What Is Genesis Investing? Is The System Legit?

Looking for Genesis Investing System reviews?

“Genesis Investing” recently caught my attention after I received an email about it.

After looking for a review of Genesis Investing System myself I was disappointed in the lack of honest reviews.

That’s why I decided to do some real research on Genesis Investing and find out exactly how the Genesis Investing System works.

If you want to get all the details just keep reading below.

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What Is Genesis Investing? Is The System Legit? 9

Genesis Investing System Reviews

Here’s what we’ll cover inside this review:

As I already mentioned there is a serious lack of genuine Genesis Investing System reviews out there.

That is actually one of the reasons why I’ve decided to put together this review to share whether this is a real strategy or one that is made up just to sell you into some newsletter.

genesis investing system review

However I did notice that the Genesis Investing System has even been featured on Forbes which is another reason it caught my eye.

Looking at why it exists, it all comes down to using investments to make money.

Let’s face it, how else can you really make money apart from slaving away in some job doing extra hours that you don’t want to do?

That’s if you are even allowed to do these by your boss.

But wouldn’t you rather make wise investments as shown in Genesis Investing System?

The answer is obvious and that is why the Genesis Investing System exists.

The website claims that due to the rise in technology you are now able to make these investments from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection and to be honest I don’t doubt that at all.

I’m able to use technology to run my online business from anywhere in the world and investing via the Genesis Investing System is really no different.

What is Genesis Investing?

Genesis Investing is the concept of investing in a company at its earliest stages while it is still a private business.

This happens before the company goes public, and before the rest of Wall Street even knows the company exists.

By getting in early, you can turn tiny early stage investments into windfalls of profits.

This is the point at which investors are known as venture capitalists. The venture capital invests in what’s called “private equity.”

It’s referred to as private equity at this point because new businesses and start-up companies aren’t trading on a public stock exchange like the New York Stock Exchange or the NASDAQ.

Therefore, Genesis Investing is really about start-up investing.

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What Is The Genesis Investing System?

The goal of the Genesis Investing System is to provide clear cut recommendations on investing based on research but also to provide recommendations that are actually affordable for the regular person.

It has nothing to do with the stock market, real estate, or the bond market. In a nutshell, it has to do with an unexpected breakthrough from the worlds of finance and technology.

what is genesis investing

The system in question is based on three decades of real-world investing knowledge and was developed with the help and collaboration of some of the top venture investors in the world.

Genesis Investments makes use of the latest advances in computer science and financial technology to give investors a shot at earning profits of 1,000% or more on a single investment.

One of the indicators it is based on is something called, “The VC Indicator.

What Is Genesis Investing? Is The System Legit? 10VCs are unique because they can only make significant money if the investments they select do well for their clients. Therefore, if a VC doesn’t choose well, he doesn’t get paid.

A good example of such an investor is Flyer One Ventures, which actively supports its portfolio companies.

It helps helping them optimize their operations to improve their chances of succeeding.

Flyer One Ventures has curved out a niche by supporting early-stage startups in places with low access to early financing to help them become global leaders. This shows that it is actively trying to make those companies successful because that’s how it gets to make money.

So when evaluating a new company, one of the first things this system checks is who else is investing. If a top venture capitalist is investing in the company, this is taken as a good sign.

Since it was created, Genesis Investments has outperformed the stock market by a factor larger than three to one.

With traditional investing whether it be your typical real estate investing or even the stock market you really need to have a lot of capital to make any significant gains.

With Genesis Investing that is quite the opposite as the program teaches you how to invest with smaller amounts in new companies and actually get better returns than what you would normally be seeing.

The system shows you that you can start with as little as $100.

I like this because as I mentioned, most programs do require capital.

I personally am investing in real estate and whilst it’s a great thing to invest in I need large amounts of money to do it which I have fortunately achieved via my online business, but it’s still not realistic for the average joe to do this which is why Genesis Investing System could come in handy!

One thing I have noticed is that it reminds me of similar programs like 10 Minute Millionaire and Technology Profits Confidential that are created by Agora Financial and other similar websites

It also reminds me of a more recent pitch called Superpower Checks that I just reviewed a few weeks ago.

The main difference here is that the focus is on investing with relatively small sums of money, but the only real way to know whether this is truly achievable is by joining Genesis Investing System and testing it over a period of months.

Unfortunately, I can’t determine whether it passes a long term test since I only recently discovered it.

