Empowr Review: Legit MLM or Scam?

Empowr is a network marketing company that claims to return its profits to the community of users on their network. Many have claimed that it is basically a scam site.

In this Empowr review, we will take a look at how Empowr works, how to earn money online with it if at all that’s possible, and whether Empowr is a scam or not.

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Empowr Review: Legit MLM or Scam? 7

Empowr Review

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What is Empowr?

Empowr is an online money making opportunity and social networking site that claims to pay members to perform online tasks. There We’ve covered multiple programs that make a promise similar to that like Survey Junkie and Survey Voices.

In this case, however, it is a social network business that opened in 2001 but it surfaced online back in 2015.

Empowr ScamsEmpowr’s mission is that they are “committed to Democracy, Sharing, Sustainability and Justice.”

The company was recently shutdown due to rebranding and preparation for its beta launch.

Who founded empowr?

The business was founded by Brandi, Mike, Mohit, Scott though no last names have been provided

Michael Pousti is currently the chairman and chief executive officer of this social networking company

Michael Pousti CEO

This business was started over 15 years ago and was known as Project Uplift. It was later rebranded as SMS.ac in 2000

In 2007 it became a company called FanBox, before resurfacing in 2015 as Empowr.

Empowr claims that their purpose is to make everyone around the world able to earn at least $25 per day compared to the $2 per day that it is now.

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What Does Empowr Sell?

Empowr is a network marketing business that is building the world’s first democratic social platform that combines some features of Facebook, eBay, Etsy, and Tumblr as a marketplace and currency.

Empowr enables users to earn money online through uploading photos , videos, blogs, the marketplace and currency.

As you use the Empowr to post, share, and promote digital content, the company charges you ad platform fees.

The app itself is free to join. There are no immediate fees or monthly memberships and if you don’t give them your banking information, you won’t have to pay a penny though you won’t be able to earn.

You may start out with a handful of the credits provided but they might run out. Once they do, the company will charge your bank account or PayPal account seemingly random amounts for these so-called ad credits.

How empowr earns

Using the following mediums, the empowr team makes the money that users are paid:

  • Premium fee (Power User & Ad Platform fee) from users.

Account Summary

  • Ad fee from outside advertisers.
  • Market place fee.
  • Revenue from selling digital content.

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How Do You Join Empowr?

To join the business, you must first create an account. This account is free to start, although make sure to read the fine print carefully, hidden charges may apply depending on what you do with the site.

Empowr account

You are required to have a PayPal account or to provide credit card information in order to receive your earnings.

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How to make money with Empowr?

Once you join Empowr, you are referred to as a citizen.

After becoming a full-fledged citizen, there are a number of ways to making money online:

Content Roles

If you want to do the same tasks that you would perform on other social media platform, then this role should suit you well.

Post pictures and videos, share music and articles on social media sites and make friends with other community members.

Educator Roles

Community members are entitled to a success coach. These coaches give advice and answer questions. Once you have become familiar enough with Empowr and their rules, making money by educating others as a coach is an easy task.

Marketing Roles

Many people are aware of multi level marketing on social media with other companies i.e. Facebook.

Companies pay Facebook a fee and are then able to promote themselves or sell products and services to the Facebook users. Empowr members make money by posting and sharing ads with others on the site.

Developer Roles

This is one of the knowledge based roles. If you have programming skills, Empowr is always looking for ways to improve their empowr economy. Their instructional video lets other members know that helping with the development process can boost earnings.


With the new empowr open alpha, there are other money making opportunity from empowr and its app aside from the ones mentioned above. They include transaction revenue which comes from posting, sharing, and communication, Subscription revenue, Advertising revenue, and Cryptocurrency revenue.

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What is Empowr’s Compensation Plan?

The company claims to have some sort of algorithm that calculates your earnings based on your posts, interaction levels, content etc. but then they also tell you that you can post anything you want and get paid for it.

There are various kinds of compensation plan that we’ve seen with programs like BeautycounterPampered Chef, and Velovita.

With Empowr, users report seeing anywhere from 60 cents to $2 per post in earnings but there is no clear information how the numbers are calculated.

Empowr reels you in quickly with an earnings counter that seems to keep adding up regardless of what you do. People will see their earnings get up to $300 or $400 after only using the app for several days and some people even report getting notifications and emails of new earnings that accumulated when they weren’t using the app at all.

It’s all very unclear, though, as earnings aren’t the actual profit. You will have to wait 90 days for your earnings to mature which means that you only get paid every 3 months.

The earnings number you get is not the amount that will mature at the end of those 3 months. This is because as you use this app, the company is also subtracting the ad platform fee from your earnings and you have to pay those fees before you can cash out your earnings.

If you have earnings, the app will force you to pay exorbitant amounts of these fees before you’re allowed to cash out your earnings.

If you’re lucky, your earnings might be a few dollars higher than what you have to pay in fees, but a lot of users just end up losing money or getting hit with advertising fees that can’t be paid.

When can I start using my Empowr Earnings?

Before you can use the earnings from your empowr wallet, it must enter the maturation period. This is one of the negative reviews that make people believe it is a scam rather than legit.

Maturation and analysis may begin immediately, as soon as your earnings are applied each day.

After they are applied, you can use them for the following:

  • Immediately use all earnings to widen your distribution and increase your earnings, by purchasing Power User subscriptions
  • Immediately use some of your earnings to purchase products and services . This percentage grows monthly.
  • 60 days after any month, use that month’s earnings to purchase empowr ads and boosts
  • 90 days after any month, you can cash out earnings from that month via PayPal or bank check, or ad credits used.

