Location Rebel Academy Review: Sean Ogle Legit?

Welcome to our in-depth Location Rebel Review.

Location Rebel Academy is a “lifestyle business” course crafted by Sean Ogle, a name you might recognize from his popular blogs, such as Location Rebel, Breaking Eighty, or Slightly Pretentious.

Our team has conducted extensive research to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

In this Location Rebel Academy review, we’ll delve into the program’s credibility, the skills it teaches, potential earnings, and whether it’s the right fit for your aspirations.

Whether you’re contemplating a transformative journey towards a location-independent lifestyle, aspiring to reinvent your career, or simply curious about what Location Rebel Academy has to offer, we’ve got you covered.

So, let’s embark on this comprehensive exploration of Location Rebel Academy and uncover the secrets to a life of freedom and adventure.

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Key Takeaways

  • Location Rebel Academy is a comprehensive lifestyle business training program founded by Sean Ogle that caters to aspiring digital nomads and lifestyle entrepreneurs.
  • The academy teaches various income streams such as affiliate marketing and freelancing, providing step-by-step guidance and support throughout the learning process.
  • With its hands-on approach, community support, and personalized mentorship, Location Rebel Academy stands out as an ideal platform for those looking to create a sustainable income online.
  • VERDICT: After evaluating Location Rebel Academy, I think it is definitely worth considering if you’re looking to build a location-independent business and achieve a lifestyle of flexibility and freedom.

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What is the Location Rebel Academy?

Location Rebel Academy is a comprehensive lifestyle business training program founded by Sean Ogle.

At its core, Location Rebel Academy is all about enabling individuals to break free from the traditional work paradigm and embrace a lifestyle of location independence and world travel as digital nomads, something we’ve seen with guys like the Mikkelsen Twins and Matt Diggity of The Affiliate Lab.

The essence of Location Rebel Academy revolves around providing the knowledge and skills needed to embark on a nomadic journey that combines professional success with the freedom to explore the world.

Location Rebel Academy Review

The program not only offers valuable insights but also practical guidance on how to achieve financial security while enjoying the flexibility to work from anywhere. Sean Ogle’s blog and resources contain an array of videos and blog posts that shed light on this nomadic lifestyle, emphasizing the significance of substantial income in the process.

Within the academy, you’ll discover a wealth of offerings, including comprehensive courses, job opportunities, and strategies for establishing your own lifestyle business.

Location Rebel Academy Review: Sean Ogle Legit? 25

These resources cover a spectrum of essential topics, spanning from the fundamentals of business and blogging to securing your first online job, managing finances such as taxes and insurance, and even delving into the intricacies of launching a profitable online business.

This all-encompassing course equips members with valuable skills for building a location-independent business, making it possible to work from anywhere in the world.

More than just a set of lessons, this academy has built a thriving community of over 4,000 individuals pursuing their dreams of financial independence and freedom.

Its curriculum delves deep into various income streams such as affiliate marketing and freelancing while ensuring continuous support every step of the way.

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Who is Sean Ogle?

Sean Ogle is a remarkable entrepreneur and blogger who defied the conventional 9-to-5 work model in pursuit of a more fulfilling and adventurous lifestyle.

In the not-so-distant past, Sean, like many others, found himself discontent with his typical office job.

The desire for something more, something beyond the confines of a traditional job, ignited a transformation in him. It was this spark that led him to embark on a journey to achieve location independence and embrace the digital nomad way of life.

Location Rebel Academy Review: Sean Ogle Legit? 26

As he ventured down this path, Sean Ogle dedicated himself to learning how to generate income online, exploring opportunities as a freelance writer, and initiating the creation of his own website.

This newfound direction led to a pivotal moment when Sean made a life-altering decision: he left behind his role as a financial analyst, breaking free from the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle of corporate life.

From that moment onward, Sean’s life has been a testament to the possibilities of location independence. He has seized the opportunity to travel the world while seamlessly working from the comfort of his current location.

Through his influential blog, Location Rebel, Sean has shared his experiences, insights, and wisdom about the digital nomad lifestyle, making him a key figure in the world of location-independent entrepreneurs and travelers.

