Banyan Hill Reviews- Pro Service Legitimate or Scam?

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Wondering whether Banyan Hill (aka Banyan Hill Publishing) is a legit newsletter/company? 

You might even be looking for reviews after receiving a promotional email about a particular service they offer!

Banyan Hill are behind a number of extremely popular investment newsletters that are promoted via their sales videos (often found on

After sharing reviews on a number of Banyan Hill newsletters I figured it was about time I share more information on Banyan Hill themselves.

So here we go, keep reading below to get my honest review and opinion on what they offer.

Before I start…

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Banyan Hill Reviews- Pro Service Legitimate or Scam? 16

Banyan Hill Publishing Reviews

Here is what I’ll cover inside this review of Banyan Hill Publishing:

Why I’m Sharing This Banyan Hill Review

Before I share the details on Banyan Hill Publishing it’s important I mention that I am not looking to bad mouth Banyan Hill or claim that they are some kind of “scam” as they are definitely NOT a scam.

I’m simply looking to share my unbiased opinion.

After all many people are hearing more and more about Banyan Hill and the newsletters they offer via and I have a lot of experience reviewing investment newsletters and money making programs . Therefore, I feel I’m the perfect person to share more details on them in my Banyan Hill review.

Plus I noticed there’s not many legitimate reviews so hopefully I will fix that.

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Who Are Banyan Hill Publishing?

Banyan Hill Publishing was founded in 1998 as “The Sovereign Society.” It is actually part of Agora Financial, which is a huge financial publishing company.

The company specializes in the investment/financial sector and have a number of popular newsletters, both free and paid; that is their business model. Who are their target audience? Individual Investors.

In the nineties, the focus was on globalized investment strategies focusing on asset protection, diversification from the US dollar, establishing and operating offshore bank accounts, obtaining second citizenships and foreign residency, and setting up international business corporations.

But in 2016, when the company became Banyan Hill Publishing, it shifted its focus to U.S. Based investment opportunities with the goal of helping followers make more money in the markets.

The publisher also has a number of experts who offer financial advice through their newsletters and conduct research, including Paul Mampilly and Ted Bauman of The Bauman Letter.

Some of the most popular newsletters and sales videos I have reviewed have been Kennedy Accounts, Freedom Checks, Genesis Investing System, 590 triple digit winners and more recently Automatic Fortunes and Ian King’s Digitarium Technology pitch.

I’m regularly on the lookout for new videos and programs they release and my most recent article is on Paul Mampilly’s “The Biggest Profit Opportunity Of The Decade” pitch

Here is what the Banyan Hill Publishing website looks like:

banyan hill website

Initially when looking at the Banyan Hill website you’ll simply notice that it looks like a blog.

After all that is what it is; a blog that has links to the majority of their newsletters.

Banyan Hill are clever about how they do their email marketing that’s for sure. I know that might not interest you but as a blogger and internet marketer myself I find their approach quite interesting. Here’s why:

They are able to deliver so much value and point their followers to profitable investing opportunities via their email marketing campaigns. At the same time, they still manage to promote their paid newsletters in basically every campaign that they do, which is incredibly interesting from a marketing perspective.

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Who Is Behind Banyan Hill?

The parent company of Banyan Hill is Agora Financial.

What is so significant about that you say?

Well, while the focus here is not the Agora (you can read my Agora Financial review), it is important that I mention that Banyan Hill is part of Agora, which is a huge and highly respected publisher that owns a large number of financial publishing companies.

Agora Financial is (probably) the world’s largest financial publishing company and have many financial experts that write newsletters for them.

Banyan Hill Reviews- Pro Service Legitimate or Scam? 17The company was founded by Bill Bonner in 1979 and it has continued to grow year on year.

In the digital marketing space, Agora Financial is often referenced by experts in articles and videos since they generate more income through their digital activities than anyone else.

Another one of Agora’s websites that is similar to Banyan Hill is Money Map Press.

As I mentioned, the point of the article is not to talk about Agora Financial but I think it’s worth mentioning them as you know that you are dealing with a legitimate company and I feel it gives you the big picture of who Banyan Hill Publishing actually are.

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Meet the Newsletter Editors

The company hires experts who know their way around the world of finance. A majority of them have managed hedge funds, traveled widely, brushed shoulders with prominent people, and written bestselling books on finance.

I should mention that Matt Badiali, a former prominent voice in the company and editor of the real wealth strategist newsletter, no longer works for the company.

