What is God’s Perfect Investment? [Porter Stansberry]

Porter Stansberry’s pitch about God’s Perfect Investment centers on what he calls “one of history’s most closely guarded wealth building secrets.”

What he calls “God’s Perfect Investment” is something he claims to have created more wealth than any other human endeavor.

What’s even more interesting is that this investment opportunity can be referenced in the writings of ancient Babylon, China, India, and other early civilizations.

Are you interested in finding out what Porter Stansberry is calling “God’s Perfect Investment” and how you can get in on it? If you do, buckle up because I will reveal what type of investment he is talking about and you can then decide whether it is worthwhile for you.

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God’s Perfect Investment Review

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Introduction to God’s Perfect Investment

It’s not every day that you see someone involve religion in the world of investments, but Porter Stansberry, legendary investment guru, does in this presentation.

God's Perfect Investment

God’s Perfect Investment, according to him, is one of the oldest forms of finance, an ancient type of commerce tracing its origins back thousands of years that has created more wealth than any other human endeavor.

Stansberry says that it has existed throughout almost all of civilization in one form or another, “almost as if put there by a divine hand.”

He adds that references to it can be found in the writings of ancient Babylon, China, India, and other early civilizations, and the Bible, the Quran, the Torah, and even the Buddhist Holy book, the Tripitaka, pay homage to the power of this industry.

Now, that’s some heavy stuff Porter Stansberry is talking about.

And he goes on to say that even today, it continues to create enormous wealth for those who understand it and use it.

Unfortunately, not many do because knowledge of this ancient form of finance is one of the most closely guarded financial secrets that is being used almost exclusively by a small coterie of elite investors to protect and grow their wealth through good times and bad.

He says that these investors use this ancient form of finance to multiply their money over and over again, regardless of what’s going on in the world. Sky-high inflation, interest rate hikes, recession risks, political turmoil, and even war don’t matter because this unique investment can protect and grow your wealth even while facing the harshest of headwinds.

So, what exactly is this God’s Perfect Investment Porter Stansberry is talking about?

The ancient form of finance he is referring to here is insurance and the investment he is referring to is insurance companies.

The Origins of The Insurance Industry

He goes a bit deep in the presentation talking about its origins.

It’s a beautiful story:

The story begins in Assisi, Italy, with Chiara Offreduccio, an 18-year-old noblewoman deeply dedicated to her faith and helping the less fortunate.

Despite her privileged upbringing, she was troubled by the wealth disparity in her town.

Chiara’s desire was for a simpler, spiritually devoted life, but societal expectations dictated she marry for political reasons.

However, a divine sign on Palm Sunday in 1212 led her to renounce her wealth and flee to a monastery. There, she embraced a life of humility and poverty, dedicating herself to aiding the needy.

In this unexpected setting, Chiara initiated a novel approach to finance, focusing on helping the less privileged rather than personal gain.

Saint Clare of the Poor’s religious work was immensely influential, leading to her canonization as a saint by Pope Alexander IV. She had pioneered a financial model in an Italian town that gained widespread adoption across Christianity.

This model was embraced by various individuals, from royalty to common folk, and eventually became a fundamental aspect of modern society, functioning as a vital societal structure and a cornerstone for wealth protection and growth over the centuries.

Women traveled to San Damiano’s nunnery to join Saint Clare’s holy mission, relinquishing their possessions and committing to a life of poverty in service to God.

How The Insurance Industry Evolved

Saint Clare gathered a group of nuns known as The Order of Poor Clares, engaging in community aid by nursing the sick, educating the poor, assisting orphans, and supporting widows.

This innovative concept of “mutual aid” pioneered by Saint Clare spread across Europe, prompting diverse communities to pool resources to protect individuals from potential destitution during adversity.

Over time, mutual aid evolved into organized societies, initially within Christian communities, providing broader protection against various risks.

The advent of industrialization and commerce furthered this evolution, leading to the transformation of community-based mutual aid into for-profit businesses with new services and pricing models.