His blog has evolved into a trusted resource for individuals seeking advice on various destinations and activities worldwide, making it a go-to platform for those in pursuit of a life less ordinary.

Who is Location Rebel Academy For?

Location Rebel Academy is designed for aspiring digital nomads and lifestyle entrepreneurs who want to make decent money online.

Aspiring digital nomads and lifestyle entrepreneurs

Aspiring digital nomads and lifestyle entrepreneurs can find valuable resources and guidance in Location Rebel Academy. With over 4,000 members, this comprehensive lifestyle business training program offers step-by-step lessons on various income streams such as affiliate marketing and freelancing.

Through a hands-on approach and personalized mentorship, aspiring entrepreneurs can learn the skills needed to create a sustainable online income. The supportive community within the academy provides additional encouragement and support along the way.

Location Rebel Academy is an excellent choice for those looking to build location-independent businesses and achieve financial freedom while living life on their own terms.

Those looking to create a sustainable income online

Location Rebel Academy is the ideal platform for those who are eager to create a sustainable income online. With its comprehensive lifestyle business training program, it provides aspiring entrepreneurs with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in the online world.

Whether it’s through affiliate marketing or freelancing, this academy teaches various income streams and offers step-by-step guidance and support along the way. By joining Location Rebel Academy, individuals can gain the confidence they need to start their own successful online businesses and achieve financial independence.

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How does Location Rebel Academy help you make money?

Location Rebel Academy equips you with the tools and knowledge to generate income through a variety of online avenues.

This comprehensive program covers an array of essential topics such as freelance writing, blogging, e-commerce, SEO, affiliate marketing, and product creation. The skills you acquire from this academy are versatile and applicable in different scenarios, making them valuable assets for your online journey.

Whether you intend to start a freelance writing business, develop your own digital projects, or combine both approaches, Location Rebel Academy provides the expertise you need.

One of the primary pathways to earning income emphasized in this academy is freelance writing. Location Rebel Academy’s Freelance Writing blueprint and How to Pitch course are noted for their depth and practicality, making them standout resources in the field.

As a freelance writer, you have the opportunity to establish your freelance business. Clients seeking your expertise will engage you for various projects, enabling you to earn a substantial income while working remotely.

What’s Included in Location Rebel Academy?

Within Location Rebel Academy, you’ll discover a comprehensive set of resources and tools designed to help you succeed in your online income-generating journey.

Location Rebel Academy Review: Sean Ogle Legit? 27

After conducting thorough research, we’ve compiled an overview of what you’ll get with this program:

1. Ten Modules of Comprehensive Content

Location Rebel Academy offers ten robust modules packed with content that covers the most critical aspects of becoming a successful lifestyle entrepreneur.

These modules serve as your foundational guide, ensuring you acquire the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in the world of online business.

2. 14 Step-by-Step Business Blueprints

A standout feature of the academy is the 14 meticulously crafted business blueprints. These blueprints serve as your practical roadmap, allowing you to seamlessly copy and paste strategies for generating income in diverse domains.

Whether you’re interested in SEO, copywriting, web development, design, advertising, project management, sales, or other areas, the blueprints provide clear and straightforward steps to follow.

Importantly, these blueprints are designed for everyone, including those with no prior experience in these fields.

3. Access to Discussion Forums:

Location Rebel Academy fosters a sense of community and connection.

The inclusion of discussion forums enables you to engage, share, and learn from your peers who are undergoing the same transition to a location-independent lifestyle.

These forums are invaluable for networking, collaboration, and exchanging insights.

4. Multimedia Learning Resources:

Recognizing that people have different learning preferences, the academy offers an array of interactive learning resources.

This includes worksheets, templates, audio, video, and text-based content, ensuring that you can absorb and apply the materials in the way that suits you best.

5. Expert Call Library:

Location Rebel Academy grants you access to a rich library of expert calls. This includes monthly mastermind sessions and interviews with accomplished location-independent entrepreneurs.

These resources provide further insights, guidance, and real-world experiences that can guide you in creating a successful remote work agreement.

We will broadly categorize the above into three main parts:

  • Blueprints
  • Forum
  • Bonuses

The Blueprints

The Entrepreneur Blueprints constitute the core training of the course. They serve as a guiding framework to help you select the most suitable path for your online business journey and provide practical insights on how to get started.

