Duplicate Dave Review – Scam or Legit?

Duplicate Dave is the new training program from Dave Sharpe (aka Legendary Marketer) teaching you how to be successful with internet marketing and offering you earning opportunities by “Duplicating Dave”. Today I’m sharing my honest opinion on this new program and giving you all the details, keep reading to learn more.

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Duplicate Dave Review - Scam or Legit? 7

Duplicate Dave – Overview

Duplicate Dave Review - Scam or Legit? 8Dave Sharpe is the main man behind Duplicate Dave so let me tell you a little about him. I first came across Dave back in 2012 when I joined a company called Empower Network. Dave co-founder Empower with business partner David Wood. Unfortunately around 2014 time Dave Sharpe left Empower due to health problems. In my opinion Dave was the best part of Empower Network and he brought a lot to the table. His departure saw Empower go downhill and by mid 2015 it was pretty much finished. Fast forward to 2017 and all the big well known marketers who were a part of it have left, and there’s very little people left over.

Fortunately Dave Sharpe got over his health problems and made a comeback to the world of internet marketing creating his Legendary Marketer brand and now Duplicate Dave! His goal with Duplicate Dave is exactly what the name suggests. He’s allowing people to literally duplicate his business which is extremely profitable. You see after Dave made a return to internet marketing after getting over his health issues he created the Legendary Marketer brand offering coaching and has grown that into a 7-figure business and now he’s created Duplicate Dave to help other people like you replicate his success by using all of his marketing material and systems.

Duplicate Dave Products

So what exactly are the Duplicate Dave products you will get access to? Duplicate Dave focuses on teaching you Dave Sharpe’s successful business model and giving you access to all the tools and training that Dave has used to grow his business into a 7-figure powerhouse. It’s claimed that you can work just 30 minutes a day to see real results with Duplicate Dave. The course covers a lot in the training from placing ads, to selling premium priced products, sales funnels, marketing copy, email marketing and video. Hence the name “Duplicate Dave” Dave actually provides a number of things you can use that are essentially copies of what he uses in his business including personalised ad copy, sales funnels and even his own personal sales team to close sales for you on the phone.

Unfortunately I’m not able to get the details on the commission rates, but essentially after following the training you’ll be able to promote the Duplicate Dave system yourself and earn a commission on the products sold. It’s similar to an MLM like what Dave has been involved with in the past however this is more like “affiliate marketing” than MLM in my opinion.

Is Duplicate Dave A Scam?

In case you’re wondering whether Duplicate Dave is a scam let me tell you it’s not. I am 100% confident that Dave Sharpe’s program is not a scam. I’ve reviewed over 200 products and systems on this blog exposing many scams like Affiliate Millionaire Club and Total Income Answer. In my opinion it’s easy for me to spot the scams and if Dave’s Duplicate Dave program was a scam I would definitely know, so if you want to join you can rest assured that it’s a solid program with good training.

Duplicate Dave Conclusion

After taking a closer look at Dave Sharpe’s new program I’m happy to say that it’s not a scam and it looks to me like a quality training product teaching you internet marketing skills you need to be successful whilst also providing you with an income opportunity. In essence you can “Duplicate Dave” and in my opinion copying someone else who is already successful is usually the quickest way to success, at least that I’ve personally experienced. I always liked Dave Sharpe and thought he was the best thing about Empower (the original company he founded in 2011).

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Duplicate Dave Review - Scam or Legit? 7


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