FlexJobs: Legit Remote Jobs? [2023 Review]

Are you a freelance writer in need of a job and tired of being scammed?

Online connectivity has led to the rise of freelance gigs and what’s now known as the “gig economy.”

Consequently, this has led to the formation of many online platforms connecting freelancers and clients, one of which is FlexJobs.

In this FlexJobs.com review (written for freelancers), we will take a look at how FlexJobs works, membership requirements, affiliate programs, discounts offered, satisfaction guarantee, and any downsides of joining the company.

By the end of it, you should have an easier time deciding whether FlexJobs is a platform you’d consider joining.

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Key Takeaways

  • FlexJobs is an online job board that connects remote workers with companies offering remote work.
  • There are part-time, work-from-home, and full-time jobs across various career levels and categories. Some jobs may require reporting to a specific location for meetings, trainings, etc.
  • What’s unique about FlexJobs is that it is not free for freelancers. Jobseekers have to pay a fee to it in exchange for protection from scams through thorough job screening.
  • Also, they don’t deduct a commission from the freelancers.
  • There is a 14-day money-back guarantee for new users dissatisfied with the service.
  • You can join the FlexJobs Affiliate Program to earn commissions by promoting FlexJobs. Commissions range from $7-$10 per lead (one-day cookie duration).
  • VERDICT: FlexJobs is a pretty solid platform that has been operating for over 16 years with millions of satisfied users. Considered one of the best platforms for finding flexible jobs but no guarantee of finding a job; requires effort in resume building and interview skills.

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What is FlexJobs?

FlexJobs is an all-in-one site that connects remote workers to companies that offer flexible jobs (whether remote or on-site). It is a job searching site that offers part-time, work-from-home jobs, and full-time jobs on all career levels and categories.

flexjobs review


Although many jobs on FlexJobs are remote some of the part-time, freelance, temporary, seasonal, and flexible schedule jobs require you to report to a specific location some or all of the time for meetings, trainings, and certifications.

FlexJobs has helped millions of remote workers all over the world find jobs online hassle-free for over 16 years now and counting.

This is according to the dozens of satisfied clients and freelancers I found on review sites like trustpilot.com. There are hundreds of positive testimonials from other satisfied users online.

I should point out that this is a premium service and not a free service whereby, to access job listings, you are required to pay a subscription fee.

More on that later.

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Why you should join FlexJobs

If you have ever found yourself in a sticky situation after being scammed on hiring sites with too-good-to-be-true job offers that turn out to be fake, you can appreciate having access to a site with legit offers.


Normally, to avoid this from happening you have to carry out your research about the company offering the job.

But the process is time-consuming and you risk losing job offers because hundreds of bids are made for almost every job listing posted in a matter of minutes.

FlexJobs saves you hours of research by thoroughly hand-screening every job, including a background check of the firm hiring. They have a dedicated team that spends hours examining jobs to weed out scam offers thus protecting remote job seekers.

The FlexJobs database contains years of useful information on every employer that has hired a freelancer on the site thus enabling you to rest easy when you are applying for work.

The other reason you should join FlexJobs is that it does not deduct anything from your salary.

It is a membership program that makes money from both the employers for posting their jobs on the site as well as your subscription as a job seeker.

If a company hires you as an employee, you will deal with it directly.

This is unlike other job aggregation sites like Upwork and Fiverr that deduct a percentage of your pay.

Who founded FlexJobs?

FlexJobs was established in 2007 by Sara Sutton. Before she founded FlexJobs, she was a working mom struggling to strike a work-life balance as a career mom.

Sara Sutton founded FlexJobs

She first co-founded JobDirect in 1995, an entry-level job search site. Due to her passion and her desire to help working parents like her get more flexible jobs with more flexible schedules.

She is a well-respected advocate known for her efforts in sensitization on the benefits of remote working in today’s workplaces.

Ms. Sutton was named a Young Global Leader in the Class of 2014 at the World Economic Forum.

