High Ticket Closer – Dan Lok Scam or Legit? [Review]

High Ticket Closer is a program created by Dan Lok where he teaches people how they can become high ticket closers.

Inside this review I’ll answer commonly asked questions about high ticket closing and what you can expect if you decide to join it.

Plus, I’ll share my honest opinion on whether Dan Lok’s High Ticket Closer program is really worth the price tag.

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High Ticket Closer - Dan Lok Scam or Legit? [Review] 5

High Ticket Closer Review

Here is what we’ll cover inside this High Ticket Closer review:

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What is the High Ticket Closer Certification Program?

The High Ticket Closer Certification program is a training course that Dan Lok offers to teach people how to be effective high-ticket closers. I will explain what this means in a bit.

It reminds me of Tai Lopez High Ticket Sales system and Inbound Closer.

high ticket closer img

The High Ticket Closer Certification Program admits people of all skill levels and you don’t need to have a sales background to get involved. In fact, Dan claims that total newbies have an advantage over sales professionals because they are more open-minded.

While it offers career mobility, the program is unlike a formal degree that you get from a school because it does not take as long and it is cheaper.

People take the program for different reasons.

High Ticket Closer - Dan Lok Scam or Legit? [Review] 6

Examples of students are unpaid workers looking to change their career path without having to go to school, high school graduates without a college degree, stay-at-home parents, people looking for a side hustle, and business owners who want to learn to close deals.

To better understand how the program works, let’s take a closer look at some terminology and concepts you will encounter in the world of high-ticket closers.

What is a High Ticket Offer?

A high-ticket offer is a highly priced product or service. It is relatively expensive because it is thought to offer the buyer a lot of value.

High ticket products are things like expensive cars, jewelry, designer clothes, and other products that are known to be expensive.

Good examples of a high-ticket services are business partnership agreements, coaching programs, digital courses, marketing campaigns, and web design packages. In most cases these services cost more than $1,000 and offers clients a lot of value.

These items typically range from $3,000 to $50,000 although sometimes they go for more than that.

Why charge such a high price?

Dan Lok says that high prices are not designed to hurt a customer and to explain this, he gives the example of a personal development course.

He says that if you attend a workshop for free, you might take some notes but you probably won’t make use of what you learned.

On the other hand, if you spend thousands on high ticket coaching, you will ensure that you learn something from it and implement it because you will not allow yourself to waste time and all that money and walk away empty-handed.

The psychological principle at play here is called the sunk-cost fallacy and it explains the thought process that drives you to want to get your money’s worth.

Therefore, premium prices are helpful to the client because it drives them to get better results. They have skin in the game.

Ultimately, charging higher prices benefits the client, the business, and high ticket closers because they reach their income goals.

High ticket offers target affluent clients. These clients are not worried about the pricing. They buy based on how the product or service makes them feel and they care more about having a superior buying experience than the amount of money money they fork out.

Dan says that a closer should focus on customer satisfaction more than anything when speaking with affluent clients.

High ticket offers also target sophisticated clients who are educated and have the money.

They research the product before they buy and they appreciate good advice from the high ticket closer because they trust that they know the product in and out and will potentially point out considerations they had not though of.

Since these products are sold at premium prices, the most common objections prospects have usually have to do with price.

Sometimes, even when the product is the solution to the prospect’s problem, it may not be within the prospect’s budget.

Naturally, people think twice about investing thousands of dollars in a business program or a dating program and this is where high ticket closers come in.

A closer proposes ways to help potential clients and one common solution is making use of payment plans.

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Who is a High Ticket Closer?

A High Ticket Closer is the sales professional who specializes in selling high-priced items or services.

A closer’s job is to act as a bridge between the business or influencer (entity offering the product or service to be sold) and the client. They close deals for the influencer.

The influencer or business provides the closer with a steady stream of leads acquired from webinars, workshops, product demonstrations, and other marketing campaigns. These leads must have shown interest in the product or service.

The closer typically takes inbound calls and their job is to turn the lead into a customer.

For the first step of the sales process, high Ticket Closers qualify the leads by asking questions and engaging with them. They do this to understand their prospect’s pain points before showing them how the program or course can help them satisfy their needs.

Of course, high ticket items are often harder to sell, which is why Dan Lok created the program High Ticket Closer Certification Program.

Although the high-ticket closer communicates with the lead via the phone, they are not like the traditional salespeople. They act and talk different from the archetypal pushy salesperson we have come to associate with people who sell over the phone.

The main difference between the closer and the salesperson is in the sales process.

For example, the closer does not chase prospects, conduct door to door sales, or even make sales presentations. They engage with a warm lead that already has a known need.

Dan Lok compares it to how a doctor writes a prescription only when a patient needs it.

A career as a high-ticket closer offers flexibility because it is more of a gig than a job.

Why? You can choose who to close deals for and your hours can range from a few hours every week to doing it full time.

