Fast Lane Lifestyle – Scam or Legit?

Fast Lane Lifestyle is a new website I have just come across that claims it can help you earn $1,500 a day and you can get started with the small investment of just $47. Is this really the real deal or is this simply another scam? I’m sharing my honest review and opinion on this page.

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Fast Lane Lifestyle – Overview

So I just took a closer look at Fast Lane Lifestyle to see what it’s all about and to me this looks like your typical “make money scam” not much different to others I have exposed lately like Extreme Home Paycheck and Home Jobs Now. The website claims you can make $1,500 a day just by following their simple instructions and it will only cost you a mere $47 to get started, although if you try and exit the page you get offered access for just $37.

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As you can see you can start making $1,500 a day and start living life in the fast lane. There’s only 50 spots remaining though in your area so you better move fast. Obviously this is just a lie because they are not limiting the amount of people who are going to get into this, in fact they would happily accept an unlimited amount of people.

What Is Fast Lane Lifestyle About?

So rather than sit here and type 500 or so words about how I think this is a scam, although I guess I will kind of do that the question to really ask is “what is the Fast Lane Lifestyle all about?” and can this really help you make money. In my honest opinion I don’t believe you’ll make a penny with this, let alone the kind of easy money that they claim. I have seen these kind of systems before and to be honest they are smoke and mirrors. There is no real substance behind the fancy website you see, you’ll just be suckered into buying a bunch of products you don’t need that teach you some average methods on how to make money and run an online business.

The members area will actually try and sell you a bunch more tools and systems that you don’t even need. It’s basically just another sales pitch when you get inside of there. Also after you buy into this which will cost you $47 to start with (or $37 if you try to leave their website) you’ll also be offered a bunch of up-sells where they will try and extract as much money as possible from you before you actually reach the members area. I’m not against up-sells when they offer genuine products and services that can compliment your initial purchase but in the case of Fast Lane Lifestyle there is unfortunately no value to be had here, just a bunch of unnecessary products.

Fast Lane Lifestyle – Good News

There is some good news when it comes to the Fast Lane Lifestyle though and it’s probably not what you are thinking. No you are not going to make the mega profits that they claim, I’m sorry I can’t tell you otherwise however the strange “good news” here is that the payment processor for Fast Lane Lifestyle is ClickBetter and they are extremely easy to get refunds from so if you already went ahead and bought this product and then realised it was a waste of time all you need to do is find your email receipt and submit a refund request on the ClickBetter website.

The thing is products like Fast Lane Lifestyle struggle to process payments via your typical online processors like PayPal so they instead use the likes of ClickBetter that allow them to actually sell their “get rich quick” products however the downside (for them) and upside (for us) is that ClickBetter handle all the refunds and they don’t want to get chargebacks because it looks bad on them, so they are super fast to process refunds.

Fast Lane Lifestyle Conclusion

Honestly after glancing at their website I knew that this was not a real solution for making money online and instead it’s just a pipe dream that won’t actually deliver the claimed results. Rather than waste your time on this system I’d rather recommend something that I know works from experience.

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Fast Lane Lifestyle - Scam or Legit? 7

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