Is Ian Dyer’s Cryptoverse Legit?

Ian Dyer, an analyst over at Banyan Hill Publishing, released a presentation called Ian Dyer’s Cryptoverse.

In the presentation, he and a presenter called John Wilkinson talk about investing in cryptocurrencies and how it could potentially be lucrative enough to offer you life-changing gains.

Ian has been relatively successful trading options and cryptos if his winning streaks are anything to go by and in this presentation, he claims that he is looking at what could be the “profit opportunity of the century.”

I sat through the presentation and put together this review to give you an overview of what Ian and his host discussed. 

Before I start…

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Is Ian Dyer's Cryptoverse Legit? 7

Ian Dyer’s Cryptoverse Review

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Introduction to Ian Dyer’s Cryptoverse

Ian Dyer acknowledges that the cryptocurrency market has been nuts the past year. We have seen Bitcoin and the altcoins go on historic bull runs and every analyst seems to be talking about the possibilities not just from a trading perspective, but from an economic perspective.

There has been talk of a new decentralized financial system called Decentralized Finance (De-Fi) based on the blockchain. It is different because it is not regulated by a central authority even though it mimics the traditional financial system. Ian calls it “Currency 2.0”

Ian Dyer's Cryptoverse

He believes that with the establishment of that new financial system, the value of cryptocurrencies will rise in value. He even says that Bitcoin could reach $350,000 one or two years down the line.

Amid all that Ian believes that there is still a lot of money to be made in cryptos if only you can find the double-digit and triple-digit moves that keep happening before they happen. This means predicting how a crypto will move and timing it with your trade.

Anybody who knows how the crypto market works will tell you that that is near-impossible to achieve. And to be honest, the crypto market is more volatile than traditional capital markets.

Granted that even timing the stock market is a tricky job, why does Ian Dyer think that you can time the crypto market?

For starters, he banks on the fact that he has did it before when he had a 32-trade winning streak:

Ian Dyer's Cryptoverse (Crypto Flash Trader)

Ian thinks he can replicate that with his investment strategy.

The first important determinant he will be checking is whether a digital asset is at the center of a major project that is seeing widespread adoption (and huge demand).

Next, he will use moving averages to gauge how he expects it to behave. He uses three moving averages to accomplish this. They are:

  • The 10-Day moving average. He uses this for trend-following because it spots changes in course, which you need to do to find out whether a crypto is about to break out.
  • The 10-Week moving average. This is basically a support line because when a crypto falls to this price and finds support, it may bounce back.
  • The 200-Hour moving average. This one is the most bizarre out of the three but it is used to gauge where the individual cryptos will trade relative to the rest of the market. It helps him separate the digital currencies that are in demand from those ones that are not.

Here is an example of the three moving averages being used on an asset called Uniswap.

Ian Dyer's Cryptoverse (Crypto Flash Trader)

Besides using moving averages, Ian Dyer also checks out social media, particularly Twitter, to see what other crypto traders are saying about various assets. These discussions enable him to identify some cryptos that he thinks he ought to pay attention to.

If you are interested in crypto investments and want to take advantage of Ian’s special strategy, then you can become a subscribed member of his newsletter called Crypto Flash Trader.

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Who is Ian Dyer?

Ian Dyer is an investment analyst who works for Banyan Hill publishing group. In fact, he is one of the top internal analysts and editors for the company.

Ian Dyer's Cryptoverse (Crypto Flash Trader)Ian utilizes his profound skills and knowledge to analyze investment openings for Banyan Hill’s 300,000 readers. He is a co-editor of three of Paul Mampilly’s three investment advisory services, namely Rapid Profit Trader, Rebound Profit Trader, and Paul’s Secret Portfolio. This is in addition to the Crypto Flash Trader.

He is also a contributor to Bold Profits Daily, a free e-letter published by Banyan Hill.

Ian has a degree in finance from Duquesne University and he is an active member of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) community.

With his unmatched skills and knowledge of the crypto universe, he is ready to share with you the best crypto money-making opportunities available.

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How Does Crypto Flash Trader Work?

Ian Dyer’s Cryptoverse presentation basically promotes an investment advisory service he edits called Crypto Flash Trader. As we have already mentioned, Ian Dyer is the editor of Crypto Flash Trader. 

Ian Dyer's Cryptoverse (Crypto Flash Trader)Once you become a member, you will be entitled to a range of benefits:

Weekly Check-Ins

Each week, you will be sent Ian Dyer’s detailed, big-picture updates. It includes complete information on where the crypto market is heading, as well as answers to your questions and detailed insights on the finance sector.

Trade Alerts

This is another exclusive benefit you get as a member. You will receive SMS text message notifications as well as email alerts between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday. Whenever a new recommendation or new investment opportunity becomes available, you will receive all the details straight to your inbox.

The Crypto Flash Trader Trading Manual

This manual includes everything you need to know about Crypto Flash Trader, such as the sorts of tokens Ian Dyer will be targeting as well as his lightning-fast moves.

Special Reports

You’ll get two special reports and a copy of something he calls Cryptionary. Note, Cryptionary is a Crypto Dictionary which includes a step-by-step guide on how to trade crypto in your new Coinbase account.

Access to a Dedicated Customer Care Team

A team of highly trained and educated customer care representatives is ready to help you in case if you have any questions or concerns about your membership

The Crypto Flash Trader Subscription Price

If you subscribe through the link provided at the end of the presentation, the annual subscription fee is $2,995.

Note that this subscription is NON-REFUNDABLE.

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Pros of Ian Dyer’s Cryptoverse

  • Ian’s strategy will help you to potentially the most profitable crypto investment opportunities.
  • Ian Dyer is a professional trader with years of experience. So, he knows what he is doing.

Cons of Ian Dyer’s Cryptoverse

  • The subscription price is a bit on the higher side.

Is Ian Dyer’s Cryptoverse Legit?

Ian Dyer’s Cryptoverse is a legit presentation.

Ian Dyer has a solid track record in the cryptocurrency market where he has gone on long winning streaks proving his experience. In addition to the 32 trade winning streak he talks about in the presentation, he also has gone on two other separate winning streaks for his other advisory services. In one, he went on a 16-trade winning streak and in another, he went on a 34-trade winning streak.

Banyan Hill is also a legit company so what you pay for is what you get. This means that you will receive those regular recommendations as well as those other perks.

However, even though Ian has an impressive track record, you are not guaranteed to earn profits consistently by following his advice.

Ian Dyer’s Cryptoverse Verdict

Ian Dyer’s Cryptoverse is a pitch for his Crypto Flash Trader newsletter. Ian believes that the crypto market still has the potential to earn investors a lot of money. For example, he predicts that Bitcoin will reach a valuation of $350,000 per BTC in a year or two. He says that this will be driven by the mass adoption of Decentralized Finance.

In the presentation, he also claims to have found a way to find good investment opportunities amid the volatility that is characteristic of the crypto market. He promises to send you a minimum of 30 trade alerts over the next year if you sign up for Crypto Flash Trader.

It is up to you to decide whether you can trust him enough to pay the expensive subscription fee. If you are willing to pony it up and are not risk averse, you can try it.

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Is Ian Dyer's Cryptoverse Legit? 7

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