It was these companies that eventually evolved into Insurance Companies.

According to Stansberry, these businesses can compound capital effectively, often with less risk than the usual companies.

Why Porter Stansberry Loves Investing in Insurance Companies

Suffice it to say that Porter Stansberry loves investing in Insurance Companies. I mean, he even refers to them as “God’s Perfect Investment.”

But what’s so alluring to him about them?

Insurance providers maintain a steady stream of income through monthly premiums, unaffected by wider economic conditions due to the necessity of coverage.

The critical nature of insurance ensures consistent premium payments, as not having coverage could lead to catastrophic consequences.

Unlike companies in other sectors, insurers don’t need to heavily invest in manufacturing or product innovation.

They offer a straightforward service with a long-established model: pay a premium for disaster coverage.

If they manage underwriting effectively, bringing in more premiums than they pay out in claims, they experience exponential growth.

For instance, Progressive Corp (PGR), an auto insurer, has seen consistent growth at an annualized rate of 17.7% for almost ninety years, representing just one example of many lesser-known insurance companies quietly generating substantial wealth for investors.

The insurance industry possesses a distinct financial advantage, setting it apart from other sectors. Unlike businesses that may experience short-term surges in share prices, insurance benefits from a consistent advantage known as a positive cost of capital.

What does that mean?

When you buy an insurance policy, you start paying premiums to the insurer immediately and continue doing so monthly.

The insurer, however, doesn’t face immediate costs and doesn’t need to pay out until a claim is made, which could be years or even never.

This accumulated money, known as the “float,” provides insurers with a unique advantage. While most of this money will eventually be used to settle claims, in the meantime, it acts as a “free” pool of funds that insurers can invest in various assets.

This investment, coupled with the premiums, can generate significant returns for the insurer, potentially surpassing the initial premium earnings.

This, according to Stansberry, means insurance companies are essentially compensated for utilizing other people’s money to further their own growth.

Warren Buffett acknowledges this advantage, citing it as the driving force behind Berkshire Hathaway’s growth since 1967.

Insurance companies also don’t have to pay taxes on the cash flow they receive through premiums

Stansberry observes that, unlike most companies that have to pay taxes on revenue and profits before investing capital, insurance companies get to invest the money first and pay taxes later. And that allows them to compound capital at almost unimaginable rates of return.

He, therefore, believes that investing in them is straightforward, adding:

“And by leveraging these advantages, I believe you can grow a small amount of money into a potential fortune in the years ahead.

Investing in well-run, profitable insurance firms is one of the best ways to grow your wealth over the long term safely.

All you need to do is buy and hold.

There are no convoluted financial strategies, trading, using leverage, or anything else. You simply invest and wait.

And if you’re disciplined to not do anything… you’ll watch as your wealth increases more rapidly than you ever imagined.”

But, the industry is not perfect.

Drawbacks of the Insurance Industry

The insurance industry poses a challenge for the average person due to its complexity involving intricate financial concepts and opaque accounting practices.

A crucial factor, the float, essential for determining the value of an insurance company, is often undisclosed in SEC filings, making it hard to assess the company’s true worth.

Calculating the float requires in-depth financial knowledge and involves meticulous analysis of financial statements, filings, and analysts’ reports.

Furthermore, insurance companies can manipulate earnings due to flexible accounting standards, making it challenging to accurately evaluate their performance. The reliance on estimates for eventual claims adds another layer of uncertainty.

This opacity necessitates a high level of trust in insurance company managers, akin to trust in mutual or hedge fund managers, amplifying the difficulty for investors to distinguish between good and exceptional companies in the industry.

Porter, sees a benefit in this, however, because as most people can’t correctly analyze these firms, it’s not unusual for fantastic firms to be trading far below their actual value.

God's Investment

He says that a good example of this is Berkshire Hathaway. He says that it is one of the best-run insurance companies ever yet it trades at a discount.

How Porter Stansberry is Recommending You Invest in The Insurance Industry

Porter says that you need his guidance because understanding which insurance firm to invest in and the right timing for investment is a critical aspect.

