Home Job Placement Scam – Avoid It!

Home Job Placement is a money making scam that I am exposing. I heard about this new scam and wanted to write this review to warn people from getting involved. I’ve personally reviewed and exposed many scams just like this one, so for my honest opinion keep reading below.

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Home Job Placement Scam - Avoid It! 7

Home Job Placement – Overview

The one constant thing in this scam site is that it resembles all the fake sites like it, which makes it quite easy to spot it. The only parameters that change are the website links, names, and mom names each time the old ones are exposed or get scammed. We knew this when cut the head and up popped another one. The sad thing is that those unsuspecting people who want to make money online won’t know this. They will be scammed and add to the growing list of the website’s victims. We take it our sole responsibility to expose these fraudsters. Our aim is to prevent people from getting caught up and becoming victims.

Home Job Placement – Tricks They Use

One of the red flags of Home Job Placement is the fact that it offers know description regarding what you will be expected to do so as to earn the huge sums of money they are advertising on their website.
Apart from simply holding back information, these internet scammers doctor paycheck pictures and also show fake testimonials from people who do not even exist.

Unauthorized network news logos

In a bid to come across as legit, they use unauthorized logos of news networks on the top of their web page. So when you see such logos there, you are much more likely to be convinced that these guys are legit. I have seen these tactics used before by other similar scams like home jobs now and home job position. These are 2 similar scams that I suspect have been created by the same person as you can see below by the screenshot the website is virtually the same.

Home Job Placement Scam - Avoid It! 8

Another trick used by Home Job Placement is the common trick of saying that they only have two job openings in your area. This way, you get to think that the job position is real. The truth is that this isn’t really a job, and this scam really has no job placements. Sad but it’s the truth. The only people who are making money from this site are the guys running the Home Job Placement site. This is how they make money. Once you join the site, they unleash their aggressive boiler room sales tactics on you to coax you into purchasing more expensive programs.

The programs you are paying for are just useless coaching programs that don’t help you in any way other than leaving you broke. Please spare some time to read the disclaimer and the terms and the conditions usually located at the bottom part of the presentation page. If you go through the legal stuff, you will realize that it actually refutes all that is stated everywhere else. This is the most significant red flag.

Home Job Placement – Customer support

It’s true that they do have an active customer support where you can channel any issues you have. but this is only active as long as you continue letting them suck your account dry. Once they are sure that they’ve take all your money, you won’t have anybody hearing your complaint at all.

Verdict For Home Job Placement

There is nothing good that can ever come from being involved with the Home Job Placement. This is a horrible scam that is just out to exploit unsuspecting job seekers and leave them even poorer. Once they have done with you, they will cut off any communication with you. If you wanted to join them, shelve that plan immediately. If you had already joined, get out and run before they fleece you.

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Home Job Placement Scam - Avoid It! 7

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