Freelance Writing Essentials Review

Are you a writer aiming to enhance your freelance writing career and boost your earning potential? Freelance Writing Essentials might just be the valuable course you’re seeking.

In the dynamic realm of freelance writing, having access to expert guidance, practical resources, and a supportive community can be a game-changer for your career.

Whether you’re a novice writer aspiring to break into the freelance market or a seasoned professional looking to further your skills and opportunities, Freelance Writing Essentials could be the key to your success.

In this comprehensive review, we’ve thoroughly researched Freelance Writing Essentials, bringing you all the critical insights you need to make an informed decision.

Let’s dive into this Freelance Writing Essentials review to uncover the course’s benefits and features.

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Key Takeaways

  • “Freelance Writing Essentials” is an online course designed by Elise Dopson and Michael Keenan from Peak Freelance, providing comprehensive training for beginners and experienced writers in the freelance writing industry.
  • The course covers essential topics such as finding a niche, creating a website and portfolio, using social media effectively, and understanding the legal aspects of freelance writing.
  • Students have given positive reviews about the course’s practical approach, comprehensive coverage of topics, and its ability to help them land high-paying clients and secure consistent work.
  • VERDICT: The course offers a self-paced format, giving students flexibility in their learning journey. It also provides access to a supportive community of fellow freelancers for networking opportunities.

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What is Freelance Writing Essentials

Freelance Writing Essentials is an online course designed to teach individuals how to establish and develop a freelance writing business from the ground up.

This course is offered by Elise Dopson and Michael Keenan of Peak Freelance, both experienced freelance writers who share their expertise to guide aspiring writers on their journey to success.

Freelance Writing Essentials Review

The course is tailored for those who are new to freelancing or have only been freelancing for a few months. It addresses common challenges faced by beginners, such as building a professional website, creating a portfolio when you haven’t yet acquired clients, and handling the intricacies of invoicing.

Drawing from their collective experience of over 10 years in freelance writing, Elise and Michael have packaged their knowledge into Freelance Writing Essentials.

Through this course, students can expect to gain confidence in their freelancing endeavors, learn how to set appropriate rates, and create effective marketing materials that attract potential clients.

Freelance Writing Essentials aims to provide valuable insights and resources to help individuals kickstart their freelance writing careers.

Who is this course for?

This freelance writing course, Freelance Writing Essentials, is ideal for a beginner freelance writer who is in the early stages of their freelance writing journey and is looking to establish a profitable career in this field.

Specifically, this course is suitable for:

  • Those who are new to freelance writing and are uncertain about the prospects of building a successful and lucrative career.
  • Individuals in need of guidance in creating the foundational elements of freelance writing, including a portfolio, a professional website, and a defined niche.
  • Writers who lack confidence in their work, struggle with determining appropriate rates or need assistance with streamlining their work processes.

Who is this course NOT for?

This course may not be the most suitable choice for the following individuals:

  • If you’re a few years into your freelancing career, as Freelance Writing Essentials is primarily designed for beginners or those in the early stages of their freelance writing journey.
  • If you already have a well-established website, an extensive portfolio, a clear niche, and a steady stream of leads coming your way, as the course focuses on helping individuals build these foundational elements.
  • If you’re primarily seeking a community and not a structured course, as the primary focus of Freelance Writing Essentials is to provide comprehensive training and guidance in freelance writing.

For individuals in these situations, the Peak Freelance membership may be a more suitable choice, as it is tailored to writers with more experience and who are looking for a supportive community.

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Who is behind this course?

Freelance Writing Essentials is a course created by Elise Dopson and Michael Keenan, two experienced freelance writers who have successfully established their careers in the field. Here’s a brief introduction to the creators of the course:

Elise Dopson has been a freelance writer since 2017, during which time she has worked with prominent B2B SaaS companies such as Databox, HubSpot, Shopify Plus, CoSchedule, and more.

Elise Dopson

Her freelance journey involved a significant amount of trial and error, and it wasn’t until two years into her career that she truly found her stride and began receiving the compensation she deserved.

Elise’s motivation for creating Freelance Writing Essentials and the Peak Freelance website is to provide aspiring freelance writers with valuable insights and proven tips, sparing them from enduring the same trial-and-error process.

