Einstein Trader Scam – Don’t Trust It!

Einstein Trader is a new forex scam and I’m here to stop you from losing money. If you’ve been looking at the Einstein Trader and hoping it’s the real deal I am here to tell you it’s not. This automated trading system will not help you make a penny and will only end in you losing money. Read my full review below and get all the details.

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Einstein Trader – The Real Truth

The real truth when it comes to Einstein Trader is that it’s a complete scam. I’m writing this review to stop you and other people from becoming its latest victim. The truth is Einstein Trader is not a real system and the whole backstory to it is fake. You’re not going to make millions that it claims, that’s all a lie to get you to sign up and deposit money. The simple truth is binary options is dying and forex is making a come back. The video even states that binary is gambling which is true however they are simply using this to try and gain your trust.

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It’s possible to become a forex millionaire? Yes it is possible for sure but not using the Einstein Trader. If you want to really make money with forex you need to learn from genuine people who have real systems. You are not going to make money “automatically” like they claim you can. I’ve done a lot of research into forex over the years and what I’ve found is that 100% of automated systems are scams. The only way to make money with forex is by learning solid strategies that professionals use, NOT using automation software.

Is Einstein Trader A Scam?

I believe that Einstein Trader is a scam and whilst it’s not a binary scam like Vena System and Rubix Project it’s still not going to make you money. Unlike binary options they are actually asking you to pay money for their system. You need to pay $497 and then you can access their system. Now one thing I will mention is that there is a refund guarantee by ClickBetter and they will honour that which is good, however if you happen to sign up to a forex broker (which you will after you buy) and then you go ahead and invest money into a broker and lose it, you will never get that money back. So despite them having a refund guarantee on their $497 fee I am still calling this a scam because it can do serious damage to your wealth if you were to put your life savings into a forex broker. Plus I am sure that these guys will be earning commission referring you to forex brokers too, so they probably don’t care about your $497 too much.

Who Is Behind Einstein Trader?

The person on their website is William Morrison but to be honest I am pretty sure this is a fake made up person. I think the real people behind this system are most likely people that have been behind binary scams and since binary options is dying they are moving onto forex. You see a lot of the scammers in the industry created binary options scams, you may have even fallen victim to one of these in the past? Basically you sign up, deposit money into a broker and all your money gets lost by bad trades. Like the Einstein Trader video says those guys got paid to refer you, so it really didn’t matter if you made money or not, they still got paid.

The authorities started catching onto binary options and basically shut them down in the USA so now the scammers need to find something else to promote and most people think that they are going to move onto forex and that’s why we are seeing systems like Einstein Trader come out. This will only be the first too, there are bound to be many more but don’t be fooled by their big claims, it’s all lies and I won’t be recommending any of them.

Conclusion – Avoid Einstein Trader

I’m not recommending Einstein Trader because I don’t believe you’ll make a penny with it. In all my time online I’ve never come across any kind of “automated” system for trading forex that actually works and it only takes a little bit of research to see that many people have been sucked into scams like this. The truth is a very small amount of people make money with forex, the majority lose money all day long, and unfortunately if you use Einstein Trader you’re going to lose too.

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Einstein Trader Scam - Don't Trust It! 7

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