Currently, she is actively involved in entrepreneurial and economic conferences and programs teaching the future of work, technology, and other topics related to remote working.

She has been referred to as the “queen of remote work” due to her efforts towards the industry.

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How does FlexJobs work?

On FlexJobs, you gain exclusive access to job listings that are legit but at a fee.

Once you sign up on FlexJobs and pay a subscription fee, you are guaranteed to find a flexible job with a flexible schedule ranging from part-time, and freelancing, to full-time.

How does FlexJobs work?

These job offerings are thoroughly scrutinized by a dedicated FlexJobs team tasked with combing through these job postings on the job board. This guarantees the legitimacy of every job posting on the site.

Flexjobs maintains a database containing clients’ history and reputation collected over time.

At any given time, FlexJobs claims that there are over 24,000 high-quality job listings from over 5,000 reputable companies available.

On FlexJob’s official website, before you sign up as a freelancer, you are only allowed to view a few job listings to give you a clue of what to expect after joining the platform.

Then once you sign up, you get access to the job listings.

Flexjobs Pricing

In case you are interested in joining FlexJobs, here is a breakdown of the packages offered.

FlexJobs Pricing for Job Seekers

These packages offered include;

  1. 1-week access package: It is priced at $9.95
  2. 30-day or 1-month access package: It is priced at $24.95 payable once every four weeks. It is suitable for remote job seekers keen to find more jobs.
  3. 3-month full access package- this offer requires you to pay $39.95 equivalent to nearly $3.33 per week.
  4. 1-year access package- this is an entry-level offer priced at $1.15 per week.

As you can see, the longer the duration you pick, the cheaper it gets.

When you are just starting out, you should go for a short-term membership to see if the service is a good fit for your job search.

Then if you find any benefits to being a FlexJobs member, you can extend your membership to take advantage of the lower price rates.

Satisfaction Guarantee

FlexJobs’ Satisfaction Guarantee means that if you are not satisfied with the quality of their service for any reason, you can cancel your subscription and request a refund by reaching out to customer representatives within 14 days of creating your account creation or renewing your subscription.

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How to Find Work on Flexjobs

Once you have signed up to FlexJobs and paid the subscription fee of the package of your liking, searching for a job is the straightforward part.

You can search by typing in a keyword phrase on the search bar located in the top section of the official site.

You can’t miss it! Jobs related to your search will appear on the page including their job descriptions and terms of employment to be met requested by the employer.

There is also an advanced search filter feature enabled on the site for more accurate results to meet the user’s search criteria with more precision.

How to Find Work on Flexjobs

Before applying for jobs on FlexJobs, you should set up a resume for your account to give yourself an added advantage when searching for a job.

FlexJobs automatically uses your resume to match you with new or recently posted job openings that match your qualifications.

If you are a first-time user, you have nothing to worry about as the site is user-friendly and easy to maneuver.

How to Speed Up the Job Search Process on Flexjobs

According to Flexjobs, the average job search can up to half a year.

That’s a long time to be searching for work.

Here are a few ways you can speed things up:

  • Fill out your FlexJobs profile completely: Don’t forget to provide your contact information and your address because some jobs are geo-restricted. It also helps to be specific about the roles you want and include relevant experience.
  • Reading the blog. The Flexjobs has tons of resources on how to write your resume, apply for work, and ace interviews, among other things. The FAQ section also has helpful information concerning job searching on the site.
  • Attend the FlexJobs virtual job fairs.
  • Set job alerts. If you save a search, you can select to receive email notifications for the search if jobs matching your requirements are added. If you have the app, you can get push notifications too. These notifications give you an edge over others in search of remote work by enabling you to respond quickly to open job offers.

Members of FlexJobs are guaranteed a round-the-clock customer care desk determined to help you out if you have trouble with your account.

The Flexjobs App

Flexjobs has an app for iPhone users.