She is dedicated to sharing the strategies that have worked exceptionally well for her, many of which she hadn’t previously disclosed.

Michael Keenan

Michael Keenan began his freelancing journey in 2014 and has collaborated with notable companies including Shopify, Help Scout, ManyChat, Segment, and more. His specialization lies in helping companies enhance their search traffic through content.

Having experienced the challenges of undercharging and struggling with low-paying writing assignments for a considerable duration, Michael is determined to assist other freelance writers in bypassing the phase of accepting low-quality, low-paying gigs and guiding them in establishing a profitable and respectable freelance business.

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How does Freelance Writing Essentials Work?

Freelance Writing Essentials is designed to help you become a successful freelance writer, particularly if you are new to the field.

Here’s how it assists you in making money:

  1. Building Essential Foundations: The course guides you on creating a solid foundation for your freelance writing business. It helps you go from having no clients, no portfolio, no website, and no niche to establishing all of these critical elements. By doing so, you set yourself up to attract clients and opportunities.
  2. Writing for Diverse Platforms: Freelance writing often involves crafting content for a variety of platforms, including web articles, blog posts, print magazines, books, email newsletters, and more. The course equips you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in these different writing mediums.
  3. Business Ownership: Freelancing is essentially running your own business. Freelance writers are hired by clients to work on various writing projects, and the course helps you understand the dynamics of this business model. It covers important aspects like client interactions, project management, pricing, and more.

Ultimately, Freelance Writing Essentials empowers you to establish a freelance writing career and become proficient in the field, thereby enabling you to make a living as a freelance writer.

Whether you aim to write web content, magazine articles, or other written materials, the course provides you with the foundational knowledge to embark on this career path and earn income through your writing skills.

Freelance Writing Essentials Review

Based on my research, the Freelance Writing Essentials course offers a well-structured training program for aspiring freelance writers. It is divided into seven modules, each containing video lessons.

A notable feature is that these lessons include transcripts and built-in subtitles, which can be quite helpful for learners.

Freelance Writing Essentials Review 19

The videos typically have a duration of 10 to 20 minutes and cover a wide range of topics relevant to new freelance writers, such as improving writing skills, acquiring clients, handling legal and accounting aspects, and establishing effective processes.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the course structure:

Module 1: The Basics

  • The Realities of Freelance Writing: This section provides you with a realistic overview of the freelance writing industry. It covers what to expect, the challenges you might face, and the potential benefits of a freelance writing career.
  • What You Do (and Don’t) Need to Start Your Business: This part guides you through the essentials needed to kickstart your freelance writing business, emphasizing both what is necessary and what you can skip to avoid unnecessary complications.
  • Finding a Niche You Won’t Hate in Two Years: Discover how to select a niche for your writing that aligns with your interests and offers long-term potential for growth.

Module 2: Getting Seen

  • Building Your Website and Portfolio: Learn the process of creating an effective website and a professional portfolio to showcase your writing skills. A strong online presence is crucial for attracting clients.Freelance Writing Essentials Review 20
  • Free Guest Posting: This section delves into the strategy of guest posting as a means of increasing your visibility and building your writing reputation.
  • How to Use Social Media: Explore how to leverage social media platforms to market yourself as a freelance writer and connect with potential clients.

Module 3: Legal and Accounting

  • Creating Contracts You Actually Understand: Understand the importance of clear and concise contracts in freelance writing. Learn how to create contracts that protect both you and your clients.
  • Setting Up an Invoicing System: This part covers the practicalities of invoicing, ensuring that you have an efficient system in place for billing clients.
  • How to Set Your Rate and Deal with Late Payments: Gain insights into determining your rates as a freelance writer and handling situations where clients are late with payments.

Module 4: How to Write Well

  • How to Write a Great Piece of Content: Get tips and guidance on producing high-quality written content that meets the needs and expectations of your clients.
  • Bonus Things to Impress Your Clients (and Get Repeat Work): Discover additional elements you can incorporate into your writing to leave a positive impression on clients and secure repeat business.

