Digital Millionaire Secret – Scam or Real System?

The Digital Millionaire Secret is a new system that I’ve just come across so today I’m going to be sharing my honest review and opinion. If you’re looking for a real review of the Digital Millionaire Secret then keep reading because I’ll share everything you need to know.

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Digital Millionaire Secret – What Is It?

After landing on the Digital Millionaire Secret website I instantly knew what I was looking at. As it turns out this system is actually one I’ve been a part of as I was an active member up until recently. The company being promoted here is called Digital Altitude and it’s also promoted through similar websites like Aspire Today. It’s a business opportunity as you probably guessed and claims you can make $2,740 per day from home. But are these claims really true, and what was my personal experience? Let me share it with you.

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Digital Millionaire Secret – My Honest Experience

As I mentioned I’ve been involved with the Digital Millionaire Secret myself. Well technically “Digital Altitude” since that’s the actual company behind promoted. I got invited to be part of Digital Altitude by a business friend of mine. He contacted me on Skype and told me about this fresh new company that was going to be huge and how I could get involved and make a lot of money. At the time I didn’t really have anything good that I was involved with. I’d jumped between a few different business opportunities and was actually promoting random affiliate offers so I figured I would jump on board and give it a try.

It was around May 2016 when I joined Digital Altitude and I started to actively get involved in the business opportunity. When you join you are assigned a coach and put through a series of steps in order to teach you about the business. To be honest these steps are really designed to up-sell you. In other words they are designed to get you to upgrade to the higher priced products that Digital Altitude offers to you. I’ll get into those products soon. I actually skipped most of the steps. I did watch some of the videos because I thought it would be useful however being more experienced and having already made 6-figures online I figured like most in my position that I didn’t need to go through these steps.

Over the next few months I made some money. I think to date I’ve made around $50,000 from Digital Altitude. Certainly not a bad figure but not amazing either considering I have done over $250,000 in sales with the company. Other companies I have been involved with in the past paid much higher commission percentages, however on the flip side those companies also had a structure in place where you would pass up commissions to your sponsor, whereas Digital Altitude does not have that. So there are positives and negatives at play here.

I promoted Digital Altitude actively up until the end of 2016 when I moved onto something else that I personally felt could serve my subscribers better.

Digital Millionaire Secret – Positives

Let me list the positives and also the negatives to give you my overall experience with Digital Millionaire Secret (aka Digital Altitude). The first positives I will list are that you can make very high commissions here. Whilst the commission percentages aren’t the highest I have seen in the industry the actual sales that take place are extremely high. You can earn commissions on $56,000 worth of products with Digital Altitude. That means you can have 5-figure paydays if one of your members who you refer upgrades. The products on offer are actually live events where the product you are buying into is a live event where the company will pay for your hotel stay, which is usually 4 or 5 stars and also all the training. These events usually include training from the top people in the company as well as other companies they will bring in to train you.

Digital Millionaire Secret – Negatives

In my opinion there are 2 main negatives when it comes to the Digital Millionaire Secret. Those 2 negatives are that this is a “pay to play business” which essentially means that to benefit from the compensation plan as an affiliate and to actually make money you need to buy the products on offer. You can’t earn commissions on the products that Digital Altitude sells (e.g the training events) unless you have actually bought them yourself. The main problem with this that I see and that has been proven with similar business models like this in the past is that the people buying the products don’t really want the products. Instead of buying them because they really want the product (like any other business in the world) they are buying them purely so that they can resell that product and earn commissions on it.

That leads me onto the second negative I have that this is an extremely high ticket program. It costs over $56,000 to actually own all of the products. So if you want to make the maximum amount of money here, you will need to spend $56,000 just to own the products and then you will have further marketing costs. You will easily need to spend over $60,000 to actually start seeing some money back in your pocket and even more if you are doing paid marketing to actually see a ROI.

If you are willing to commit 100% then you can definitely make money here. I have made money as well as many others so it’s definitely possible however you should be aware of these “negatives” because they definitely exist and this is coming from someone who was actively promoting this business opportunity.

Digital Millionaire Secret – My Conclusion

Since I’ve moved on from this company I won’t be recommending it to you. Can you make money? Of course you can, however in my personal opinion based on my experience I believe that you can make more money elsewhere which leads me onto my “no.1 recommendation”. This new company I have partnered with offer a 100% free training webinar that teaches you exactly how to go from zero to 5-figures in 90 days, in fact they even guarantee it. Check it out below…

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Digital Millionaire Secret - Scam or Real System? 7

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