Dent Research Reviews [A Complete Look]

Looking for reviews of Dent Research?

I have reviewed a couple of their newsletters and advisory services on here, so I decided to review the publisher behind them.  

In this review, I have shared all the details I could find on Dent Research, including a look at their experts and information on the services that they offer both free and premium.

Keep reading below as I share all the info.

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Dent Research Reviews [A Complete Look] 10

Dent Research Review

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Introduction to Dent Research

Dent Research was established by Harry Dent Jr. It is a publisher of investment research that works to provide retail investors with the economic knowledge they need to make better investment decisions.

Dent Research Reviews [A Complete Look] 11The publisher’s work is modeled around the Dent Method, which was pioneered by Harry Dent in the late eighties.

The Dent Method forecasts long-term economic trends based on demographic trends – the study of people’s irrational and seemingly erratic spending behavior.

Harry Dent has worked hard throughout his career to show that these behaviors follow predictable patterns. The spending habits that seem irrational on the surface can be predicted and used to forecast how the economy will be like years and even decades in advance.

This information forms the basis of Harry’s outlandish-like predictions and ideas.

Other editors have contrasting styles and approaches as would be expected but they all seem to gravitate towards Harry Dent’s ethos and beliefs in subtle ways.

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The Editors at Dent Research

Dent Research is not as big as publishers like InvestorPlace and Agora Financial, but it has a respectable selection of highly skilled editors.

Combined, they have decades of experience in the finance industry, either working for Wall Street firms or actively investing.

Let’s take a look at each of them:

Harry Dent

Harry Dent Jr is the founder of Dent Research. He went to college in the seventies and his first major was economics. However, he abandoned economics when he realized that it was not as good as finance.

When he made the switch, he studied various factors that could enable him to predict economic changes.

Since he graduated, he has put this knowledge to good use predicting various economic trends way ahead of other economic analysts. For example, he was among the first people to forecast the Internet boom of the nineties and the “great deflation” that was to follow after the bubble burst.

He is an author. He has written a couple of books outlining the major economic events that he boldly predicts. For instance, in 1992, he wrote The Great Boom Ahead anticipating the boom and later wrote The Demographic Cliff predicting the deflation.

His latest book, Zero Hour: Turn the Greatest Political and Financial Upheaval in Modern History to Your Advantage predicts a social, economic, and political upheaval that will cause the stock market to crash crippling the economy and eroding many people’s wealth.

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Rodney Johnson

Rodney Johnson is the executive editor of Fortune Hunter.

He started working with Harry dent in the nineties. The majority of their work was studying how people spend money to determine the repercussions of their spending on the economy – behavioral finance.

They intended to use their insights to make better investments.

Rodney started his long career in finance when he joined Thomson McKinnon in the eighties. He later worked for Prudential Securities before he began his long working relationship with Harry.

He has appeared on many business programs on radio, including Savvy Investor Radio and America’s Wealth Management. He has also appeared on TV and is a regular on America’s Nightly Scorecard, which airs on Fox Business.

Adam O’Dell

Adam O’Dell is the chief investment strategist at Dent Research. He publishes Green Zone Stocks, Cannabis Paydays, 10X Profits, and Cycle 9 Alert.

He has done his MBA and is an affiliate member of the Market Technicians Association.

Adam broke into the financial services sector when he joined a spot Forex firm as a prop trader. He was quite good at trading in the volatile markets where he aimed to find good entry points for currencies with immense potential.

Working in the largest market taught him the fundamentals of trading. He took up technical and fundamental analysis, two skills that have proven invaluable in his career.

After leaving his post at the forex firm, he expanded into other markets to find the best opportunities and expand his horizons. At Dent Research, his job is to find investments with immense potential at minimum risk.

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John Del Vecchio

John Del Vecchio is a forensic accountant who graduated from Bryant College with a Bachelor’s in Finance. He qualified as a Chartered Financial Analyst in 2001.

Most of what he does is build algorithmic frameworks and develop a multi-element evaluation system while working alongside legends like Dr. Howard Schilit, David tice, and James O’Shaughnessy. His work has made him one of the best short-selling traders in the market.

He has written two books on investing and finance, namely What’s Behind The Numbers: A Guide To Exposing Financial Chicanery And Avoiding Huge Losses In Your Portfolio and Rule of 72: How to Compound Your Money and Uncover Hidden Stock Profits.

I have shared a review of his Unbounded Wealth presentation.

At Dent Research, he edits the Hidden Fortunes newsletter and writes for the Small Cap All-Stars service.

Charles Sizemore

Charles Sizemore is a CFA. His main focus is to find good investment openings outside the mainstream stock market.

He has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and Barron’s. He is a regular contributor to MarketWatch, Forbes, GuroFocus, and He has also appeared in programs on Fox Business News, Bloomberg TV, and CNBC.

He graduated from the London School of Economics with an MBA in Finance and Accounting. He got his BBA in finance from Texas Christian University.

At Dent Research, he edits Peak Income and Peak Profits.

