doTERRA Review – Why I’m Not Interested

Today I’m taking a look at Doterra (doTERRA) and giving my review. Essential oils have become very popular in recent years but I’m wondering does anyone really care about this or are the people involved in Doterra just pushing it to friends and family to make money? Below I’ll be sharing my full review, going over the products and mainly looking at the income opportunity! Keep reading below to get my full verdict and review.

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doTERRA – Overview

The company doTERRA was founded in 2008 and is in the business of selling essential oils in the wellness niche. Their products range from single oils, to supplements and even toothpaste and are sold on the basis of them being natural which appeals to a lot of people. It’s no surprise that doTERRA is doing well in this market because it’s fast growing and with many diseases being linked to unnatural products we are seeing a huge rise in natural ones!


doTERRA – Founders

Who are the founders of doTERRA? The founders have many years of experience in healthcare and business. They formed the company in 2008 with a vision of offering a product line that would genuinely help people to become healthier through the use of essential oils. They have tried to build their success based on real research and not just hype like some other companies in the space and have many advocates of their product lines and what they are trying to achieve.

The founders are the executives and come from two worlds: healthcare and business. Their biggest competitor is Young Living which has been around for 20 years.

doTERRA – Pros & Cons

What exactly are the pros and cons of the doTERRA products? Let’s take a look below:

In my opinion the pros are that there’s a lot of research in this field which helps support the use of more natural products like what doTERRA offers. Also with more research to back up the claims it’s easy to know when a company is being honest and when they are BS’ing people. Another pro to doTERRA is their income opportunity as they offer a solid structure for you to earn money by selling the product line and also recruiting other people in who can sell the products. There is good support for distributors with training on how to actually become a success and there are already many success stories in the industry.

On the flip side there are also cons to the products and the business. First off there is a $35 registration fee however in my opinion this shouldn’t be a big deal. If you aren’t willing to invest in yourself to get started with a business then you have no right being in business (my opinion). If you do want to be in the health and wellness niche there are other companies that have been in the game far longer who have more experience and more research to back up their claims. On the flip side you could argue it’s good to work with a newer company with a fresh vision, ideas and products!

doTERRA – The Business Opportunity

This is the main part of my review because after all I am running a blog about making money! There is a business opportunity attached to doTERRA similar to that of other companies like Kyani and Instantly Ageless but the question is should you join and can you really make good money?

To make money selling the doTERRA product line you need to sign up and pay your $35 registration fee. This is a relatively small barrier to entry so if you’re serious you shouldn’t be bothered about spending $35 as it’s a minimal amount of money for starting a business. This allows you to get 25% discount on purchasing their products which means when you resell them to your customers via your online shopping portal (website) you will essentially earn 25% commission. It a pretty standard model and similar to other companies like Avon.

You can also earn money by recruiting new consultants who will go into your team and you will receive commission and bonuses on their sales. This is where the real money is made in my opinion and if you can build a strong team below you then you will earn far more than you can by selling on your own.

doTERRA – My Personal Opinion

In my opinion doTERRA is a legitimate company and essential oils are potentially a good thing for health and I’m glad there are companies out there producing them. They are definitely not a scam company (a real scam is the cash loophole). On the flip side I don’t feel that the doTERRA business opportunity is the best way to make money which is why I’m not interested in it. In fact I feel that most network marketing companies out there aren’t the best bet for making money because you are very limited with the way their business opportunities work.

For example I’m able to generate 5-figures per month online with a simple business model and a handful of sales. Whereas to generate that kind of money offline with a company like doTERRA I would need far more customers and reps working below me too. That’s my personal opinion which is why I don’t recommend the business opportunity if you want to make a lot of money unless you are incredibly dedicated and serious.

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