CryptoGain – Legit or Scam Exposed? [Full Review]

Welcome to my review of CryptoGain.

Today I’m sharing my honest review and opinion on CryptoGain giving you all the details. If you’ve been looking for a legit review then you’ve come to the right place and you can rest assured that after reviewing 350+ products, systems and exposing many as scams you’ll get the absolute truth here.

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CryptoGain - Legit or Scam Exposed? [Full Review] 5

CryptoGain Review

Today CryptoGain is what I’m taking a closer look at. I’ve been investigating a lot of cryptocurrency websites, systems and make money opportunities lately such as EthConnect, BitConnect and USI Tech. These are in my opinion 3 ponzi schemes you should avoid but there are also genuine cryptocurrency systems out there too. It’s all about doing your due diligence and looking at reviews like what I am providing today.

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Let’s get started with the CryptoGain review

CryptoGain has been dominating headlines and has slowly managed to spread its roots across the online marketing scene in recent weeks. It has become a popular Network Marketing sales pitch that has also managed to find its way across the vast reaches of social media.

Today, in a bid to separate the scam reviews from the legit ones, we shall be casting our microscopic eye at this cryptocurrency sensation that is steadily gaining traction ever since its inception. But before we delve into the nitty-gritty, I would, first of all, like to put on record that I’m neither a distributor nor affiliated with CryptoGain in any way whatsoever; and as such, my views on the subject are purely informative and impartial.

I think you’ll agree that’s the best approach with reviews.

Right, now that we’ve got that out of the way let’s bring up that burning question swirling at the back of everyone’s mind.

Is CryptoGain legitimate or is it simply a means to dupe unsuspecting people of their hard-earned money? Well, let’s find out.

CryptoGain Intro

The information around CryptoGain is scarce and, quite frankly, non-existent. Their official website is basically a blank page that lets on nothing in the way of owners, the base of operations among other important company details.

how does cryptogain work

The time stamp on domain registration dates back to October 22, 2017, however, just one look in between the lines brings to light the fact that their current active address is phoney. Moreover, while it’s quite clear that CryptoGain is barely a week old, the website deceptively states under its resume as having “many years of expertise”.

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CryptoGains Facebook page also sets off alarm bells seeing as it is only run by one administrator called “Bernie Thompson”. A quick search for his personal account only compounded suspicion that it was merely a smokescreen. I found it very odd that the account had only been created days apart (on October 26, 2017) from the company’s launch so probably this Bernie character is probably made up.

Another red flag comes with the company’s incorporation number that points to a location inside the United Kingdom. The aforementioned number can be traced back to an institution known as “BitLake Limited” whose purported incorporation into the same country dates back to June 14, 2017. And as is the case with the Facebook page, just a single officer, called Warran O’Neal, is listed under the company’s umbrella.

Whether Warran is another illusory alias or a real person is a subject still up for debate. However, it’s highly likely that those behind CryptoGain and BitLake are one and the same.

What does The CryptoGain brand encompass?

To describe the product line of CryptoGain in a word: nonexistent.

In fact, retail sales activities are at zero because there really isn’t any selling of services or goods because there simply are none available.

The only marketing notion is an affiliate membership that is up for grabs at a price, a strategy synonymous with fraudulent MLM schemes of the past and ponzi schemes.

CryptoGain’s Compensation Plan

The primary objective of CryptoGain’s affiliate program is to reap financial rewards in the form of daily ROI bonuses gained through the investment of Bitcoin.

To me this kind of sounds like how USI Tech works.

There is a trio of investment options for affiliates to choose from which are as follows:

1) Bitcoin: For a 5 BTC investment of 0.001, the affiliate gets a 10 % daily ROI cut.
2) Ethereum: For a 10 BTC investment of 5.001, the affiliate reaps a 21 % daily ROI commission.
3) Dash: For 10 or more BTC investments, the affiliate earns 15% daily ROI

Apart from direct ROI payments, direct referrals that result in a successful investment of personal funds by newcomers also offers a complementary means for affiliates to earn.

The basis for the extra revenue hinges upon a uni-level payment system where members earn a progressively reducing revenue across the various levels. A 2% bonus is on offer for efforts resulting in a level two recruits while a 5 % commission is imposed on level one newbies.

These kind of payouts are very high and the daily ROI seems unrealistic to me. It screams ponzi scheme in my honest opinion.

What does it take to earn CryptoGain membership?

CryptoGain offers free membership to all, however, an investment of not less than 0.001 BTC is the financial threshold in order to be eligible for the ROI and referral bonuses.

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Is CryptoGain A Scam or Legit?

Well, to say outright that CryptoGain is a scam would be rather harsh considering they are a new company. However it’s really hard to see how this opportunity could be legit given that it resembles a ponzi scheme and is very similar to other operations that I have slated like USI Tech and BitConnect. I can’t realistically sit here and sat that CryptoGain is a legitimate company when I have slammed other companies that actually have a track record.

The huge red flag really is the fact that recruiting is going on here that pays on multiple levels and “GUARANTEED” returns are on offer too. In the world of finances there is simply no way to offer “guaranteed” returns when trading cryptocurrency or anything for that matter so whenever I see this claim I am immediately thinking one thing “ponzi”.

CryptoGain Conclusion

I won’t be investing in CryptoGain and won’t be recommending it to anyone else either. The simple fact is that it resembles a ponzi scheme. Unfortunately many people will jump on this and end up investing. Chances are some will actually make a lot of money however there is always a risk that the company will collapse at any given moment. And in a new world of cryptocurrency where BitCoin is effectively untraceable it would be extremely hard to track down and get any of your investment back. Investing in any kind of operation that guarantees daily ROI’s in the cryptocurrency space is probably the most HIGH RISK investment you could make so be careful!

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CryptoGain - Legit or Scam Exposed? [Full Review] 5

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