It is more in tune with the gig economy phenomenon. In the new normal, people are moving into freelancing jobs where they are not working for a boss in an office.

A career in closing appeals to people who are into minimalism because it allows you to be self employed and you don’t have to invest time and money into starting a business.

Dan Lok says that you can get into high-ticket sales even if you hate sales because closing is NOT about selling.

You don’t have to have a sales background and be skilled at holding sales conversation. He even suggests that being completely inexperienced can be advantageous because you don’t have to unlearn traditional sales techniques and can get right to the content.

He also says that while conventional sales methods teach you that selling the product is the goal, closers learn to detach themselves from the sale.

To a closer, it is more about the needs of the prospect and it is their job to ensure that they are the perfect fit for the product or service.

He says that sometimes, closers who sell coaching programs can be referred to as “enrollment coaches” because they are more about coaching than selling.

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How is a High Ticket Closer different from a Typical Salesperson?

When you hear the word “salesperson” your mind probably goes to the people who cold call you multiple times asking you to buy something or people who use underhanded sales tactics to get you to buy something with a total disregard for how you actually feel about the product.

According to Dan Lok, high ticket closers are sales professionals who don’t operate like typical sales people. He says that closers are like problem solvers who try to help people find solutions that improve their well being.

When you are a closer, you don’t chase prospects because the prospect will have booked a call because they had shown interest in the product after watching a webinar or reading copy. They will be well into the sales funnel.

People don’t usually make a high ticket purchase merely from watching a webinar or reading a website because the investment is big. Therefore, they talk to the sales professional first.

Therefore, the closer talks to a prospect who comes to them with a problem hoping that they will get help with it. That’s why Dan refers to them as warm leads because they are already interested in purchasing.

The prospect may have heard of the product or service from watching a YouTube video or attending one or two workshops, or they may have subscribed to or followed the influencer on social media.

The influencer may, therefore, have a steady stream of people regularly booking appointments to learn more about a premium priced product and they bring in a closer to convert these leads to paying customers.

So what a closer does is hold a sales conversation where they listen to potential clients to address their problem and find a suitable solution, preferably by selling them the product or service.

Dan says that a closer is trained to handle the closing call. They ask questions and address any queries the prospect has to clarify things.

For example, if the prospect is calling to inquire about a health coach but they don’t know whether the program is worth committing to, the closer asks them questions to find out what could be holding them back from buying the service.

As the closer, you also handle objections raised by the client to clear doubts until both you and the prospect are sure about the solution that works for everybody.

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Who does a High-Ticket Closer work for?

Dan Lok says that a high ticket closer will typically close deals for business to consumer and business to business sales models.

Business to consumer is the preferred choice for people who have little to no business experience because it is easier to relate to the end consumer;.

For example, when a closer is concerned with coaching programs, courses, or other offers, it is easier to talk to a consumer because the closer can put themselves in their shoes.

When dealing with Business to Business situations, it is different. Business accounts require a different level of expertise.

When a closer does NOT have a business background, they CANNOT close business accounts until they learn the business jargon.

Without learning that, they will find it difficult to communicate with the prospect

On top of that, there is an extra level of complexity because the prospect they speak to on the phone may or may not be the decision maker at the company. Therefore, the language will be different depending on the circumstance.

Also don’t forget that a business deal could involve millions of dollars and may affect the future direction of a big company.

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How to Succeed as a High Ticket Closer

For you to succeed in high ticket closing, you must first understand the psychology of your customers.

You need a clear mind-set and quite frankly, you need to have good communication skills to be good at closing sales.

Fortunately you can learn that by taking the online course offered by Dan.

Dan Lok has an 8-step sales process that gives you the framework to close more efficiently. This sales process also enables you to work faster.

Dan Lok also reveals the common mistakes that most people make in this line of work.

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Who is Dan Lok?

The High Ticket Closer Certification program was created by Dan Lok.

dan lok high ticket closerDan Lok was born in Hong Kong but he and his mom moved to Canada after his parents’ separation.

Before his parents divorced, life was great for Dan because his dad was wealthy. However, when he and his mom separated, he declared bankruptcy and that meant that Dan had to learn to fend for himself.

At the age of 17, Dan Lok started mowing lawns, fixing computers, stocking supermarket shelves, flipping textbooks, and doing anything to make a buck. He wasn’t successful and quickly found himself in debt.

During that period, he joined a newsletter by Alan Jacques and later met Alan in person. Alan decided to mentor him and teach him how to write copy. By the age of 27, Dan was a millionaire.

Dan Lok is quite popular on Social Media with over 3.5 million YouTube subscribers, 1.9 million Instagram followers, and 2 million Facebook followers.

He has been featured on CBC, Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, and Fox Business News.

Dan is also a successful investor who owns a portfolio of business ventures.

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Is Dan Lok Legit?

I think Dan Lok is legit.

Since many people are searching for Dan Lok scam I feel it’s important that I make it clear that he is, in fact, legit.

