How To Become A Profitable Dad Blogger in 2023

In the world of Dad Blogging, fatherhood meets creativity and parenting gets a fresh perspective.

As modern-day dads take on a more hands-on role in raising their kids, they’re also increasingly sharing their experiences, insights, and humor through blogs that have captured the interest of thousands.

From practical advice to hilarious dad jokes, navigating the ups-and-downs of family life has never been so relatable or entertaining! Join us as we delve into this unique niche and discover why Dad Blogs are becoming a favorite online destination for parents from all walks of life.

Keep reading to meet some top-notch dad bloggers who are changing the face of fatherhood one blog post at a time!

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How To Become A Profitable Dad Blogger in 2023 61

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What is Dad blogging?

A dad blogger refers to a father who shares his experiences and insights about parenthood through an online platform, focusing on various aspects of family life and parenting advice.

To become a dad blogger, all you need to do is start a blog and focus on an aspect of life that fascinates you about your experiences.

Dad blogger

This relatively new niche in the blogging world has provided numerous dads with a space to express themselves, share anecdotes from their daily lives, connect with fellow parents and even offer guidance on various child-rearing topics.

The history of dad blogging traces back to the early 2000s when male caregivers began documenting their unique journeys as fathers online.

As more dads embraced this creative outlet, it gradually gained popularity alongside mom blogs that were already gaining traction at that time.

Fathers like Matt Coyne behind Man vs. Baby have successfully amassed thousands of followers due to their relatable content and authentic voice, illustrating the growing influence of dad bloggers in today’s digital landscape.

Fathers are taking on a more active and involved role in parenting, and as a result, dad blogging has risen in popularity as a way to share their experiences and perspectives with the world.

Significance Of Fathers In Parenting

The role of fathers in modern society has evolved, with dads becoming more involved in their children’s upbringing. This active participation allows for a healthy balance between both parents’ contributions, benefits the child’s development, and fosters stronger family relationships.

How To Become A Profitable Dad Blogger in 2023 62

With the rise of dad bloggers sharing their experiences and advice, paternal perspectives have gained relevance within parenting discussions, giving voice to fathers who want to be engaged caregivers.

Historically, mothers have been largely regarded as primary caregivers; however, this perception is changing as more fathers are stepping up to share caregiving responsibilities.

Engaged fatherhood benefits not only the child but also contributes positively towards a father’s mental health and personal growth.

The online presence of dad bloggers offers support for other dads seeking encouragement or guidance on raising children while also challenging traditional gender stereotypes surrounding parenthood.

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Reasons For The Increasing Popularity Of Dad Blogging

Dad blogging has seen a surge in popularity over the years due to several reasons.

Gender-neutral parenting roles

Firstly, there has been a shift towards gender-neutral parenting roles, and fathers are now more involved in their children’s lives than ever before. This increased involvement has led to a need for resources and support systems for dads, which blogs provide.

Unique perspectives on Fatherhood

Dad bloggers offer unique perspectives on fatherhood that are not often found in traditional media outlets. Dads can connect with other like-minded caregivers who understand the day-to-day struggles of raising children through these platforms.

Rise in Social media

Finally, social media has played a significant role in driving the growth of dad blogging as it enables dads to share their experiences with a broader audience easily.

With Instagram becoming one of the fastest-growing social networks globally, it’s no surprise that many dad bloggers have taken advantage of its visual nature to showcase their family life and connect with fellow parents. TikTok is also huge among dads.

Best Dad Blogs

There are a number of dad websites out there that offer different and unique perspectives on the fatherhood journey, such as Fatherly, Fathercraft, Single dad’s guide to life, just a dad and many more.


Fatherly is a full-blown digital empire that caters to adult males with children ranging from infancy to teenage years.

How To Become A Profitable Dad Blogger in 2023 63

They offer practical advice on raising kids, mental health issues, and lifestyle content for dads looking for an escape from the stress of daily life.

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The mission of Fathercraft is to be a community for fathers, offering resource and tools for modern dads, including product reviews, parenting tips, and stories from our own lives.

How To Become A Profitable Dad Blogger in 2023 64

Because of its purpose statement—to drastically enhance the lives of fathers who aspire to become more and, through them, enrich the lives of their children—this dad blog made our list. The team released the website after spending 18 months developing Father’s Ed, which included traveling to NYC to interview a pediatric sleep expert, speaking with a fireman, and doing many more interviews.

Single Dad’s Guide to Life

The Single Dad’s Guide to Life site offers fathers advice on a variety of topics, including vacation ideas.

How To Become A Profitable Dad Blogger in 2023 65

This blog is very popular, and there are lots of activities to get ideas from. It’s a fantastic resource for a single dad or even a stay at home dad who might use the information on pertinent subjects to improve their parenting abilities and immerse themselves more fully in scholastic pursuits.