What is God's Perfect Investment? [Porter Stansberry] 4

However, navigating the insurance markets alone is strongly discouraged, as it can be overwhelmingly complex.

Analyzing insurance firms necessitates a specialized and well-trained team due to the intricate nature of the industry.

And he has the team and he wants you to sign up for his newsletter to gain access to his research and findings.

He specializes in finding small, well-run insurers and he recommends them for investment.

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Who is Porter Stansberry?

Porter Stansberry, with three decades of experience, is a notable figure in the financial industry.

He founded Stansberry Research, a prominent financial research company that has grown into one of the world’s largest.

Stansberry is recognized for accurately predicting significant economic events and guiding followers to profit through unique investment ideas.

As an editor of various Internet financial newsletters, he leads a team of skilled editors and analysts, providing independent research data and promoting secure and profitable investment opportunities to his audience.

Currently, he is preparing to share another potentially lucrative investment opportunity through a detailed report.

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How to Access God’s Perfect Investment

You have to sign up for his newsletter, Porter Stansberry’s Research.

As a member, you will get access to all his findings, including the one about “God’s Perfect Investment.”

Porter Stansberry’s God’s Perfect Investment is about how to grow wealth through one of the best wealth-building opportunities – the insurance industry. That’s why he has come up with a detailed report where you will get complete details about this great opportunity.

In addition, you will even get three more additional reports with the names, tickers, and full details of Porter Stansberry’s “buy now” insurance stocks.

Many of these companies you have not heard of, but he assures us they are among the best in the world.

God's Investment

The reports:

– The Insurer that Treads Where Others Fear
– The P&C Giant with “Universal” Market Share
– A Tech Whiz in an Analog Industry

Porter has included some special bonus reports as well:

Special report #5 — Bitcoin Bonds where you will discover a unique way to capture the upside of Bitcoin while minimizing risk and volatility. And, the good thing is that it may offer potential returns as high as 175%.

There are two extra reports:

THE INSURANCE WATCHLIST which is a watchlist with all top insurance stocks, picked by Porter Stansberry and his team.

THE GOLDMAN SACHS OF WHITE TRASH. This special free bonus will give you access to one of Porter’s most controversial reports ever, and it reveals a nearly foolproof way to profit from the growth of poverty in America.

Subscription Price: $199

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Is God’s Perfect Investment a Legit Investment Opportunity?

Yes, it is a legitimate investment opportunity.

You may consider investing in the insurance industry due to several compelling factors. Firstly, insurance is a fundamental component of financial security for individuals, businesses, and assets, making it a consistently relevant and in-demand sector.

Secondly, insurance companies often generate steady cash flows and can offer stable dividend yields, appealing to you if you are seeking reliable income streams. Additionally, the industry has the potential for growth, especially with the rise of emerging markets and increasing awareness of risk management.

However, it’s crucial for you to conduct thorough research, assess the financial health of specific insurance companies, understand market dynamics, and stay updated on regulatory changes that can impact the industry’s profitability and stability.

Diversification within the sector and a long-term investment horizon are advisable strategies.

It seems Stansberry is offering this, therefore, his service is worth taking a closer look at.

God’s Perfect Investment Verdict

Investing in the insurance industry presents both risks and benefits.

On the benefits side, the insurance sector can offer consistent and predictable cash flows, given the recurring nature of premiums paid by policyholders. Insurance companies often have a diverse investment portfolio, including bonds and equities, which can provide additional sources of revenue.

Furthermore, insurance tends to be in demand regardless of economic conditions, providing a level of stability.

However, the industry faces risks related to regulatory changes, catastrophic events leading to significant claims, interest rate fluctuations affecting investment income, and intense competition that can pressure premiums and profitability.

Additionally, macroeconomic factors and shifts in consumer behavior can impact insurance demand and, consequently, the financial performance of insurance companies.

Balancing these benefits and risks is crucial for you if you are looking to navigate the dynamics of the insurance industry effectively.

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