This section is particularly valuable for beginners who might otherwise feel lost in the vast landscape of online opportunities. These blueprints shed light on the various avenues you can explore.

For instance, the “Mindset Blueprint” is essential for building a strong foundation, emphasizing the importance of the right mindset as a starting point.

Location Rebel Academy Review: Sean Ogle Legit? 28

Other blueprints cover diverse areas such as freelance writing, copywriting, technical writing, SEO, pay-per-click advertising, sales, social media mastery, e-commerce, product creation, affiliate marketing, and business structure, among others.

These blueprints are authored by experts in their respective fields, offering you valuable insights into each domain. However, it’s important to note that the blueprints are not intended to turn you into a master of each skill. Instead, they provide:

  • A realistic view of the lifestyle associated with each business path.
  • A solid foundational understanding of the basics makes you proficient enough to impress someone unfamiliar with the field.
  • Guidance on where to further develop your skills.

The Forum

Location Rebel Academy’s forum is the hub of invaluable interactions, run by Sean and the dedicated community manager, Liz, a successful freelance writer. This forum stands out as one of the best aspects of the course.

Starting a lifestyle business can be a solitary journey, especially if those around you don’t quite understand your aspirations. Here, you are part of a vibrant community of like-minded individuals who offer encouragement and insight, having likely faced similar challenges along the way.

Location Rebel Academy Review: Sean Ogle Legit? 29

It’s an excellent resource for both seeking advice during moments of doubt and forming small accountability groups. Many members have found accountability partners or created lasting support networks.

Moreover, the forum extends beyond moral support and guidance. Liz consistently shares remote and freelance job opportunities discovered across the web. Seasoned members, who have progressed further on their journey, often post job listings specifically for newcomers.

This collaborative atmosphere not only nurtures learning but also provides a practical gateway for gaining experience and securing initial projects.

One of the forum’s remarkable features is the ability to customize email notifications, ensuring you’re updated on forum highlights and opportunities. Without these notifications, you might miss out on these valuable resources, making the forum an indispensable part of Location Rebel Academy.

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In addition to the blueprint courses, Location Rebel Academy offers a wealth of bonus courses and resources that can further enhance your learning experience.

Location Rebel Academy Review: Sean Ogle Legit? 30

These bonuses are designed to provide valuable insights and additional skills to help you succeed in your journey toward a location-independent lifestyle. Here are some of the courses and materials included:

  1. How to Start a Blog Mini-Course: While there are many free online guides on this topic, having a comprehensive mini-course at your fingertips is a convenient way to kickstart your blogging journey. It can help you cut through the clutter of information available online.
  2. Overcoming Fear and Uncertainty Course: Starting a lifestyle business often involves stepping out of your comfort zone, which can be a daunting process. This course is tailored to help you overcome your fears and uncertainties, providing you with the confidence needed to take the plunge.
  3. Hacking the High Life Course: Sean Ogle shares his creative hacks for scoring free or heavily discounted luxury experiences. This course offers innovative strategies to elevate your travel experiences on a budget.
  4. 12-Week Freelance Writing Bootcamp: If you’re interested in freelance writing, this comprehensive bootcamp takes you through the process step by step, helping you establish and grow your freelance writing business effectively.
  5. SEO Optimization Templates: If you’re interested in offering SEO services to clients, these templates can be incredibly useful. They are based on the spreadsheets Sean Ogle used during his time as a freelance SEO and can assist you in your own endeavors.

These bonus online courses and materials offer a comprehensive toolkit for aspiring location-independent entrepreneurs. Whether you’re new to the world of online business or looking to expand your skill set,

Location Rebel Academy provides you with the resources to choose your path, get started, and receive support as you overcome challenges along the way.

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How much does LRA cost?

To enroll in Location Rebel Academy and gain access to its comprehensive training, you have two pricing options:

  1. A one-time payment of $749.
  2. A more flexible payment plan with 6 installments of $149, which amounts to a total price of $894.

With either option, you receive lifetime access to the course materials and resources. However, it’s important to note that in addition to the course fee, you should budget for website hosting costs.

