Free Profit Code Scam – Don’t Trust It!

The Free Profit Code is a new scam system I recently came across, so today I thought I’d put together a review and share the real truth. If you want to see my honest opinion and learn why this system is a scam then you can keep reading and I’ll share everything.

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Free Profit Code Scam - Don't Trust It! 9

Free Profit Code – Overview

So what exactly is the Free Profit Code? I was a little skeptical when I heard about this system because let’s face it, the name Free Profit Code is a little cheesy and kinda sounds like a scam. But I always give systems a chance and never judge immediately. However once I actually landed on their website and started watching their video it was 100% clear to me that I was dealing with a complete scam system. I mean you only need to look at their website and the ridiculous income claims to know this is a scam.

Free Profit Code Scam - Don't Trust It! 10

Look at their website which claims you can “Install my free profit code to generate up to $31,205.23 per week… & takes only 11 minutes to activate”. Do you know how many people actually earn $31k per week with an online business? It’s a tiny percentage of people. Apparently only 4% of people who start an online business actually make enough money to be able to quit their job and run their business full time. I don’t know the exact stats but I would estimate it’s a tiny fraction of those 4% who actually earn $31k per week.

I’ve personally been making money online for years full time and I generate a 5-figure per month income however even with years of experience my best month is around $30k. If you could really earn the money they claim per week with no experience and just 11 minutes then trust me I would be all over this making a fortune. The simple truth is that it’s a huge scam no different to other scams I have exposed recently like Instant Income Generator and Easy Marketers Club.

How Does Free Profit Code Work?

So let me explain exactly how this scam actually works so that you know to avoid it. Also what I am going to reveal to you right now will help you spot similar scams. The truth is scams like Free Profit Code are constantly being rehashed into a new product which is really no different but just has a new name and website.

Okay take a look at the image below. The Free Profit Code is actually a web hosting scam. These scams started to get big a few years ago. How it works is they say they will give you their entire system for free and that they will literally hand you their most profitable websites. They are going to give you their best websites for free, so you don’t need to worry about paying them however to have a website live on the internet you need hosting. Hosting is where the files that make up your website sit and allow them to be on the world wide web. So naturally the Free Profit Code recommends some hosting to you. All you need to do is buy the hosting and you will be given their most profitable websites for free.

Free Profit Code Scam - Don't Trust It! 11

This is obviously a complete lie because you can’t just clone someones website and make money. Facebook is one of the most profitable websites in the world but if I cloned it I wouldn’t make any money. Despite probably being sued by Facebook I wouldn’t have all the members they have or any of the traffic. It’s the same with other websites, if you cloned my website right now you might have something that looked good but you wouldn’t have all the traffic that I get which is what makes me money.

The Free Profit Code scammers are simply preying on newbies. They know that the majority of people signing up don’t really understand how money is made online so there’s a high chance they will fall for it. Now there’s nothing wrong with web hosting and there are many legitimate hosting companies out there.¬†However the hosting that Free Profit Code recommends is extremely overpriced and it’s done on purpose so that they can make money from you.

The hosting they will try and sign you up for will cost you $100’s which is ridiculous. Any good hosting company won’t cost you much at all. Let alone $100’s like they try and charge you here. The simple fact is they are doing this because they want to trick you and they know that being a new to the world of making money online means that a lot of people will fall for this thinking that it’s perfectly legitimate to pay a fortune for web hosting.

If you actually follow through and spend the money you will get access to the Free Profit Code system as promised however it won’t make you a penny. You’ll be left with a terrible website that is literally pointless and you’ll be wishing you hadn’t spend the $100’s to access this pointless scam system.

Free Profit Code – Conclusion

Obviously I am not going to recommend this scam system and I think you should avoid it.

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Free Profit Code Scam - Don't Trust It! 9

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