Inbound Closer Review – Is Payton Welch Legit?

Welcome to my Inbound Closer review.

Inbound Closer is a program from Payton Welch and it’s one of many online programs that will teach you how to make money from home (or anywhere) and be your own boss.

Access to the Inbound Closer allows you to supposedly “stuff your pockets with daily commission checks of $980 or more” but these claims have left many wondering if it’s really legit.

If you are one of those people wondering whether the program is for you, you have come to the right place as I’m sharing all the details inside my Inbound Closer review.

I have researched the program and Payton Welch extensively and put together this review.

Keep reading as I review Inbound Closer and I’ll help you make an informed choice as to whether it’s really worth your time and ultimately whether this “billion dollar industry” can really help you make money online.

Before I start…

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Inbound Closer Review - Is Payton Welch Legit? 3


Inbound Closer Review

Here is the table of contents:

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Introduction to Inbound Closer

Inbound Closer is advertised by a guy called Payton Welch as an online program that enables people to “free themselves” from their 9-5 jobs in about 21 days while working remotely from any part of the world.

That’s certainly a bold claim, but is Inbound Closing one of the real coaching programs and can it help you make those “daily commission checks” or is it another scam?

If you’re a newbie looking to make money it’s clear to see why you would be attracted to Inbound Closer.

It’s certainly garnered a lot of attention recently which is why I’ve decided to share my unbiased opinion on it.

Inbound Closer

Inbound Closer is meant to teach you a high demand skill that places you in pole position to make the most of a thriving $129 billion industry whilst giving you the ability to work from home (or anywhere) as long as you have an internet connection.

Let’s be realistic for a minute here, most people who try programs like Inbound Closer fail, so how can their course be different and really deliver on what the sales page claims?

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Making Money Online With Inbound Closer

Inbound Closer will teach you how to use the skill of Inbound Closing to earn daily commission checks of up to $980 per day part time, that’s the claim at least.

If the claim is accurate it would certainly put you on a very high level of income.

The creator is called Payton Welch.


He says that 1,621 people have used the program to replace their 9-5 jobs with a business model that makes money using nothing but a couple of instructions and their phones.

There’s really no way of us being able to verify this claim, however if it really is true then that is remarkable and would surely put this as one of the most successful programs ever created.

Let’s face it who doesn’t want to stuff their pockets with daily commission? Access to the Inbound Closer by Payton Welch puts you in the driving seat with your own online business.

Now, in this review, we will take a closer look into how this training program works, the online business and whether those claims are really valid and can help you “stuff your pockets” as claimed.

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What is Inbound Closer?

Inbound Closer is an online training program that teaches you how to do affiliate marketing and become a high ticket sales closer which is growing into a multi billion dollar industry. Or as the pitch says a thriving 129 billion dollar industry.

affiliate marketing

Inbound Closer teaches you how to create a sales funnel that turns more leads into clients.

The name “Inbound closer” alludes to this as it means that the program shows you how to close more high ticket sales, specifically from inbound calls and not cold calls.

You will learn the sales techniques that allow you to earn as an affiliate marketer which is a high demand skill to make money online.

It’s essentially being able to get paid to sell someone else’s product.

Something I’ve personally done for many years now albeit via websites and not phone selling.

But being able to sell on the phone is one of the most valuable communication skills for those that master it and this online program shares the how to’s and also has a great Facebook group.

The great thing about this method is that you don’t need to waste time creating a product and learning all those skills when someone else has already done the hard work.

This is one of the things I personally love about affiliate marketing. The ability to create an ad following an online program and make money is a great business model.

The program itself also allows you to leverage an extensive social media ad network whose value is $129 billion. It is linked to the Traffic and Funnels company according to what we see at the footer of its sales page.

It reminds me of another program known as High Ticket Closer which also teaches people how to earn commissions through high ticket sales funnels from anywhere in the world.

High ticket can make you a lot of money if you know what you are doing.

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Who Is Behind Inbound Closer?

Payton Welch is a digital marketer and founder of Inbound Closer.

Prior to his current success I was not able to find much more information about him to be quite honest.

It seems that his program has been his primary success story at least that has become more well known online.

It is entirely possible that he has been operating successful online businesses before launching his program, but it’s not public knowledge as far as I could tell.

Who is Taylor Welch?

A key piece of information and part of the whole back story is that he is the brother of Taylor Welch who first found success before Payton and owner of a claimed $21 million company that teaches and advises other businesses on how to grow their sales and revenue online, essentially a consulting business which sounds similar to what Sam Ovens does.


I’ve even seen figures thrown around that suggest Taylor is earning over $1 million a month at just 30 years of age, which would be a remarkable achievement.

Taylor is also the co-founder of Traffic and Funnels, Wealth Cap Holdings and The Sales Mentor according to his Instagram bio.

It seems that the 2 most successful brothers are Chris and Taylor Welch and that Payton essentially piggybacked on their successful ventures.

What Is Payton Welch Net Worth?

There’s numerous searches for his Net Worth online.

There is no solid figure on what his net worth is however we’d estimate that it’s in the 7-8 figure range as his program has been very popular over the last 24 months.

net worth

This is something that happens a lot when people become more well known because ultimately people want to know how much money someone is worth before they decide to invest their own time and money into them and thus it becomes one of the most popular search terms.

I’ve seen the same trends occur with the likes of Tai Lopez and John Crestani as they gained more popularity through their online advertisements.

It’s also one of the most popular searches that you get for well known celebrities and business people in general.

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How does Inbound Closer Work?

The program is worth $97, which is a one-time payment.