The Father Hood

One of our favorite dad blogs is the father hood blog. The Father Hood  was created for and by Australians which highlights the type of proactive parenting that unites us all.

How To Become A Profitable Dad Blogger in 2023 66

To put it another way, this is not a website for couch potatoes; rather, it is a resource for dads who want to elevate parenting through topics like health and exercise regimens, relationship guidance, and job assistance. One of our favorite dad-reads of all time will be their chat with David Beckham.

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Skint Dad

We included Skint Dad on our list because it’s a fantastic resource for fathers trying to cut costs and save some time.

How To Become A Profitable Dad Blogger in 2023 67

We can all agree that raising a family can be exorbitantly costly, so if you’re finding it difficult to manage your finances, save money, and still have fun, you owe it to yourself to check out Skint Dad. You may get money-saving advice, contest information, exclusive offers, and more right here.

The Daddy Style Diaries

The Daddy Styles Diary covers a variety of fascinating subjects, including parenthood as well as automobiles, travel, and general way of life.

How To Become A Profitable Dad Blogger in 2023 68

You can learn how to use both fatherhood and fashion by reading this in-depth journal of experiences while taking pleasure in the way of life.

Direct Advice for Dads

Direct Advice for Dads, or DAD for short, delivers on its promise to provide practical guidance from fathers who have experienced it all- this makes it the best dad blog.

How To Become A Profitable Dad Blogger in 2023 69

It addresses every imaginable issue you might have before you’ve even asked it, which is why we’ve listed it as the greatest dad blog for those who have young children. Of course, these pieces offer plenty of wisdom to be gleaned regardless of how many children you’re parenting. Do fathers ever stop learning how to be good parents, after all?

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Days of a Domestic Dad

Days of a Domestic Dad offers a variety of solutions for fostering quality family time, enjoyable travel, safe driving, and healthy cooking.

How To Become A Profitable Dad Blogger in 2023 70

You will find a welcoming and approachable atmosphere with a strong emphasis on family here. Here, emphasis is placed on both hard work and play. One of the top dad blogs online belongs to Colby.

Geek Dad

With Geek Dad, you may access a wide range of tools and goods that will support your success as a father.

How To Become A Profitable Dad Blogger in 2023 71

Science, entertainment, gaming, and leisure are some highly significant themes. Saving money on some high-quality items is one of this site’s best benefits.

Lunchbox Dad

Lunchbox Dad offers innovative and fun ideas for kids’ lunches, demonstrating that some of the finest dad blogs are those with a clear target audience.

How To Become A Profitable Dad Blogger in 2023 72

It’s brought to you by Beau Coffron, a father of three who has contributed to a variety of different blogs and appeared on several media channels.  Product reviews and some general parenting articles are also included. This one is essential, especially for stay-at-home fathers.

Dad or Alive

One of the top stay-at-home father blogs in the world is absolutely entertaining right from the bat.

How To Become A Profitable Dad Blogger in 2023 73

Dad or Alive specifically offers Adrian Kulp’s “confessions of an unexpected stay-at-home dad.” We adore Kulp’s witty perspectives on everything from food to travel to potty training. He is a real character (and published author).

The Good Bad Dad

You may find a wide range of topics on The Good Bad Dad, such as adoption, fashion, politics, travel, and much more.

How To Become A Profitable Dad Blogger in 2023 74

His blog serves more as a case study for him than as a source of advice. Even so, there is plenty to learn here about bringing up future-ready, healthy children!

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All Pro Dad

All Pro Dad goes beyond its rank as one of the top dad blogs by adopting a genuinely comprehensive and encouraging approach to contemporary parenting.

How To Become A Profitable Dad Blogger in 2023 75

Joining the team gives you access to a much larger network of fathers who share your goals and are all working to be better parents. If you join a local chapter, you’ll receive invitations to monthly and/or yearly events that all focus on fostering relationships. As an alternative, you can sign up for the “1-minute a day” email to get daily tips on how to improve your parenting.

Paternal Damnation

If you’re struggling with feelings of inadequacy as a single father, Paternal Damnation is a more humorous blog that can cheer you up.

How To Become A Profitable Dad Blogger in 2023 76

Throughout the many phases of cognitive growth, you can find inspiring resources here about technology, business, vocations, and parenting guidance.

Chronicles Of A New Dad

This father and Chronicles Of A New Dad author has training in the finer points of working with kids, which is immensely helpful for others.

How To Become A Profitable Dad Blogger in 2023 77

Many tales and sincere posts might inspire you to create your own family life and provide you with suggestions for activities.

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How Dad Bloggers Connect With Their Audience

Dad bloggers connect with their audience by sharing personal stories and experiences about fatherhood. They write in a relatable and authentic manner that makes readers feel like they are not alone in their struggles as parents.

Many dad bloggers also engage their audience through social media platforms like Instagram where they post photos of their family, share parenting tips, and respond to comments in real-time.