With that out of the way, these are the experts:

Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is a former hedge fund manager best known for his popular newsletter, Profits Unlimited.

Banyan Hill Reviews- Pro Service Legitimate or Scam? 18

Paul leverages his skills and experience as a former Wall Street insider to share nuggets of financial wisdom to his more than 130,000 subscribers.

He writes about the stock market, often trying to predict what stocks are going to rise higher.

Paul was born in India and moved to the US to study. After graduating, he decided to pursue his dream and ended up working on Wall Street. Years later, he decided to enter the world of financial publishing and is now one of the most prominent members of the Banyan Hill team.

Charles Mizrahi

Charles Mizrahi is best known for spotting ongoing profit opportunities in the stock market.

Banyan Hill Reviews- Pro Service Legitimate or Scam? 19

He has been in the financial services industry for 35 years. His first job was working as a floor trader at the New York Futures Exchange at the age of 20.

Charles went on to become a successful money manager and was once ranked as the No. 1-performing market timer nationally based on how client accounts performed. Barron’s ranked him as the No. 1 commodity trading advisor.

He has managed money for investment banks like The Goldman Sachs Group, Citigroup and Credit Suisse. He brings all that knowledge to his writings at Banyan Hill.

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Ted Bauman

Ted Bauman is the son of former US congressman Robert Bauman. He joined the company in 2013 and has made a name for himself as the editor of The Bauman Letter.

Banyan Hill Reviews- Pro Service Legitimate or Scam? 20

In writing about the financial industry, Ted’s goal is to help people secure and keep their wealth as well as protect their freedom and independence.

Although he was born in Washington DC, he moved to South Africa where he studied at the University of Cape Town. He has traveled and worked in many countries across the globe and he brings that wealth of experience to his readers.

Chad Shoop

Chad Shoop is the company’s inhouse income and investment research expert. Chad is one of the Chartered Market Technicians working for the company. The CMT designation is testament to his abilities with regard to technical analysis.

Banyan Hill Reviews- Pro Service Legitimate or Scam? 21

Chad has two bachelor’s degrees in finance and economics from the University of North Carolina.

Chad Shoop has been with the company since 2012 and in 2016, his newsletter Pure Income was the top -performing advisory service. He has developed options-trading systems that readers use to grow their wealth.

Ian King

Ian King is a former hedge fund manager who’s been in finance for over two decades. He has made a career out of trading and analyzing the financial markets. His insights have featured on publications like Seeking Alpha, Fox Business News, and InvestoPedia.

Banyan Hill Reviews- Pro Service Legitimate or Scam? 22

Ian King worked on Wall Street before he started editing newsletters. He joined the company in 2017 and has been one of the most popular editors since.

He specializes in tech trends like 5G and cryptocurrencies. He is the lead instructor of Investopedia Academy’s Crypto Trading.

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Michael Carr

Michael Carr is one of the contributors of True Options Masters, a free newsletter that is all about options investing. Michael is a veteran of the US Air Force and he started his career at the Pentagon.

Banyan Hill Reviews- Pro Service Legitimate or Scam? 23

He has published two books, namely Smarter Investing in Any Economy: The Definitive Guide to Relative Strength Investing (2008) and Conquering the Divide: How to Use Economic Indicators to Catch Stock Market Trends (2010).

Michael has been developing proprietary systems to analyze the markets and spot trends that can be monetized.

Ian Dyer

Ian Dyer graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Finance from Duquesne University.

Banyan Hill Reviews- Pro Service Legitimate or Scam? 24

He is an analyst who focuses on stocks, options, and the cryptocurrency market.

Ian Dyer contributes to Bold Profits Daily and edits Crypto Flash Trader.

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A Closer Look at Banyan Hill’s Newsletters

As I mentioned in the introduction, the company publishes a variety of both free and paid newsletters.

Free Newsletters

You can sign up for the free email newsletters via their website and in doing so, you will receive daily emails from various contributors.

When you sign up for any Banyan Hill newsletter you’ll receive daily free newsletters and these will often lead you back to their blog where they will provide you with more free content in the form of articles and videos.

More often than not, their emails might lead you to sales videos that promote their paid newsletters such as the ones I already mentioned and linked to above.

As of writing this, their free newsletters are:

True Options Masters

Chad Shoop and Michael Carr write about the options market.

Banyan Hill Reviews- Pro Service Legitimate or Scam? 25

They talk about what’s happening in the options market each week and reveal the stocks they are monitoring. They also write about other short-term trading opportunities.

