BitConnect Scam? Honest Review Reveals All

Have you been wondering about BitConnect? Wondering whether the scam and ponzi scheme rumours are true?

Well, you’ve reached your destination because I’m going to share the honest truth about BitConnect in my full BitConnect review.

Before I start…

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BitConnect Scam? Honest Review Reveals All 5

BitConnect Review

Here you’ll find my honest BitConnect review giving you the real details.

Who can you believe when it comes to BitConnect? That’s where I can help you.

I’ve spent time personally following BitConnect and many of their top affiliates of the last few months to see exactly how this opportunity works and how it’s grown. There have been many scam and ponzi scheme rumours floating around all of which could be true, but the question remains is this actually a ponzi scam or a legit opportunity?

BitConnect logo

BitConnect Review UPDATE: BitConnect is confirmed as a ponzi scheme / scam. They have officially shut down their lending program and the price of BitConnect recently dropped from around $400 to as low as $19.

The price has since risen as a few die hard BitConnect fans have bought up more BCC coins in the hope that the price bounces back, or perhaps they are simply gambling on BitConnect X which is a new ICO for an exchange that BitConnect is launching.

Either way, anyone who is still in BitConnect and has money in their lending program risks losing it all.

This is something that was probably coming for a while now as more and more people started to speak out about BitConnect being a ponzi scheme including well known figures in the cryptocurrency space like Vitalik Buterin the founder of Ethereum, the worlds 2nd biggest cryptocurrency coin by market cap.

BitConnect was promoted by a number of well known YouTubers who are now backtracking and some are even claiming that they are victims too.

Let me tell you something… every top affiliate of BitConnect knew that the company was most likely a ponzi scheme. They were simply blinded by the fact that easy money could be made by referring other people into their lending program. I have seen many respectable people get involved in BitConnect and I am 100% sure that they are not so stupid that they actually believed the “trading robot” was making all these gains.

Let’s face it, 1% gains a day are never going to be sustainable in the long term. It was only a matter of time until BitConnect shut down.

Obviously I am not recommending BitConnect…

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Keep reading my original BitConnect review below but please note that it may be outdated now, as I have updated this review since the collapse of BitConnect.

What Is BitConnect?

I write reviews that are not compromised. Specifically on making money online through the latest digital products and systems. From my experience of writing more than 250 reviews, I have become better positioned to give you straight points on what will work for you and what won’t. I regularly expose scams in the make money niche and more lately cryptocurrency niche having busted the likes of iCoin Market, iCoin Pro, plus many other “make money” scams like my home job connection.

Okay, enough of my credentials, let’s get down to the BitConnect Review.

Now, a lot of eyeballs have been rolling towards this company and high chances exist that they are in the process or have already contacted you about the opportunity, most likely through the email. Along the review, you’ll get to know what this company is, products they offer and some of its other features to enable you to be in possession of all necessary information you require to make a full and well-thought decision on this venture.

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Establishment of the BitConnect company

On looking at the domain “”, I can swiftly substantiate that the company behind the purchase of the domain has withheld its details. Hence what we know for now is that this domain came into existence on February 9th, 2016 when it was first registered. When you take a trip inside the website of the BitConnect, it relinquishes a very professional look and also comes with an introductory video of its own but when you dig a little deeper, what you only come across is a few shallow pages with little content.

BitConnect review

BitConnect Reviews

There is no physical or digital product. What they are only showing us is that opportunity provided for you to earn daily returns’ on your invested money is through its affiliate programme. What this basically means is that when you put your Bitcoin into BitConnect account, is only when you get your daily returns’. The deposited Bitcoins become BitConnect coins and from here it’s used daily inside the company as a “Return on Investment” (ROI) that will enable you to earn. It’s very similar to other programs I have reviewed lately (Control Finance and Spey Invest are a couple of examples).

All ROIs are priced at 40% profit for any amount you invest in the company and if you get to join the affiliate programme inside BitConnect, earnings are guaranteed as well. Their compensation plan goes with the different levels available and one earns different referral bonuses percentage per each referred affiliate depending on the level they are in.

BitConnect Registration Fee?

It’s absolutely free to join as well as no recurrent fee thereafter. However, the affiliates referred are needed to put an upfront investment fee of between $100 and $100,000 for them to join and start earning returns as well as for the compensation plan. Obviously nothing is free you need to actually invest money and recruit other people if you want to see a profit from this opportunity.

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BitConnect Scam?

Is BitConnect scam or legit? That’s what many people are asking right now. To me this looks risky and has ponzi scheme written all over it unfortunately. There are a lot of Bitconnect reviews which say how great it is but I think the long term potential is poor and it looks similar to other ponzi schemes I have exposed lately like BitPetite.

That is what many of these cryptocurrency opportunities all have in common. Existing investors get paid off with funds from the new investors meaning when this no longer becomes an option, which will happen, BitConnect will shut down due to failure on meeting the supposed crazy returns where they will rip off the remaining investor’s funds and disappear, never to be heard off again.

In some ways you could argue that these kind of schemes that run off Bitcoin are actually worse than traditional ponzi schemes that use cash for the simple reason that Bitcoin is untraceable. That means that the owners could easily run off with your Bitcoin and you would never be able to see it or trace it again.

Let me be clear on Bitconnect…

I’m by no means saying this WILL definitely happen, but if you look historically at these kind of programs it’s usually what does happen.

The problem is many bitconnect reviews are put together by affiliates. So naturally they write biased reviews in favour of the company so that they can recruit you. The truth is people will make money with this in the short term but the long term? It’s just a matter of time until people are shouting “BitConnect Scam” and running a mile.

BitConnect Verdict & Recommendation

I simply cannot recommend BitConnect. I feel that it’s a risky business model and newbies could easily lose money.

Sure you could end up making lots of money with BitConnect but is it worth the risk?

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BitConnect Scam? Honest Review Reveals All 5

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