Sean Ogle suggests that hosting can be as affordable as $20 per month, particularly in the initial stages of your online business. These hosting fees will be necessary for setting up and maintaining your website, an essential component of many location-independent businesses.

Refund policy

Location Rebel Academy comes with a generous 30-day money-back guarantee, demonstrating the confidence of the program’s creators in its value.

This guarantee allows you to explore the course materials and community for a full month. If, for any reason, you find that Location Rebel Academy doesn’t meet your expectations or isn’t the right fit for you, you can simply reach out via email, explain your reasons, and receive a prompt and full refund.

This flexible refund policy means that you can join the program with peace of mind, knowing that if it doesn’t align with your goals or preferences, you can easily request your money back.

It’s worth noting that there have been no reported issues with refunds, so the process appears to be straightforward and hassle-free.

This guarantee provides an opportunity for potential students to assess whether Location Rebel Academy aligns with their objectives without a significant financial commitment.

Location Rebel Reviews

After conducting thorough research into Location Rebel, we’ve gathered insights from former students to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the program.

As you navigate the official Location Rebel Academy websites, you’ll come across an abundance of student testimonials that provide insights into their experiences and achievements within the program.

These testimonials encompass a wide range of topics, covering student results, testimonials, and reviews. While these testimonials appear to be genuine success stories, it’s worth noting that they might be somewhat dated.

Location Rebel Academy Review: Sean Ogle Legit? 31

It’s conceivable that newer students are also experiencing positive outcomes, but this isn’t prominently showcased in the current marketing materials.

An additional point of consideration is that the LRA sales page states that the program is “100% up to date for 2021.” However, it’s worth mentioning that this review is being composed in late 2023.

Location Rebel Academy Review: Sean Ogle Legit? 32

Nonetheless, the community remains active, indicating that there is ongoing engagement with the program. The advantage of Location Rebel Academy lies in the fact that a substantial portion of the training covers evergreen skills, particularly in the field of freelance writing, which retains its relevance over time.

In summary, while there is an array of authentic success stories from past students available for review, the absence of more recent testimonials may raise questions about the current effectiveness of the program.

Nevertheless, the timeless nature of the skills taught and the presence of an active community make Location Rebel Academy a valuable resource for those seeking to establish a lifestyle business. By dedicating your time and effort to the program, you can still expect to derive significant value from it.

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Pros and Cons of Location Rebel Academy:


  1. Positive student feedback and high ratings.
  2. A reassuring 30-day money-back guarantee.
  3. A comprehensive course with diverse subject coverage.
  4. Sean Ogle’s authenticity and credibility.
  5. A realistic timeline for skill development.
  6. A vibrant and supportive community.


  1. Limited depth on most topics, primarily focusing on the basics.
  2. Overwhelming amount of content that can be challenging to navigate.
  3. Some aspects of the training may benefit from updates.

Final Verdict

In this Location Rebel review, we’ve explored the comprehensive training program that provides step-by-step guidance and robust support to empower individuals in their journey to make money online.

Is Location Rebel Academy worth it?

After evaluating Location Rebel Academy, I think it is definitely worth considering if you’re looking to build a location-independent business and achieve a lifestyle of flexibility and freedom. With over 4,000 members and positive reviews, the academy has helped hundreds of people successfully quit their jobs and create sustainable online businesses.

The course provides step-by-step guidance on income streams like affiliate marketing and freelancing, along with personalized mentorship and community support. Plus, you get lifetime access to the course materials and communities once you join.

So if you’re ready to invest in yourself and create a life on your terms, Location Rebel Academy is a solid option to consider.


1. What is Location Rebel Academy?

Location Rebel Academy is an online course that teaches you how to start a freelance writing business and become a successful online entrepreneur.

2. What courses are offered in the Location Rebel Academy?

The academy offers the freelance writing blueprint, high life course, uncertainty course, mindset blueprint, and blog mini-course amongst other courses aimed at starting and managing a location-independent business.

3. Is SEO freelancing covered in these courses?

Yes. The Freelance Writing Blueprint specifically lays groundwork for anyone aiming to be an SEO freelancer apart from other aspects of having your own freelance writing business.

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