Financial Freedom System Review – Another Scam?

The Financial Freedom System is a scam and I’m not recommending it. This is the latest scam system to launch and I’ve been checking it out to see exactly how it works and whether it’s actually any good. After conducting my research it’s clear to me that this is another scam you should avoid.

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the financial freedom system scam software

Financial Freedom System – The Truth

When I heard about this system I was immediately skeptical but thought I’d keep an open mind. When I discovered it was to do with binary options I knew it would be another scam. It’s really not much different to other known scams such as push money app and private profits club which offer a free software in exchange for a $250 deposit. With this scam you’re told it’s free but in reality it’s not free because you need to make a deposit. I’m in no way saying all online systems should be free, in fact I recommend programs that cost money because ultimately the best information you do have to pay for, however when someone says something is free then it actually costs $250 or more that’s just not right!

Another big red flag is the fact that they tell you they only have 45 positions and you are one of the lucky ones. This is just false scarcity to get you to sign up. The reality is there are unlimited spots available because they get paid each time someone signs up and makes a deposit of at least $250 so they want as many people signing up as possible, they really don’t care about having limited numbers as their sales video suggests. Also they run competitions with their affiliates and give away cash prizes to whoever signs up the most people. Some of the big affiliates refer 100’s of people to the Financial Freedom System, so there is definitely not only 45 positions available.

Financial Freedom System – Truth About Binary Options

I recently put together an article about binary options where I shared the truth about them. The truth is the binary options industry is full of scammers and nobody is making money from these scam apps apart from the people that own them. The guys that own these systems are NOT making money by using their software programs. In fact the software that they sell to their victims don’t work at all and are designed to lose. These guys make all their money from referring people to binary options brokers. The brokers are the ones that pay big commissions to people who can refer new customers to them. For example: The Freedom Financial System pays a $250 commission to affiliates who can refer new customers who make a deposit. The minimum deposit is $250 so if you sign up through a scammers affiliate link to this system they will earn $250. That is literally 100% of your deposit that the broker pays out. The reason they do this is to get you in the door spending money. Once you are in they will email you and have their sales team call you up and try to get you to deposit more money. They’ll often say that the software program you have isn’t very good and if you deposit more money they will give you their best program. Don’t be fooled though because this is just another scam and they’ll take all your money.

Even if you decline their request for you to deposit more money you’ll still lose that initial $250. The software (Financial Freedom System) will trade away your money to nothing. The software is programmed to make losing trades so that it doesn’t cost the broker any money. These guys want you to lose because when you lose they make money. If you were to win trades they would lose money because these guys make their money from losing traders. They have no real access to the markets, they operate no different to casinos! If you win it’s bad for them, so they want you to lose and will do everything in their power to make that happen.

Financial Freedom System – Conclusion

Don’t believe a word these guys say. That’s my advice! The truth is it doesn’t matter whether you’re looking at the Financial Freedom System or any other scam listed on my scams page here. All the binary options scams are the same. They offer you a free software in exchange for a $250 minimum deposit. The software won’t work and will make LOSING trades until you have no money. All these guys want is for you to deposit money. When you make a deposit they get paid, and that’s why their sales pages are so hyped because it’s all they care about.

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