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Lance Gaitan

Lance Gaitan graduated with a Finance degree from Franklin University. Straight out of college, he worked as an auditor for an insurance administrator. When he got his securities license, he started working as a broker.

He managed the futures trading desk a Piper Jaffray, a large brokerage firm, in the mid-nineties.

He moved to Florida and founded GSV Futures, which was engaged in retail commodity trading. He sold it in 2006 when he joined Dent Research.

At Dent Research, he edits the Profits Accelerator.

Lee Lowell

Lee Lowell is the newest addition to the Dent Research roster. Here, he writes for the weekly e-letter, The Rich Investor and edits the newest research advisory Instant Income Alert.

He has been active in the industry for close to 30 years during which time he has held different roles. He started his career in 1991 as an options trader on the New York Mercantile Exchange.

He quit the pit trading life in 1998 and moved to the sunny beach island of Kaua’I in Hawai’i. However, he did not stop trading actively thanks to online trading platforms.

When he started writing newsletters, he leveraged his knowledge of the markets to help retail investors collect windfalls of up to $40,000 every year.

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Dent Research’s Paid Services

There are three categories of research services offered by Dent Research. They are:

  • Investment, which includes Peak Income, The Leading Edge: Harry Dent Unfiltered, Boom & Bust, Adam O’Dell’s Rich Investors Club, and John Del Vecchio’s Hidden Fortunes.
  • Equity trading, which includes Fortune Hunter, 10X Profits, Peak Profits, Cannabis Paydays, and Small-cap All-Stars.
  • Options trading, which includes Cycle 9 Alert, Profits Accelerator, Instant Income Alert, and Tech Profits Accelerator.

Then there are elite memberships and investment courses.

Peak Income

Edited by Charles Sizemore, Peak Income is all about building a secure retirement by identifying opportunities in the stock and bond markets likely to generate big yields.

Charles has perfected his investment strategy by conducting extensive research. He insists that with his strategies, you can start earning a regular income, receiving checks every month that sometimes arrive every two to three days.

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The Leading Edge: Harry Dent Unfiltered

This newsletter houses all of Harry Dent’s research, commentary, and advice. It has visual aids to help you see what’s going on in the economy.

He does more research than any other analyst he knows and this newsletter has everything he unearths in detail.

Unfortunately, you cannot buy access to it directly. You have to be a member of Boom and Bust Elite or the Dent Network.

Boom & Bust

Harry Dent and Rodney Johnson have studied the markets for a long time and they have established that it is driven by demographic trends.

They say that you cannot just lazily stuff your portfolio with stocks and expect to earn returns and secure returns. Instead, you should concentrate on demographics – behavioral finance – and cyclical trends.

Their recommendations via the Boom and Bust newsletter capitalize on the predictive power of cycles and demographical trends.

By subscribing to the newsletter, you leverage their combined experience to exploit the profit opportunities their approach brings.

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Adam O’Dell’s Rich Investors Club

Adam O’Dell wants you to stop buying, holding, and hoping that your investments will reap returns. He believes this strategy exposes you to market downdrafts that can erode your returns or eliminate your investment.

In its place, he wants you to follow his “Green Zone Stocks” strategy. It is a strategy that enables you to buy and hold stocks at the right time and exit your positions within the “Green Zone.”

He uses a proprietary algorithm to take the emotion out of his recommendations and enable you to make more effective decisions in the market.

You can also implement his “safety switch” strategy to protect your wealth and make money in bear and bull markets.

John Del Vecchio’s Hidden Fortunes

John Del Vecchio recognizes that investing can be a messy affair; you identify a good stock that looks promising and it pays off initially, then it hits a bump and you lose the investment.

With Hidden Fortunes, John looks for investments that few other people care to consider as worthy investment candidates. He uses his decades of experience as a “forensic stock analyst” to dig deep in search of the gems that everybody else is overlooking.

He looks for companies known for paying sustainable dividends, engaging in stock buybacks, and taking care of their high-interest debt obligations.

He says that the stocks he targets are not glamorous, but they have good business models and good fundamentals.

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Fortune Hunter

Edited by Rodney Johnson, Fortune Hunter helps average investors take advantage of investment opportunities that they would otherwise not be privy to.

He believes that the world is much better now than in yesteryears because now, we have access to more information and opportunities. With the right action sequences, he believes you can increase your earning potential significantly.

He looks for the unpopular companies, the unloved brands, and the misunderstood situations that could be profitable if exploited.

10X Profits

Adam Odell believes you can make money in both bear and bull markets and it is evident in the way he handles 10X Profits.

He has devised a way to exploit market volatility, to harvest outsized gains irrespective of how the market is behaving. If you don’t take his word for it, his beta testers can attest to the efficacy of his strategy.

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Peak Profits

Charles Sizemore has found a way to bring together value investing and high momentum trading to create a productive investment strategy.

In combining both their properties, he gets the best of both worlds: Consistent gains from value investing and speedy returns from momentum trading.

