Young Living Review – Good Opportunity or Scam?

Today I’m checking out Young Living and giving my full review. They’re a company that have been around a long time, but the question is are they really worth your time and can you really make money as a distributor or are there better ways? Keep reading below to get all the details on this company, their products and their business opportunity.

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Young Living – Overview

Young Living is a veteran company in the health and wellness niche. They have been going for over 20 years and have a very strong presence in the industry. I was amazed to find that Young Living gets over 100,000 searches every month which clearly shows it’s a strong player with a very good brand! Young Living actually started out as a brick and mortar company before moving into the internet arena which has helped them grow. The company focuses on essential oils and is the industry leader according to my research. Other competitors they have are doTERRA who are a far newer company.

Young Living has millions of customers globally and with the grown of the health and wellness industry this is only set to continue to grow.


Young Living – The Products

It was 20 years ago when D.Gary Young founded Young Living Oils and now the value is perhaps far higher than he might have imagined possible. Essential oils have exploded in popularity and now is the time that people can really profit in this market. There’s also far more research available now to back up the claims made by companies like Young Living. Years ago people were far more skeptical but in recent years science has proven their effectiveness.

The essential oils of Young Living are able to be blended with many different ingredients which can create products for every aspect of life from cooking, to toothpaste! There are so many potential benefits such as improved mental health, stability, spirituality and emotional health. The oils can also in theory help you have a better nights sleep if you struggle with that. The essential oils have also been linked to reducing stress. Some people call them a miracle cure and whilst that’s not true they are not far off. There are so many uses for essential oils where other products simply fall short. It’s these many reasons backed up by science that has led to the growth of the essential oils industry. All in all these are good points for distributors of the products because it means that they are selling products people will need and want to buy making it easier to make money.

Young Living – The Pros & Cons

So the company is great and the products are great? What are the real pros and cons?

Like any company there are pros and cons to the products and the opportunity so let’s take a look at some key points.

In my opinion the main pros are the fact that this is a growing industry with products that have many uses. Also research has backed up the claims of how good essential oils are which means you are not selling things based on what the company tells you but actual research that can be backed up with proof. With so many people leading stressful lives now and suffering from things like depression, sleep deprivation and stress essential oils are really the perfect product to help people. Another pro to working with Young Living instead of other companies like doTERRA is that Young Living have been in business for over 20 years so they have a proven business with millions of customers and strong brand recognition. It’s always easier to sell something when people actually know your brand, so this is a huge plus point.

On the flip side there are some negatives about getting involved with the Young Living business opportunity. For example the compensation plan is rather complicated so much so that I’m not even going to try and explain it. If you’re interested you can visit their official website and find more info about how it works or do a search on YouTube for a video. I also feel that when it comes to business opportunities there are better ways to make money than with traditional network marketing where they teach you old, outdated methods for making money as I will explain below.

Young Living – My Verdict

In my opinion Young Living is a solid company with over 20 years of experience in the industry. If you are interested in purchasing Young Living essential oils products you should have confidence in knowing you are dealing with a reputable company and it should be noted that they are definitely not a scam. (In my opinion the biggest scam out there is the cash loophole).

Despite my positive views on their company and products if you are actually looking at this as a business opportunity then I can’t recommend it. In my opinion I think the old school methods of selling products to family and friends and trying to recruit other reps into the business is not going to make you a lot of money. Unless you are experience and seriously dedicated there are far better ways in my opinion of making money. For example: I’ve made over $15k in the last 30 days with my online business and I could never do this with a network marketing company like Young Living as I would need to sell 1,000’s of products and/or recruit 100’s of reps.

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