Dan Lok is a highly respected entrepreneur who has launched many successful programs and spoken at various events across the globe.

Whilst we’re on the subject of gurus be sure to check out my Paul Mampilly and Tai Lopez reviews.

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The More Sales Challenge

The More Sales Challenge is a 21-day challenge that gets high ticket closers to improve on their process.

High Ticket Closer - Dan Lok Scam or Legit? [Review] 7

What do you get when you join the challenge?

  • 21 Days of Video Coaching to get you to master your techniques.
  • A One-Page Digital Cheat Sheet for each of concept that Dan teaches during the challenge.
  • 3 Live Q&A Sessions With Dan’s Top Sales Producers
  • 30 Days Of Interaction with other Members to motivate each other and learn from each other.
  • A script that is used by Dan’s highest performing salespeople to close more sales.
  • How To Close Intimidating Prospects – Even If You’re A Complete Newbie To Sales
  • Close Me If You Can. You get to watch as 16 of Dan’s best sales proteges go head to head in a knock-out competition.
  • Dan’s five hidden sales boosting secrets behind the bestselling book, Think and Grow Rich.
  • An Ex Navy Seal’s secrets for leading a high performance sales team.

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How Does High Ticket Closing Work?

The High ticket closer program is not for everyone. Before you join the program, you have to be ready for an intense 7 weeks of learning.

It is for people that want to be their own bosses, travel the world and experience personal growth they only read about.

The High Ticket Closer program is streamed online at a set time every week. Dan answers every one of the participants’ questions.

He uses live demonstrations to put his points across.

Dan himself is an expert in high ticket sales so you know you are learning from the best.

High Ticket Closer covers the following:

  • How with a high ticket mind-set, you can dominate in business and in life
  • The psychology behind ultra-luxury selling and high ticket sales
  • How to use the one-call closer methodology to get paid on command.
  • How to unleash the secrets of closing millions of dollars over the phone by learning the high ticket sales scripts
  • How to handle rejections, resistance and objections.
  • How to find high ticket partners

Dan Lok draws from his experiences having been a failure before becoming a sales guru.

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Is High Ticket Closer Legit?

I think High Ticket Closer is legit.

Its detractors consider it illegitimate because they feel that there are better ways to make the same kind of sales without spending all that money on something they can learn from the internet for free.

But the problem with that mindset is that it is not easy to find the right information online on the subject and in my opinion, it’s better to learn from a real expert like Dan Lok than go about it on your own.

Those that have followed the High Ticket Closer program think highly of it because the program does have a lot of success stories.

That being said, there are alternative programs on the internet that teach you how to go about high ticket selling but they vary in price and results. Dan Lok’s program stands out as one of the most reliable ones.

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Pros of High Ticket Closer

  • It is affordable albeit high priced. Considering that you are learning a skill that will earn thousands of dollars, the fee is a tiny fraction of what you will be investing to join High Ticket Closer.
  • You can pay for the High Ticket Closer program in three instalments if you wish to.
  • The barrier to entry is not high because, for example, you don’t even need to have sales skills. If you can speak the same language as the potential clients, you are good to go.
  • If you become a High Ticket Closer, you will rub shoulders with high ranking entrepreneurs, leaders and even celebrities. After a successful run of the program, Dan Lok introduces you to some of his own high ranking clients so this is another bonus to High Ticket Closer.
  • Financial freedom is not guaranteed but it’s possible. If you follow the High Ticket Closer program then you should start to see results and it is possible to gain financial freedom as others have with this program.
  • You can control your own financial future instead of being a slave to other people and that is what Dan Lok wants you to achieve with his High Ticket Closer program.
  • High Ticket closers can earn a six figure salary like other more common sales jobs like VP of sales, sales representative, sales engineer, or sales manager without having to deal with hiring and firing employees, developing strategies to grow the business, holding product demos, and traveling.
  • Full time closers can earn a high income without incurring high business start up expenses or the headaches that come with running a successful business.
  • It is cheaper than and doesn’t take as long as a degree in college
  • It offers flexibility because high ticket closers work from home from any city or country as long as they have stable internet and a phone connection.
  • Due to the high transaction prices, high ticket closers only need to work with a small number of clients to earn good money. Even just one client can be enough if the transaction is big enough.

Cons of High Ticket Closer

  • It is not a cheap program and will cost you a couple of $1,000s to reap all the benefits.
  • Some products use a licensing model which means you need to actually own the product before you can sell it.
  • Dan Lok’s sales process is not guaranteed to work for all products or services. You may have to modify along the way.

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High Ticket Closer Conclusion

If you are after financial freedom and feel that learning a new skill can be something that works for you, then this program “could” certainly help you.

You will learn how high ticket sales work and understand how to effectively make 6 and even 7 figures selling high ticket items.

On the flip side, if you’re a newbie to making money then this might be too advanced for you.

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High Ticket Closer - Dan Lok Scam or Legit? [Review] 5

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