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Empowr login

For now, the empowr login is not available whether from the site or empowr app. The site was taken down on January 5th 2020 in preparation for the beta and global launch late in the year.

When the site comes up, every old member will have to register afresh with a new account. Fortunately, the user’s empowr wallets are still intact and coins that are on the blockchain will be fine and won’t be affected.

Users’ alpha coin balance will appear on the beta site.

Empowr Reviews: What people have to say

Here are some of the bad and good reviews from recent comments of people who have been either been part of empowr or past users:

I have been working at empowr part-time.Great way to sell, buy, and make money by posting and sharing. However, my success coach took forever to respond so it took way too long for me to become a success coach.

-One of the success coaches

“Where to begin..at first I though it was worth a shot and not only did all of the posting of pictures, blogs etc which was very time consuming and also added selling in ‘Market place’. This entailed sourcing product outside and paying to sell inside Fanbox ‘Market place’. Money earnt was in my account and here’s the rub …it was impossible because of the way it was structured, the constantly changing rules in order to qualify for payouts at the end of the month. IPL was forced on us and had to be repaid before you could cash out, plus fees every month and although I sold heaps of product I was always in debt to Fanbox.”

–Shirley O

“It is the biggest scam! It is cheating the world of people. No clarity in its accounting. I already expended near about 2000 dollars including my mission roll subscription and sales since my joining in Dec-17. I was basic sky level member. Suddenly they downgraded me to Purple Basic without showing any reason. I asked my SC. He said it will be rectified later on. Many such mistakes I made note to my SC, they are not yet rectified. It is a clean cheating organisation. People must not join it to loose their hard earned money, labour, time and energy. Every day new rules and legislations only to cheat it’s citizens. There is no democracy in it. Rather the rule is autocratic. They manipulated the coin value to rise upto eight dollars. But when it opened in the Forex market its current value is now 0.04 dollar. In the coming days it may be just like the value of a doge coin. They appointed a group of success coach to preach their sermons to the citizens. So these success coaches are their yesmen. But many things Success Coaches do not know. It is clear the authority does disclose to them.”

Gopal Das


I am a Success Coach for empowr. Now with the Accelerated Matured cash out I am earning monthly for using the platform. It does take a while to earn here. You won’t get rich overnight doing empowr but you can earn from using the internet. New things are always being added and empowr will be a big part of the future. Will it be yours? I am an American living in the Philippines. The earnings I make on empowr allow me to do live where I want to live.The only down side of coaching is putting in long hours daily sometimes. I do like helping other people to understand empowr so they can earn by using the internet.

Empowr is 100% illustrative, dramatic cheating. You must spend 10000s of USDs there but you will not earn atleast 1 usd and there is no assurence about your profit / returns. There are thousands of hidden rules which they will not tell you and accept you if you found and asked to them.

I spent 2hours a day and 561 days, I completed my daily goals everyday, and I spent $2789 by selling products, and I spend $7500 for paying Ad platform fees.
But till today I didn’t received even a penny from empowr.

-David M.

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Pros of Empowr

No posting limits

There are no posting limits so you can post as many photos or videos as you want. But you don’t want to do that because it can make you look like a scam.

Does not require much effort

Working with Empowr does not require you to do much and you can make some extra cash in the comfort of your home or while doing other activities.

Free sign up

You are not required to pay any sign up fees when opening an account with Empowr.

Cons of Empowr

Lose more than you earn

The earnings reflected on your empowr account are not the actual profits. The company deducts ad platform fees and various other fees therefore you find yourself losing more than you earn.

Confusing payment system

The total earnings you see in your account is not the amount you are actually entitled to.

There are numerous hidden fees and charges that will decrease the amount of money you bring in thus leading to loss

Time Consuming

One has to perform a lot of tasks in order to earn any real money on Empowr and the tasks might take time to perform. This is because the earning rate is quite low.

Fake positive reviews

There are numerous stock photos and videos of people giving outstanding reviews about Empowr.

These have been reported to be fake and most of the people in the videos are actors hired by Empowr.

Success Coaches are Not Helpful

You are assigned a success coach in case you have questions about tasks or earnings. Having a success coach is not all it’s amped out to be since most of the success coaches only know as much as you do.

Poor administrative and customer support

If you have a concern that cannot be addressed by your success coach, it is hard to contact the customer support

Payouts Take A lot of Time

The money earned in your Empowr wallet cannot be withdrawn immediately and one has to wait for a maturation period of 60 to 90 days

There have also been numerous complaints about disappearance of money in the empowr wallets if not used for a long time.

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Is Empowr legit?

Empowr is a legitimate networking marketing company and social networking platform. However, I would not recommend joining it.

Even though signing up is free, you will still end up losing more that you earn due to all the various fees that they will deduct from your earnings. In this way, it is not a viable way to make money online.

The only was to make real money with empowr is to do a large number of tasks which might also become exhausting with such a low earning rate.

Furthermore, the company has received a lot of negative reviews from dissatisfied customers and employees. Most of them have complained that they have either not had access to their earnings or waited too long to get what they worked for.

Their customer service also seems to be quite dismal and it is hard to get any actual administrative support, even with the success coaches.

The company has also undergone a lot of rebranding and this is a glaring red flag. It is one of the reasons that many people are suspicious of this particular platform.

All in all, the cons of joining Empowr clearly outweigh the pros therefore it is not worth the hassle.

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Empowr Review: Legit MLM or Scam? 7

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