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That being said it would definitely be suited to the average joe, someone who does not necessarily have a lot of money and I like that they created it this way.

This is a departure from the norm because for a long time, Genesis Investments have been off-limits to everyone except for a small circle of insiders.

To get into this circle and have access to such investments, you either had to be very wealthy, or well-connected.

And when the insiders realized how much money they could make using Genesis, they were keen on shutting everyone else out.

However, a few regular people managed to break into the world of Genesis Investing, opening the door for more investors.

The people running the company decided to let more individual investors.

After all, if you do have a lot of money you are probably already actively investing and may not require a program like Genesis Investing System but for the newbie, getting started this way can certainly help. Furthermore, research shows that Genesis Investing has outperformed the stock market, earning returns 3x as high!

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House of Representatives Bill H.R. 3606

Genesis Investments were out of reach for many people until congress passed House of Representatives Bill H.R. 3606.

The legislative arm created this bill to help get more new businesses funded— and in turn, help create more jobs and jump-start the economy.

This law is what’s often called the JOBS Act.

It is relevant in this context because it is said to allow non-accredited investors to be involved in startup funding.

It has often been cited by other investment gurus talking about private investments.

Who Is Behind The Genesis Investing System?

The company behind Genesis Investing is called Crowdability.

What Is Genesis Investing? Is The System Legit? 11Crowdability is a well known publishing company that provides information on finance and investing for publishers.

Some other programs of theirs I have reviewed include Income Unlimited, Private Market Profits, Crowdability IQ, Micro Cap Advantage and Crypto Fortunes.

As a publisher of investment research, they are similar to Banyan Hill and others such as InvestorPlace.

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How To Invest In Genesis Investing?

Okay so it’s time to get into the meat and potatoes of the system and talk about how it actually works.

After all that is probably the main reason you’re searching for Genesis Investing System reviews right?

So how it works is actually pretty simple as is the case with a lot of these investing strategies.

Genesis Investing uses a 3 step system known as ASE.

How Does ASE Work?

To break down what that stands for is:

A – Allocate

What this means is that you are told what amount you should invest when getting started.

You’ll discover what amount of money you need to actually invest into any particular investment.

S – Screen

The next stage in ASE is S which is to screen.

This part is an extremely important aspect of Genesis Investing as here you will work out the risk associated with any investment.

It will give you a clear strategy to evaluate investments, identify any risks and avoid risks.

It’s a proven method that has worked for many years.

E – Evaluate

The final part of ASE is E which is to Evaluate.

It’s extremely important to evaluate any potential investment properly and that is what you are taught how to do properly inside of Genesis Investing System.

So what does Evaluate actually mean? 

This is a crucial part of investing with Genesis Investing. It is all about finding out whether a company meets the criteria you need to invest.

When you invest guided by ASE, it will give you a far better chance of succeeding with investing and getting the returns that you desire.

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What is Included in the Genesis Investing System?

Here is what’s included when you decide to join the Genesis Investing system:

The Early Stage Playbook

Matt Milner, a co-founder of Crowdability, developed an online course that’s specifically about early-stage investing. He calls it The Early-Stage Playbook.

What Is Genesis Investing? Is The System Legit? 12This interactive online course has everything you need to know to start building a portfolio of profitable early-stage investments. It is most important part of the course.

In addition to that, the course shows you how to almost triple your money on winning stocks, how to use the private market to start earning 10% to 12% returns, and a little-known tax loophole that can help you double your returns.

The course comprises twelve video lessons with each video hosted online so you can study at your own pace.

BONUS #1: A “Mutual Fund” for Start-ups:

You learn about “Pre-IPO” investments. These are startup investments that are at a later stage of development than your typical start-up.

What Is Genesis Investing? Is The System Legit? 13

Mark’s team identified a special investment that enables you to own shares in 49 private companies with a single investment. This investment is what he calls a “mutual fund for startups and he shares the details in a special report called 49 Pre-IPO Investments — With One Click.

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BONUS #2: 12% Yields in the “Private Bond Market”

This one contains a special private investment that Matt says you can act on right now.

This is an investment in private bond yields, which Matt says are likely to earn you higher yields than public bond funds. He says that just like private equity outperforms public equity, these yields outperform public bond yields.

What Is Genesis Investing? Is The System Legit? 14

All the details are in a special report called How to Earn Double-Digit Returns in Private Income.

