What Is Dylan Jovine’s “5G Arrow” To Replace Nuclear Missles?

Dylan Jovine, the CEO of a financial research firm called Behind The Markets, released a teaser about an investment in a 5G Arrow that he says is going to replace Nuclear Missiles.

He sees it as an opportunity for investors to invest in defense citing one small company that he says has won a massive defense contract.

Lets take a look at what a 5G Arrow is and discuss the investment opportunity surrounding it.

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What Is Dylan Jovine's "5G Arrow" To Replace Nuclear Missles? 7

Dylan Jovine’s 5G Arrow Review

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Introduction to Dylan Jovine’s 5G Arrow

Dylan Jovine’s 5G Arrow is about an entirely new type of weapon that he believes is set to make nuclear missiles obsolete. He calls it the 5G Arrow.

George Gilders 5G Arrow

Dylan says that the 5G “Arrow” can do so many things that regular missiles can’t do. For example, it is the fastest missile on earth because it can move up to 25 times the spead of sound (roughly 19,810 Miles per Hour).

The 5G Arrow can communicate with satellites mid-flight, enabling it to change course and travel in unpredictable ways, which makes it impossible to defend against with the current defense systems.

Dylan claims that we are on the cusp of “A 21st Century Manhattan Project” because The Pentagon has decided to prioritize building these new weapons. The project has the approval because on Friday, December 20, 2019, President Trump signed into law H.R. 1158.

Now, what exactly is a 5G Arrow?Dylan Jovine's 5G Arrow

As it turns out, Dylan is referring to Hypersonic Glide Missiles.

The next logical question is: What is a hypersonic glide missile?

A hypersonic glide missile is a maneuverable warhead that is found on the tip of a long-range missile and, once released, it glides to its target on an unpredictable trajectory. Such missiles are extremely difficult to intercept.

China has already started working on new missiles and Russia just commissioned its hypersonic glide missile in 2019.

Dylan expects the U.S. to ramp up its interest in its version of the hypersonic glide missile to counter its biggest adversaries. He sees the 5G Arrow as the answer to this.

The Small Company Behind The 5G ‘Arrow’

Dylan Jovine has found a small company that he thinks has the key to making hypersonic glide missiles.

What does he say about it?

First, he says that it is only a fraction of the size of big defense contractors like Lockheed Martin, Boeing and Raytheon. He says that it won the contract to be the first to manufacture these new weapons for the US military putting it at the center of this new massive market.

It has already started working on new 5G Arrows with 38 scientists from this small company working around the clock at Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Dylan predict that if you invest in this small company now, you can potentially make four times as much, or 35,960% on your money.

He has written a special report titled World War 5G – The Small Company at the Forefront of the Military Revolution.

Dylan Jovine's 5G ArrowThis report will cover everything about this company and why the US government has considered their technology the best.

You can get access to the report only when you become a member of an investment advisory service called Behind the Markets. 

that you can get your hands on if you sign up for a newsletter he edits called Behind The Markets.

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Who is Dylan Jovine?

Dylan Jovine is a professional stocks analyst who started his career on Wall Street in 1991.

Dylan Jovine's 5G ArrowDuring the early phase of his career, Dylan Jovine used to work for prestigious investment bankers where he would manage their accounts. Then he started researching stocks and loved this part of his job. Therefore, he leaned into it.

In three years, Dylan Jovine earned a reputation for selecting stocks right before they were taken over, all thanks to his deep knowledge about the market and stock movements. Based on his uncanny ability to spot the right stock at the right time, he came up with so many good picks that he earned 100% in positive returns or more regularly.

At the age of just 24, he became one of the youngest people in American history to be a registered broker-dealer and market maker.

Dylan talked about the 2009 Market Crash before it happened and that earned him a call up to popular platforms like Fox Business News to share his opinion.  

Dylan Jovine has close to thirty years of experience in the world of investments and he has been actively helping his followers and subscribers find great investment opportunities in the stock market through his Behind The Markets advisory service.

He is also the founder and CEO of a company that goes by the same name, Behind The Markets. It is a boutique research company just like Brownstone Research that aims to bring individual investors the same level of research that institutional investors typically get.

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What is included in Behind the Markets?

Dylan Jovine’s Behind the Markets is an advisory research services that focuses on stocks being sold at a significant discount compared to what the underlying business is worth. So, it targets undervalued companies.

Behind The MarketsBehind the Markets primarily focuses on midcap companies with market caps ranging from $1 billion to $10 billion. They go for companies with high returns-on-equity, low debt and, a strong competitive advantage. To limit risk, they target companies whose businesses have suffered a temporary setback, thus bringing the price of their stock down to manageable price levels.