FlexJobs: Legit Remote Jobs? [2023 Review] 4

There is no Android version of the app.

You can search for jobs and interact with employers on the app conveniently while on the move.

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The FlexJobs Affiliate Program

If you have a blog with a suitable, engaged audience, you can become a Flexjobs affiliate.

That means you will promote the company and earn commissions every time you get someone to sign up for Flexjobs.

FlexJobs affiliate program is managed by CJ which keeps track of every affiliate account to determine commissions to be remitted to affiliates.

The FlexJobs Affiliate Program

These commissions are a good source of passive income.

To join, you have to apply for the affiliate program to allow them to vet you. It will take a few days for FlexJobs to approve or deny your application.

If you succeed, you will be given a unique affiliate referral link and then all you have to do is keep creating content and wait for your audience to click your links.

Flexjobs has a 1-day cookie duration, which means that after one day if your lead purchases a subscription, you won’t earn a commission.

You can earn up to $7 – $10 per lead.

If your referral decides to cancel their subscription, it means that your commission will get reversed. However, you can mitigate this if you negotiate your contract with them and demonstrate consistent sales.

Pros of FlexJobs

  • Legit quality remote job listing: FlexJobs methodically scrutinizes all the jobs posted on its platform to weed out scams before posting on the site. If they flag any safety or legitimacy issues, they don’t let that employer list on their platform thus saving you from scams and unscrupulous entities.
  • FlexJobs does not take a cut of your salary. It is a membership program that makes money from both the employers for posting their jobs on the site as well as your subscription as a job seeker.
  • Easy access to jobs from different parts of the world: FlexJobs’ official site indicates that its headquarters are based in America. However, FlexJobs has been known to time and again post job listings from international companies outside America. FlexJobs guarantees work flexibility regardless of your location.
  • Amazing support system: Their customer service is excellent largely because they use actual people to assist you rather than using automated machines and bots like other online boards. Most FlexJobs subscribers claim to be in awe of the dedicated team offering assistance around the clock. They also give excellent career coaching courses which is a great resource when finding remote work. Expert advice given is on how to find new jobs and create the perfect resume.
  • Money-back guarantee: FlexJobs lets you cancel your subscription and get a refund within 14 days. The 14-day money-back policy is for new users who are not satisfied with the services offered. Refunds are paid in full and within the stipulated time upon cancellation.
  • Affiliate program: If you are an influencer who runs a successful blog with traffic related to online job searches and flexible jobs, FlexJobs has an affiliate program that will pay you for getting people to join the platform. It is a win-win because FlexJob gets more publicity and you earn a passive income for your efforts.
  • You have access to useful tools and tips to help you find remote jobs with ease: To improve your chances of finding rewarding jobs, FlexJobs has helpful resources on topics such as resume writing techniques, and creating an attention-grabbing account profile among others. It also hosts virtual job fairs.
  • Flexjobs sells gift certificates that you can gift to friends and relatives to give them access to the site at a discounted rate.Flexjobs gift certificates
  • New job notification alerts: You can save your job searches and set up email alerts straight to your mobile device once you get a job posting. This way, FlexJobs lets you know whenever a job offer is posted that matches your requirements or when a company is looking to hire an individual of your qualities directly.

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Drawbacks of FlexJobs

  • No trial version: FlexJobs is only accessible after paying a minimum fee of $9.95 which is equivalent to one week of access. Unlike other platforms, FlexJobs does not offer free trials for new users.
  • You have to pay for a chance to find jobs yet there are no guarantees that you will find work. According to Flexjobs itself, it may take you up to half a year before you find work, and during that time, you’ll be paying for the monthly subscription.
  • Employers do not have to include salary/pay rate information upfront in job postings. Typically, employers will want to discuss salary and pay scales during or after the first round of interviews, which can be inconvenient if you spend time applying for a job only to realize that it won’t pay you as much as you’d expected. Having said that, there are cases where you can use this to your advantage (if you have great negotiation skills) to negotiate a better offer than would otherwise be available in a close-ended offer.