Winning Investor Daily

This newsletter focuses on the technology sector and is run by Ian King with his team of analysts and researchers.

Banyan Hill Reviews- Pro Service Legitimate or Scam? 26

King and his team try to find future investment trends before they happen. For example, they try to predict what companies are likely to become the next household names while they are still small and relatively unknown.

Bold Profits Daily

This newsletter is run by Paul Mampilly and a team of contributors.

Banyan Hill Reviews- Pro Service Legitimate or Scam? 27

When you sign up for this newsletter, you receive insights about Growth Investing from Paul. He shares insights you can implement to your trading, including stock names and tickers.

Bauman Daily

Ted Bauman and a team of experts write to his subscribers every day.

Banyan Hill Reviews- Pro Service Legitimate or Scam? 28

He shares his insights raw and unfiltered. He does his best to share what others consider unconventional wisdom.

Great Stuff

This newsletter is run by Joseph Hargett. It targets the more youthful audience that has grown up with smartphones and the internet.

Banyan Hill Reviews- Pro Service Legitimate or Scam? 29

Joe Hargett takes complex market events and distills it into something more fun and palatable for his young readers. He uses memes and trendy phrases liberally.

The newsletter informs its readers of mega trends in the market and offers free stock picks. It is an overall great service with legions of loyal readers.

Premium Newsletters

In addition to the free content, they also provide premium content that gives readers more targeted perspectives and investment recommendations.

Most of these newsletters have to be renewed every year but you can get a lifetime membership with some of them.

They include:

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Is Banyan Hill A Scam?

There are a few articles out there on the internet that claim Banyan Hill Publishing is a scam. I don’t agree with them because I think it is the real deal.

As I mentioned earlier, Banyan Hill is part of Agora, a highly respected financial company. It has been around since 1998 and I doubt that a business that has been around that long could have survived if it wasn’t legit.

They publish most of their premium newsletters via the domain, which is how they put out their email promotions pushing their presentations.

The company has many experts who write newsletters and research new investment opportunities that they then share with their readers. These are genuine experts in the fields of business, finance, and investing.

Of course they are not perfect and I have not been through every bit of content and training they provide. Also, if you follow their advice, you do so at your own risk.

I should point out that not everything that Banyan Hill offers will be 100% amazing; however, that does not make them a scam company.

I do feel, however, it’s important that I share some negatives too after all no company is 100% positive so what are the negatives exactly for Banyan Hill?

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What Are The Banyan Hill Complaints?

Banyan Hill are a company that profits from selling newsletters and other training courses.

Whilst this is not a huge negative since many people do it, what you need to understand is that they are a company that creates newsletters, spends a lot of money on advertising and ultimately they need to make a profit. They typically adopt an aggressive marketing style and this has been what most people are wary of.

When you watch Banyan Hill’s sales videos you will see that they are highly convincing and often, they make pretty bold claims.

While people have gained value from their newsletters, some of the claims that are made in the sales videos regarding their investment advice are actually very surprising.

Claims of making 100’s of percentages on the stock market in gains, or turning small sums of money into literally 6 and even 7 figures can be a bit misleading at times.

Whilst I am not disputing whether their claims are accurate or not, they do seem unrealistic and the chances of replicating them are not that great. This creates mistrust in people with regard to their services because many people buy their products expecting more than they can realistically get and they end up disappointed.

With that in mind, you can see why it is easy for a newbie to be sucked into thinking that they could turn a few $100 into millions just by buying into what these experts say.

These complaints feature heavily on the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Most people say that the financial advice they receive does not live up to expectations.

They have a U.S. based customer service team that deals with any queries people may have about their services.

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Banyan Hill Verdict

In my honest opinion Banyan Hill is a legitimate company and if you are in the market for a company that offers general investment advice, they could be of benefit to you.

The only real negatives are that some of their products / programs are a bit hyped up in the way they sell them.

For example one of their programs called Freedom Checks literally stated that you could receive huge checks of 5 and 6-figures via mail.

Although I did think that was a bit over the top, on the whole they are legitimate and a company you should feel confident transacting with IF you are in the market for investment advice. That being said, don’t forget that investment often involves risk.

On the flip side, if you are just someone who wants to make extra money (and not a serious investor) then I believe there are better alternatives that will provide better results for you. A good example of this is my “no.1 recommendation,” which you can see below.

It is a sustainable way of making real money online with a proven method and system that offers a great alternative to investing in the stock market.

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Banyan Hill Reviews- Pro Service Legitimate or Scam? 16

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