When you join the program, you receive a package with the following items:

  • A Daily Commission Check Blueprint: This is an instructive course made up of two modules. It shows you what you need to do to get your first client in under one week.
  • The Inbound Closing Accelerator: It introduces you to Taylor’s proprietary method and system. He developed that system after learning from his experiences. He had made more than 3,180 calls and had more than $42 million in business closed from those calls. It is a 21-day course that takes you through his method step-by-step.
  • Access to the Mastermind group. You get to connect with your fellow closers in a risk-free environment where you can learn from each other, practice what you learn, and form new strategies.
  • Access to Taylor’s network of online entrepreneurs: In case you need a job that utilizes your new skill, Taylor and his clients are always looking for such individuals. You will be notified when a new job opportunity comes up.
  • Post-call Recordings and breakdowns: Your behind-the-scenes phone calls will be analyzed by other closers to show you where you are going wrong to help you improve your phone skills.

As a side note I think the post call recordings and breakdowns is a cool benefit to Inbound Closer.

Whilst the basic cost is $97 there are inevitably going to be up-sells and cross sells.


Unfortunately I’ve not purchased into these Inbound Closer up-sells so I can’t comment on what they are or whether they are worth your time, just be on the lookout for them if you do decide to jump in as it seems one of these is the Inbound Closer mastermind group.

Performance Guarantee

You are entitled to a money back guarantee.

They promise to refund all your money within 24-48 hours if you send an email asking for a refund to

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Is Inbound Closer Legit?

Many have been asking, is Inbound Closer legit? Yes I believe that it is legit.

Will it deliver you with a daily commission check blueprint? In theory yes it should.

The program that teaches people how to become affiliate marketers and sales closers.

Being able to close a deal with a client is a great skill and if you can take these calls you put yourself in the driving seat to make Inbound Closer work.

The course will teach you what you need to know and if you want to take things to the next level you can consider the Inbound Closer mastermind group.

Some outdated reviews talked about it being a real estate program but this is incorrect, this is an Inbound Closing system.

However, one of the reasons why people question the legitimacy of this program (and others just like it) is that they go into it expecting that they will be an instant success.

Although the adverts give the impression that it is an easy program that delivers results in a few days, you still need to implement the program to see those results.

It does sound a little too good to be true and that’s because it is if you treat it that way.

It’s like anything really, you can’t just buy into the Inbound Closer program and expect results without doing anything.

They don’t say it outright in the advert but they do in the fine print at the footer.

It says, “Your results will vary and depend on many factors including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic.”

If you approach it with the right mindset, the program works.

Pros of Inbound Closer

  • When you join the program, you don’t have to start or run a business. This means that you don’t have to deal with the long hours it takes to set it up, the losses you are bound to suffer, or the sacrifices you have to make.
  • You only need a smartphone and good internet access to get started.
  • You don’t need to be an experienced marketer to enroll. You can learn everything on the job because it is an instructive program.
  • The 6 page pdf is useful as it gives you follow along scripts
  • It will teach you how to get a client and make money with phone calls
  • Sales skills are in high demand

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Cons of Inbound Closer

  • Although the marketing pitch by Welch implies that you can become a successful marketer easily, you need to work hard to achieve good results.
  • Not everyone will want to make phone calls, in which case this is not for you.
  • Affiliate marketing is a very saturated market

What Are Others Saying About Inbound Closer?

A quick Google search brings up numerous conflicting reviews.

1 review will say that it is a legitimate program, whilst another review says it is a scam.

How do you know who to believe and which recommendation to follow?

Whilst there is a reddit thread about the Welch brothers surprisingly even though a few posts say it’s a scam most of the comments are positive.

reddit thread

I’ve also noticed that a lot of people sharing their own review are actually pushing their own recommendation or course, so whilst they will tell you that this course is a scam, the truth is they want to push their own recommendation for making money.

I’m always skeptical of these ones, yes you can have your own product to promote but don’t simply bash another course, that’s why my review will always be honest and even if I push a course I won’t bash another if it is legit.

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My Unbiased Inbound Closer Verdict

Making money online to earn a living or to supplement your main source of income is becoming trendy. But, undeniably, it isn’t that easy finding a reliable source of income.

There are tons of ways you can do it and with a bit of persistence, you can find your ideal one. I’ve personally used affiliate marketing for several years now to earn a great income.

Inbound Closer is one such program that teaches you the sales skills to do the same.

If you follow instructions in the training video, the 6 page pdf and the members area in general you should be able to see results and a positive change in your results.

This will potentially allow you to work from home or anywhere that you choose as they claim. Making money from anywhere in the world is a special thing which affiliate marketing allows.

The thing that most people who fail at this program don’t understand is that you have to apply yourself to understand the market and become a better advertiser.

It is certainly not a silver bullet but the simple fact is that no such thing exists.

Getting access to the Inbound Closer program doesn’t guarantee you success in this “129 billion dollar industry” but it does give you access to a network of online entrepreneurs and offer you a commission check blueprint essentially.

By the way, if a silver bullet did exist in this world I certainly would have found it by now, yet after reviewing 100’s of programs the ones that make the boldest claims are usually the ones you want to avoid.

My overall verdict is that if you are interested in this program you can join it without worrying about whether it’s a scam, but just be prepared to apply yourself.

The good news is you can tap into their money back guarantee if you need it, although if you apply the skill, ignore the con artists with their fake reviews and have a strong work ethic then you could certainly benefit from the Inbound Closing accelerator.

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Inbound Closer Review - Is Payton Welch Legit? 3