BONUS #3: The 60-Minute Venture Investor

“The 60-Minute Angel Investor” is the title of a report that Matt has designed to be used like a simple “checklist” for deciding which early-stage companies to invest in.

BONUS #4 and BONUS #5: “Shark Tank” Reports

Matt Milner also put together two special reports he calls the “Shark Tank Reports.”

These reports walk you through two real-world Genesis Investments — just like they’d be presented in the show, Shark Tank.

The reports have analysis and evaluation of two investments, from start to finish. These then allow you to apply the lessons you learn in The Early-Stage Playbook in a real-world setting.

Is Genesis Investing System A Scam?

Whilst I was initially skeptical after taking a closer look I can happily state that it is definitely NOT a scam.

Genesis Investing has a proven strategy for investing and when you follow the guidance you will be armed with a powerful strategy that will give you a far greater chance of success when you invest than going it alone.

Kauffman Foundation — one of the largest, non-profit think tanks in the country — recently conducted a study:

The foundation found that the average Genesis Investments generated gains of 260%…

This means that even for investors who wound up just seeing “average” results with this system, they could expect their winners to deliver triple-digit gains.

To record 260% gains is not that common in traditional investing. Furthermore, a large number of profitable Genesis investments have returned far more than that.

The general feedback for the program is good, and whilst I couldn’t find Genesis Investing System reviews that is simply because the majority of people are using the system and not writing reviews about it.

It’s also not a mainstream product or system that many other bloggers would be talking about either.

The simple fact is that Genesis Investing works and is proven.

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What Are The Pros Of Genesis Investment?

After taking a closer look the pros are clear.

First off you don’t need a lot of money to start and can make investments without much capital. An initial investment of $100 is within the reach of many investors.

Another pro is that as long as you have access to a computer and an internet connection you can start investing.

You don’t need any complicated systems in place and it’s also newbie friendly.

Lastly, although Genesis Investing is newbie-friendly you can also benefit from it if you are an experienced investor too. The program is designed to help everyone whether they are a newbie or an advanced user.

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What Are The Cons Of Genesis Investing?

There are no real obvious cons of Genesis Investing; however, you do need to be realistic.

Since the Genesis Investing System is NOT a get rich quick scheme, you can’t expect to invest $100 today and become a millionaire in a week’s time. It simply won’t work that way.

Also, despite Genesis Investing being something that anyone — regardless of money — can get involved with, you will obviously have greater benefits if you have built up funds that you can invest.

It’s not exactly rocket science that if you have $100 to invest versus someone who has $100,000 to invest that the person with more capital is likely to see greater returns. Not necessarily percentage wise, but just in general they are likely to reap bigger rewards because they have more money.

Read my conclusion below to get my overall thoughts on Genesis Investing.

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“Genesis Investing System” Verdict

So what’s my verdict on?

My honest verdict is that it’s NOT a scam and it definitely could be a legitimate way for you to invest in future.

If you are someone with a lot of money then I think you could see great returns.

If you are someone with not so much money it won’t happen as quick, but long term you could see nice returns here. For example, investing in companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook, or Apple while they were still relatively small and new made people wealthy although it must have taken long for that to happen.

That being said, if you are someone wanting to make money right now, then this is not the system I would recommend.

That being said, you should not join expecting to make a killing. You should always be comfortable with the prospect of losing money because all forms of investments come with risk (startups present you with the highest risk).

So in conclusion, it really depends on who you are and what your goals are.

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What Is Genesis Investing? Is The System Legit? 9


What Is Genesis Investing?

Genesis Investing focuses on investing in the early stages of a company. It is taught inside of the Genesis Investing System via a three stage process.

How Does Genesis Investing System Work?

The Genesis Investing System uses ASE which stands for Allocate, Screen and Evaluate. It is a strategy created by Matthew Millner that is used for investing in the early stages of a company.

Is Genesis Investing System Legitimate?

The Genesis Investing System is a legitimate system created by Crowdability and Matthew Millner. Crowdability is a well known publishing company providing information on finance and investing for publishers.

How Does ASE Work?

ASE is a fundamental part of Genesis Investing which stands for Allocate, Screen, Evaluate. Allocate refers to the amount of money you should invest, Screen refers to working out the risk involved and Evaluate is the final step that checks the investment criteria.

What Is Genesis Investing? Is The System Legit? 9

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