He then couples a proprietary 27-item checklist with his experience to pick the best trending stocks to purchase every month. His picks tend to be what other investors are not paying attention to.

Cannabis Paydays

Cannabis Paydays identifies stocks in the pot business that are bound to deliver major gains in an industry that will grow in time.

I have shared numerous presentation on this, including The Cannabis ConspiracyAmerican Cannabis Summit, and Cannabis Lots.

Adam O’Dell firmly believes that the cannabis industry is not just a sleeper trend, it is a behemoth in the making. Legalization will enable it to move into mainstream commerce, earning massive returns on investment for savvy investors who grab the opportunity before it’s too late.

Cannabis Paydays will help you capitalize on the budding industry.

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Small-cap All-Stars

This service by John Del Vecchio uses a proven screening strategy to avoid flawed stocks and identify the strongest small-cap stocks to own each month.

Small-cap stocks are usually popular for their propensity to generate big returns as we have seen in Microcap Millionaire Project and the Breakout Alert.

John digs deep to find the stocks that are worth holding that you may not even know existed. Hint: They should have A+ fundamentals and sufficient buying pressure.

Cycle 9 Alert

Adam O’Dell finds winning trades for his readers every month irrespective of the direction the markets are moving.

He tracks nine sectors and predicts their movements accurately using a proprietary trading algorithm.

Thanks to the algorithm, he has delivered gains of 201%, 428%, and even 316% in a matter of weeks or sometimes months. It also affords him an extra margin of safety that many other systems fail to replicate.

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Profits Accelerator

Lance Gaitan claims to have the ability to profit from the most boring sector in the market. He doesn’t reveal which market but claims that it is known for its tiny moves.

These moves are so minuscule, they cannot be traced with the naked eye. However, Lance can do that and has found a way to profit from them through options trading.

Under his guidance, members have recorded big returns in a matter of days.

Instant Income Alert

Lee Lowell’s motivation to create this newsletter was to give his readers the ability to earn a regular income. He brings elite income strategies closer to retail investors.

To his credit, he has simplified his system to three simple steps you can implement to earn a regular income: a) enter the code he sends via mail, b) follow his instructions and c) watch the profits trickle in.

Tech Profits Accelerator

It is a service designed to spot fast double- and triple-digit gainers in the tech sector. However, it targets large-cap stocks.

Lance Gaitan says that he launched it following the lessons he learned from Profits Accelerator. One of the factors that drew him to start going after large companies is that they have substantial liquidity.

Liquid stocks allow you to take up and exit positions fast without making an impact on the price of the stock or option.

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The Dent Network

The Dent Network offers you unlimited access to the research team, products, and services offered by Dent Research. They say it’s like having Harry’s number on speed dial.

These services give you an advantage because they enable you to prepare for future eventualities in the business world that may affect your investments. They also deliver profits that most investors would kill for.

They offer services like Economy and Markets, Leading Edge: Harry Dent Unfiltered, Boom and Bust Elite, Cycle 9 Alert, Small Cap All-stars, Profits Accelerator, Fortune Hunter, 10X Profits, Peak Income, Hidden Profits, Peak Profits, and Instant Income Alert.

Boom and Bust Elite

The Boom and Bust Elite service give you unfettered access to Harry Dent’s analysis and research.

If you are a regular subscriber to his Boom and Bust service, this Elite membership will save you money down the line as well as grant you access to bonus services like Economic outlook reports and Ahead of the Curve webinars.

As the name suggests, it enables you to get in on the booms before they pass by and avoid the busts before they trap you. As a member of this elite service, you can access his Boom and Bust newsletter for life (but you have to pay a maintenance fee every year).

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Is Dent Research Legit?

As I mentioned earlier, Dent Research draws from a talented pool of experienced individuals; experts who went to college and later worked for financial services before getting into the newsletter business.

They almost all have been featured by major publications like MarketWatch, the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and Barron’s or appeared on CNBC, Fox Business, or Yahoo Finance.

The bottom line is, they are respectable people whose opinion matters within the industry. As such, I have no qualms saying that they offer legit advice.

Some even use algorithms and checklists to make their decisions less sentimental and emotional, which is a good thing in business. You wouldn’t want emotion getting in the way of a logical financial decision.

Having gone through Dent Research’s terms of service, they do not endorse any companies or individuals who would, in turn, pay them for the endorsement. Therefore, their content is impartial.

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Dent Research Verdict

Dent Research goes beyond Harry Dent. There are other experts (editors) and they all present their readers with investment opportunities through their newsletters and advisory services. But they all gravitate towards a contrarian approach, which matches Harry’s general outlook.

Harry Dent is well known for his extreme views. He either expresses serious concerns about the economy right in the middle of a bull run – when it looks like it will run forever – or gets excited about the market right in the middle of a recession.

But, if you listen to his explanations for saying things the way he says them, you realize that his extreme positions are justifiable. He does not just refuse to go with the herd without sound reason.

Therefore, I think it is worth listening to his ideas even if you disagree with them.

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Dent Research Reviews [A Complete Look] 10

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