To connect with a wider audience, some dad bloggers collaborate with other parenting influencers or participate in online forums and communities where they can share advice and support each other.

One example is the “Daddy Issues” podcast hosted by Charlie Clausen, an Australian actor who discusses his experience as a dad with guests from various backgrounds. By creating these networks of support for fathers, dad bloggers establish themselves as trusted sources of parenting advice while also building strong connections within the community.

Benefits Of Being A Dad Blogger

Community Building

One of the primary benefits of being a dad blogger is the ability to connect with other fathers and build a supportive community.

Dad bloggers often share personal stories about their struggles and triumphs as parents, creating an open and honest dialogue about fatherhood. This sense of camaraderie can be incredibly valuable for dads who may feel isolated or overwhelmed in their parenting journey.

Professional growth and Networking

In addition to community-building, dad blogging can also provide opportunities for professional growth and networking.

Successful dad bloggers may be able to monetize their content through sponsored posts or partnerships with brands that align with their values. They may also have opportunities to attend industry events, speak at conferences or even write books based on their experiences as fathers.

Overall, being a dad blogger has many benefits beyond just sharing one’s own story. It provides an outlet for creative expression, fosters connections with others in the same boat, and even has potential career implications for those who are interested in pursuing it seriously.

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How to Become a dad blogger

So far we’ve covered what dad blogs are and the top dad blog websites. You may be wondering, how do I start my own dad blog?

Well, sit tight as we take you through some 5 steps of setting up your dad blog.

Do your Research

The first and most significant step toward starting your own blog is frequently researching other dad blogs. Here are a few pointers to get you started and give you an advantage over other bloggers in your field.

It is critical for father bloggers to understand the current situation of the internet. After all, the internet is always developing, and it’s critical to stay abreast of the current trends and subjects in parenting and fatherhood groups. This might assist you in producing relevant and compelling content for your audience.

Examine the blogs of other fathers to learn what works and what doesn’t.

Keep note of your impressions of the blogs and websites you visit, noting what you like and dislike.

Pick a Niche

Choosing a specialized niche in dad blogging in which you have knowledge is a good approach to differentiate yourself from your rivals and interact with like-minded folks who have similar interests and experiences.

How To Become A Profitable Dad Blogger in 2023 78

To choose a specialization, consider your unique viewpoints and expertise as a father. For instance, are you:

  • A father of twins or triplets?
  • Raising your children by yourself?
  • Taking care of special needs children?
  • Are you a stay-at-home dad who is parenting daughters?

Consider your own interests and activities, as well as how they connect to parenting. Do you love sports, outdoor hobbies, or cooking? These are fantastic subjects for a dad blogger to write about since you can share your experiences and suggestions with other fathers who have similar interests.

Consider the sort of content you want to publish as another technique to narrow down your focus.

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Build a Website

After doing your research and determining your topic, you should have a solid concept of how you want your blog to appear.

How To Become A Profitable Dad Blogger in 2023 79

Include a separate blog section, a blog archive of previous blog articles, a about me page, and contact information, including social media accounts.

Be Active on Social Media

These days, social networking is the most effective tool for all types of bloggers. Create social media profiles on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and/or Pinterest after you’ve built your site to increase the reach of your content.

Utilize Father’s Day to develop timely articles about parenthood. It’s also a terrific chance to network with other parent and family bloggers and exchange tips and cross-promotion.

It’s not a terrible idea to utilize comedy to relate to other parents about the hardships of family travel, dad fashion, and other facets of fatherhood.

Grow an Audience

Increase your viewership by maintaining a constant posting schedule, employing SEO writing tactics, and leveraging social media. Make and keep to a timetable for writing and uploading blog and social media postings.

Not only will your readers appreciate the consistency, but so will Google. Similarly, brush up on SEO writing to ensure you’re employing keywords to rank better in Google search results.

Get family or father blogs to create a featured piece that will showcase your new blog to their readership.

How much money can you make with dad blogs?

A dad blogger’s earning potential is directly proportionate to his or her audience and visibility. According to, a normal blog may earn between $200 and $1,000 per month through advertising, affiliate networks, and brand collaborations.

Then there’s the aforementioned Skint Dad, who made $3,390 in 2015 and has steadily increased his site since then.

Just keep in mind that, while it might be a great side business for parents looking for extra cash, it generally takes a few years of hard effort before you’re making anything close to a full-time paycheck.


Dad blogging is on the rise and showing no signs of slowing down. Fathers around the world are sharing their experiences, thoughts, and advice through their blogs to create a community for all dads out there.

Through dad blogging, fathers are changing the conversation about parenthood by sharing their perspectives and providing practical advice.

There is a wealth of information available for beginners interested in starting their own dad blog or those who want to connect with other like-minded fathers.

As more dads share their stories and build an online community, it is clear that dad blogging will continue to grow in popularity over the years.

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How To Become A Profitable Dad Blogger in 2023 61

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