Module 5: Landing Your First Client(s)

  • How to Find Your First Client: Learn effective strategies for identifying and reaching out to your first clients in the freelance writing industry.
  • Pitching That Pays Off: Understand the art of crafting persuasive pitches that grab the attention of potential clients and lead to successful assignments.
  • How to Get Leads Coming to You: Explore methods for attracting client inquiries and opportunities without actively seeking them out.

Module 6: Process and Project Management

  • How to Set Up Asana to Manage Freelance Work (Tutorial): Asana is a popular project management tool for freelancers. This section provides a tutorial on setting up and using Asana effectively for managing freelance projects.
  • Avoid Overworking and Burnout: Freelancers often face challenges related to managing their workload and avoiding burnout. This part offers guidance on maintaining a healthy work-life balance.
  • Processes: Onboarding + Exit: Learn about the processes involved in onboarding clients as well as how to gracefully exit projects when necessary.

The Freelance Writing Essentials course provides a comprehensive and well-structured curriculum to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive as a freelance writer.

Each module addresses specific aspects of the freelance writing business, from getting started to managing projects efficiently, setting rates, and impressing clients.

However, it’s worth noting that Freelance Writing Essentials does not include a dedicated community for students. While there is a free community for Peak Freelance on Slack, its discussions are limited to rather basic threads.

If having an active and engaging community is essential to you, there is an option to purchase the upsell for Freelance Writing Essentials or consider a Peak Freelance membership.

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How much does Freelance Writing Essentials cost?

The Freelance Writing Essentials course offers two payment options for access:

  1. One Payment of £99 (approximately $115 USD): This option allows you to make a single payment to gain full access to the Freelance Writing Essentials course. With this payment, you receive lifetime access to the training.Freelance Writing Essentials Review 21
  2. Three Payments of £35 ($40 USD): Alternatively, you can choose the option to pay in three installments of £35, totaling £105 or approximately $120 USD. This option also provides you with lifetime access to the course.

It’s important to note that while the course fees cover the training, you may want to allocate some additional funds for web hosting and a domain name if you decide to create your website. This is an optional part of the training, but having your website can be beneficial for your freelance writing career.

Upon purchasing Freelance Writing Essentials, you may encounter an upsell page with limited information about an upsell option priced at £351.00.

Unfortunately, details about this upsell are not provided, making it challenging to assess its value or relevance to the course.

Refund Policy

The Freelance Writing Essentials (FWE) course comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the course within the first 14 days, you have the option to request a refund.

The course creators encourage students to provide feedback on why they are not happy with the course to help improve it. While there haven’t been reports of issues with obtaining refunds, it’s worth noting that FWE is relatively new.

However, given the course’s positive feedback and solid training content, it appears that the refund guarantee provides students with peace of mind regarding their investment.

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Freelance Writing Essentials Student Reviews

The reviews from Freelance Writing Essentials students do not provide a comprehensive picture of the course’s effectiveness.

This is mainly because the course is relatively new, and there haven’t been many students who have completed the training and implemented the teachings to see significant results.

Despite the limited number of reviews, the course appears to be well-structured and comprehensive, which suggests that it has the potential to yield positive outcomes for its students.

As more individuals go through the training and apply the knowledge gained, we will likely start to see a growing number of success stories emerging from the Freelance Writing Essentials program.

Is Freelance Writing Essentials Worth it?

After evaluating the Freelance Writing Essentials course, I believe it is a valuable resource, despite being relatively new.

Elise and Michael have laid out a sound strategy for freelance writing and presented it clearly and concisely. Moreover, the course is reasonably priced, making it an excellent value when compared to other courses that teach a similar business model.

For individuals who are in the early stages of their freelance writing career or considering entering this field, Freelance Writing Essentials is a worthwhile investment. While it lacks a dedicated community, the free Peak Freelance community on Slack can provide initial support.

This course essentially documents the successful practices that Elise and Michael have used to build their freelance writing businesses, making their knowledge readily accessible to you. Inside the training, you’ll find numerous useful downloads, including checklists, templates, spreadsheets, and more.

Keep in mind that the course is relatively new, which means there might be limited success stories available at this time. However, as more students go through the training, it’s expected that success stories will become more prevalent.