When you sign up for Behind the Markets, you receive:

  • Access to Dylan’s Current Portfolio. It has detailed recommendations on all open positions, many of which you can buy. There are comprehensive reports with 30 pages on average that explain what to buy, at what price, and exactly when to sell it.
  • Monthly Portfolio Updates. Each month they update the model portfolio by making recommendations such as the one that was subject to the presentation.
  • Regular updates. Whenever there is important news on one of the stocks on the model portfolio, you’ll get an email from Dylan outlining the recommended course of action.
  • 24/7 access to members-only website. The website is where all past issues of the newsletter and special reports can be found.
  • Educational Materials. There are videos and articles outlining how Dylan invests.

If you sign up via the presentation, you also receive seven free bonus reports (including the one about the 5G Arrow). The other six are:

Herbert Royalties: How to Collect Entertainment Royalties While You Sleep

Dylan Jovine writes abut how anybody can tap into a pool of growing royalties that “could be worth more than the entire Beatles catalog, all the commercial rights to ‘Happy Birthday,’ and the total value of the Rolling Stones catalog…combined.”

This report explains how you can start investing in royalties. Royalties have been the subject of presentations like Stock Rental Royalty Checks and Teeka Tiwari’s Tech Royalty Cryptocurrencies (Tech Royalties 2.0).

Income Collapse: How to Buck the Trend and Boost Your Monthly Income with New Investments

Dylan explains that income from previously lucrative income investments has been dwindling. This includes bonds, which no longer pay decent yields, dividend stocks that are getting hammered, and REITS and Muni Bonds that are underperforming.

In this report, he shows you how to earn more income using a secret system that identifies SAFE alternative notes with target returns of 7% – 15% per year.

Our #1 Micro-Cap for 2021

Dylan Jovine focuses on a tiny biotech company that unveiled a new cancer drug. During FDA tests, it was found that the therapy can “switch off” lymphoma in 90% of patients.

The FDA gave the drug Fast Track designation and a Big pharmaceutical company signed a $1 billion deal to sell the drug overseas. He wants you to get in on this.

Bullet-Proof: How to Create the Ideal Small-Cap Biotech Stock Portfolio

In this report, Dylan shows you how to create what he calls “a bullet-proof biotech portfolio with tremendous upside.”

6 Questions to Ask Before Buying Any Stock

Dylan Jovine believes that there isn’t enough attention on CRISPR and the gene-editing revolution from investors. But when they get the attention they deserve, for every legit profit opportunity there will be bad actors taking advantage of people and taking away their money much like Bernie Madoff, Worldcom, and Enron.

He wants to show you how to avoid companies that talk a good game but lack the ability to deliver by asking yourself six questions before you invest in any particular stock.

Pot Stocks: What the History of Cigarettes Can Teach Us About Investing in Cannabis

Cannabis stocks were all the rage a little over one year ago before the excitement subsided. But Dylan claims that cannabis isn’t the first plant to become a best-selling consumer product – tobacco was once the focus of people’s attention decades ago and we can learn from its trajectory.

In this special report, Dylan reveals lessons investors can learn from the rise of cigarette companies. He identifies the marijuana segments that could be profitable.

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Is Dylan Jovine’s 5G Arrow Legit?

I think Dylan Jovine’s 5G Arrow presentation is legit.

In the presentation, Dylan says that the US Department of Defense increased its budget and is set to do so again under president Biden. Among other reasons for asking for a bigger budget has to do with addressing threats posed by China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, and other adversaries. 

One can speculate that China and Russia developing their supersonic missiles will have spooked the US necessitating those budget upticks. One way to do that would be for the country to develop its own enhanced missile such as the one Dylan is referring to as 5G arrow.

That being said, Dylan may be wrong about the specifics but I give him the benefit of doubt on this.

Dylan Jovine’s 5G Arrow Verdict

The defense industry has proven over the years to be one of the most lucrative sectors there is in the country. After all, only social security and healthcare receives the amounts that the military gets and over the years, many investors have made a lot of money off of it.

While some will raise moral questions about this, it is an undeniable fact that early investments in this sector can be extremely rewarding and profit-making. So, for example, if Dylan winds up being right about a small company making hypersonic glide missiles for the military, you can get rich off of it.

But, he may also be wrong about it and it ends up being a non-starter. Therefore, you should go into it with an open mind and realistic expectations. This is one of those where you should not invest more than you are capable of losing.

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What Is Dylan Jovine's "5G Arrow" To Replace Nuclear Missles? 7

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