been readily sold at Amazon, Walmart and other known retailers. Their products cost between $4-$6 and are usually found near the checkout to promote impulsive purchases.

The products, under normal conditions, perform as advertised and thus have excellent reviews.

On the other hand, Color Street nail strips are only available through distributors called color street stylists that earn commissions from their personal sales.

It is clearly harder to find people purchasing the nail strips from these distributors when they can buy them for half the price in retail stores.

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Color Street vs Jamberry – Is Color Street the same as Jamberry?

Color street and Jamberry are not the same company (Jamberry recently shut down amid numerous allegations). They offer similar products (adhesion strips) but they have significant differences.

Jamberry and Color street, are they the same company?There’s a significant similarity in the product offerings between Jamberry and Color Street besides the fact that they bot sell nail strips. For one, they are both direct sales companies that use network marketing to sell their products.

Jamberry was founded in 2011 and sold nail wraps. These are thin patterned strips of fabric used to decorate your nails. The nail wraps were mostly sold during manicures and pedicures.

Unlike color street, Jamberry at first made money online through direct selling to customers through an eCommerce store.

Later on due to company growth, its founder converted it into a multi level marketing company.

However, the company went bankrupt in 2018 and was purchased by “Beneyou”. Products from BeneYou are marketed via associates using the same MLM setup.

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What Are Some of the Common Customer Complaints Against Color Street?

On the Better Business Bureau web page, there have been a couple of complaints about color street company in the last three years.  Some of the complaints have already been addressed.

There were complaints about company support and how some of the customers did not recommend the product due to the chemical burns and nail damage caused by the nail strips.

There have also been a few complaints where some called color street a pyramid scheme.

That aside, most people seem to be happy with the color street business.

Pros of color street mlm

  • Their product is convenient to use
  • Their MLM model is only five years old

Cons of color street mlm

  • Their product is sold at known retail stores for half the price
  • most of the color street stylists spend more in a year than they make.
  • The color street compensation plan is complicated

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Is Color Street A Pyramid Scheme?

What Is A Pyramid Scheme?

A pyramid scheme recruits members by promising payments or services in exchange for enrolling others without providing investment options.

Is Color street a scam?As the number of recruits increases, it becomes more difficult to recruit thus most members are unable to make money as their income comes from the number of recruits.

Therefore, a pyramid scheme is unsustainable and frequently a scam.

Usually a pyramid scheme requires new members to pay a fee in order to join.

The organization’s directors get a passive income from all the members of the organization as all the money is funneled to the top of the pyramid.

Since in pyramid schemes there is rarely any focus on the products, the ones on the bottom of the pyramid barely make any money as they try to promote the company. This is unfortunate as majority of people in a pyramid scheme are at the bottom.

Due to the formation of the pyramid scheme, many end up losing money as the few at the top gain more.

When finally, the scam runs out of new recruits and there are no other sources of income, it will inevitably fail.

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Is Color Street A Pyramid Scheme OR AN MLM?

Color Street is a not a pyramid scheme. It is a legal mlm company that uses network marketing to sell it’s products.

In legal multi-level marketing (MLM), people are recruited to sell a product or service that has some inherent value. Therefore, you can profit from the personal retail sales of the product or service without having to recruit new members.

You may choose to sell the product directly and earn from the commission or you can also choose to recruit new distributors, which will increase your income.

Is Color Street A Scam?

Color Street MLM is not a scam. If you wish to join Color Street and be a Color Street stylist, go ahead as it is one of the legit mlm companies.

However, I would not recommend joining the color street company as the cons outweigh the pros. Joining color street mlm will mean losing more money than you make.

Despite the bonuses mentioned and the color street compensation plan, color street stylists barely make any profits as the color street nails are also sold at retail stores for half the price.

This discourages customers from buying the nail strips from the color street website.

In this way, this online business is not worth the risk. I hope this color street review will have helped shed light on what it is all about.

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Is Color Street MLM Legit? [Unbiased 2022 Review] 7

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