In summary, Freelance Writing Essentials is a great addition to the Peak Freelance training products, offering a solid foundation for those looking to thrive in the world of freelance writing.


Several aspects of Freelance Writing Essentials stand out positively:

  1. Reasonable Price: The cost of accessing the core training is quite affordable, making it accessible to a broader audience.
  2. Comprehensive Training: The core training is surprisingly comprehensive, covering essential aspects of freelance writing in-depth.
  3. Variety of Learning Formats: The course provides both text and video versions of lessons, with subtitles, offering flexibility for different learning preferences.
  4. Clear Instruction: The course content is presented in a clear, step-by-step manner, making it easy to follow, especially for those new to freelance writing.
  5. Authentic Instructors: Elise and Michael come across as genuine and experienced, devoid of hype or sleazy sales tactics.
  6. Abundance of Bonus Content: Freelance Writing Essentials offers numerous bonus materials, enhancing the overall value.


While Freelance Writing Essentials has much to offer, some aspects may give potential students pause:

  1. Lack of Student Success Stories: Given that the course is relatively new, there may be a shortage of significant success stories from students. However, this is understandable, considering its recent launch.
  2. Beginner Focus: This course is primarily suitable for freelance writers who are just starting their career. Those with more experience may find it less relevant.
  3. No Dedicated Student Community: The course does not provide a community solely for students, although the free Peak Freelance community on Slack is available for general support.
  4. Lack of Search Functionality: The absence of search functionality within the course platform may make it harder for students to navigate and locate specific content.

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Freelance Writing Essentials Alternatives

When considering your options for freelance writing courses to enhance your freelance career, it’s essential to explore a range of programs that align with your goals and skill level.

Here are some of the best freelance writing courses to consider:

Write Your Way to Your First $1k

This freelance writer course is designed for aspiring freelance writers looking to kickstart their careers by earning their first $1,000. It provides a step-by-step approach to help you secure your initial clients and build a portfolio.

Freelance Writing Essentials Review 22

The course covers topics such as finding your niche, crafting a compelling pitch, setting your rates, and landing your first clients.

It offers a clear path for beginners, provides templates and scripts for outreach, and includes practical advice for launching your freelance writing career.

Freelance Writers Den

Freelance Writers Den is a comprehensive community and resource hub for freelance writers. It’s not just a course but an ongoing membership that provides access to a wealth of resources, support, and networking opportunities.

Freelance Writing Essentials Review 23

The Den offers a wide range of resources, including webinars, forums, job boards, and a vast library of content covering different aspects of freelance writing.

It’s a supportive community where you can interact with experienced writers and get answers to your questions. The Den is ideal for those who want ongoing support and a variety of resources.

Location Rebel Academy

Location Rebel Academy is for individuals who want to combine freelancing with a location-independent lifestyle. It’s not just about freelance writing but about creating a lifestyle that allows you to work from anywhere.

Freelance Writing Essentials Review 24

The academy covers freelancing skills, including writing, but also emphasizes lifestyle design, such as creating passive income, travel hacking, and building a business that suits your desired lifestyle.

It’s a holistic program that teaches not only freelancing but also lifestyle design. It’s great for those seeking remote work options and location independence.

These alternatives offer diverse approaches to freelance writing and cater to various needs, whether you’re starting, specializing in copywriting, seeking a community, or aiming for a location-independent career.

Consider your goals and preferences when choosing the best option for your freelance career.

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1. What is Freelance Writing Essentials?

Freelance Writing Essentials is a course designed to help individuals kickstart their freelance writing careers. It covers the fundamentals of freelancing, from building a portfolio to finding freelance writing jobs.

2. What sets Freelance Writing Essentials apart from other online writing courses?

Freelance Writing Essentials offers a reasonably priced, comprehensive training program with both video lessons and written transcripts, making it accessible to various learning preferences. It also emphasizes practical, actionable steps to kickstart your freelance writing career.

3. Is Freelance Writing Essentials suitable for experienced freelance writers?

While the course is primarily designed for beginners and those in the early stages of their freelance careers, experienced writers may find value in certain sections of the training. However, if you’re already well-established in your career, you may want to explore other advanced online writing courses.

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