Is FlexJobs legit?

Yes, FlexJobs is a legitimate site and one of the best job search resources on the internet, as many happy customers can verify.

The most important feature is its team whose main focus is to screen jobs before posting them. This means that there are no scammers and fraudulent employers on the site, which is often a concern on other job aggregation sites on the internet.

As a result, FlexJobs company is ranked among the best remote job search service providers globally.

FlexJobs company is ranked among the best remote job search service providers

Besides, FlexJobs has been around for more than a decade, during which time, they have been used by over 150 million people to find remote jobs. With such a track record, it is easily provable as a legitimate service.

FlexJobs no trial

Flexjobs has hundreds of positive reviews on its website from people who have found work via the platform. However, rather than rely on those reviews, I decided to go online to find third-party sites with reviews untethered from the company.

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Sitejabber Reviews

FlexJobs is rated 4.6 out of 5 stars on sitejabber by 10,585 reviews.

Flexjob reviews on sitejabber

Customer reviews I found demonstrated the immense support it provides to career people who want to find remote job positions.

One of the positive reviewers said:

“Excellent curation of job postings. Job searches can be just about as detailed or simplistic as the candidate wishes. Searches can be saved, so a hunt for the same criteria can be repeated easily, saving time and frustration. Career Coaching resources are also well structured. The coaching provided offers valuable guidance in understanding many of the modern day hurdles applicants face in digital screening practices and how to overcome them to get their resume seen.”

Better Business Bureau

FlexJobs has an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau website.

Flexjobs review on BBB

It generally has great reviews with people praising it for providing them with legitimate job openings that are hand-verified.

A user called Kelly-G says:

“The jobs are hand-screened and verified. In this day and age, scams are everywhere. I feel safe paying for a membership to get access to real jobs so that I don’t get scammed anywhere else. Thank you for all you do, FlexJobs.”

However, there are some negative reviews and complaints mostly from people who signed up for the service but couldn’t find work that matched their requirements.

Flexjobs Reddit

I found a couple of interesting comments concerning FlexJobs on this Reddit thread (Reddit generally has bad reviews of Flexjobs):

One user complains about an overlap between the openings on Flexjobs with other listings on other free sites (It certainly stings to know that you are paying for access to a job that people are getting for free):

“I used to out of desperation but OP, but you’re better off with remote.co and weworkremotely.com.

When I was a previous Flex subscriber, I saw lots of overlap with listings appearing on those other sites. Sometimes even on LinkedIn and GlassDoor.

Remote.co specifically has a data entry section too.”

And this thread, where I found this review:

“My personal experience: I have been looking for remote working and paid for one month. I did not end up applying for any job on the site while I had the subscription. All of the remote jobs I have applied for have been through Indeed. The only one I even considered applying for that was posted on Flexjobs had already been on Indeed for over a week I had just missed it because it said Remote in xx rather than Remote. They do vet all job postings so they are legitimate but that means they take longer to show up on the job board. So, to me, it isn’t worth it. YMMV”

Although it generally gets bad reviews on Reddit, I would still recommend FlexJobs to remote workers. The site is a fan favorite for people in this line of work (freelancers) as it gives assurances of safe, legitimate, and high-quality job posts.


FlexJob is a worthwhile investment and a great job search resource for both employers and employees. I think that FlexJobs is legitimate and one of the best companies to find flexible jobs if you are willing to pay the subscription fee.

At a time when there are many scams online hoodwinking unsuspecting people with “legitimate jobs” offers that turn out to be fake, people are gravitating towards FlexJobs because it offers a scam-free way of finding legit jobs.

However, there are no guarantees that you will find a job even when you pay for the subscription. You have to work on your resume, presentation, and interview skills to land a job. Fortunately, the platform provides resources that help you with that.

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