Ihub Global Review: Legit Mining or Scam?

Ihub global is an MLM company that promotes the Helium project and sells Helium Hotspot devices to miners.

In this Ihub global review we will take a look at what it is all about, how it works and whether it is a profitable way to earn money online.

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Ihub Global Review: Legit Mining or Scam? 13

iHub Global Review

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What is iHub Global?

Ihub Global is a multi-level marketing company and established blockchain network provider that is committed to powering the global crypto currency ecosystem through its innovative platform.

The company claims to be devoted to promoting the helium project and helping people to set up their own crypto mining centre through their home miners. iHub.Global claims to be one of the most reputable mining networks that can supply huge revenue to individuals who are interested.

iHub Global

Helium was founded in 2013 by Shawn Fanning, Amir Haleem and Sean Carey all operating from Florida, USA. Its main aim is to create a global hotspot network to connect Internet of Things(IoT) devices. IoT devices include smart bikes, tracking devices, smart home gadgets and other devices which can connect to the internet to exchange data.

Helium sells router-like devices to miners to build the hotspot network. All Helium hotspot miner devices are connected to the global network and hotspot device owners get rewards for mining.

Ihub Global claims to facilitate joining the network of Helium.

The company also recruits affiliates who earn rewards when they install new helium devices with iHub.

iHub global is especially popular in the United States, Russia, Italy, Ukraine and South Africa.

This company also claims to support a non-profit organization known as VivaKids that works for underprivileged children. They donate 1% of their total earnings to support the NGO.

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Who founded iHub Global?

The website of iHub Global provides no clear information on the founders. Further research reveals the CEO and owner to be Richard Cotton, a co-founder Chuck Hanson and COO of the company, Randall Pires.

Richard Cotton was initially the co-founder and CEO of eXfuse, formerly known as KZ1. eXfuse is an MLM company that is in the health and wellness niche, with the main product being Seven+. It also apparently did 300 million in sales as well as is still growing.

Rick is also one of the founders of VivaKids.

Richard Cotton

Chuck Hanson is also the VP of marketing in iHub Global and hosts the marketing videos on iHub Global’s Vimeo channel.

Chuck Hanson

Randall Pires does not seem to have any prior MLM history though he is a co-founder of Emrit. which appears to be iHub Global’s hardware supplier.

Randall Pires

iHub Global’s website domain was privately registered on December 3rd, 2020. The analysis of the website shows that the USA is contributing the highest amount of traffic to the website.

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iHub Global’s Products

iHub Global offers an Emrit Coolspot Helium Network Token Mining. This device is capable of connecting to the global crypto mining network and allows users to mine a large number of Helium network tokens (HNT). We’ve seen this kind of thing with other networks like Digibyte, Nervos Network, and Keep Network.

Emrit Coolspot

In addition to mining HNT tokens, the marketing material of the company also mentions that the CoolSpot device provides internet connectivity for Internet of Things devices. The Emrit CoolSpot allows you to deploy a Long Range Wide Area (LoRaWAN) wireless connection for any LoRaWAN smart device up to 5 miles away. These are typically small devices used as sensors that often provide interconnectivity through mobile apps.

The devices that are sent out to you are considered Helium hubs. The more hubs that are around your location, the more mining you can do with your device.

The more devices that are surrounding your location means more internet connectivity, which will then produce more mining power that will be accessible to you and all the miners that are close to you.

The mining device is supposedly completely free. However, you require to be a registered affiliate of the iHub network in order to acquire it.

After creating your free account, you can see a network map with all the hubs in your area together with what type of production they are producing.

iHub is planning to release of the 5G cellular data option that runs on the Helium network. The sim-based cellular data plan will use the CBRS small cell infrastructure that will be deployed by the Helium community. This should provide reliable coverage in over 190 countries on both iphone and android phones.

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How does iHub work?

To understand how this company works, there are first a few terms that you need to be familiar with:

Global hotspot

The global hotspot is the simplest way to get started in cryptocurrency mining, as it gives you quick access to everything iHub Global offers.

It is a network of devices that are all connected producing radio signals that connect to each other to build a LoRaWAN network that will produce massive internet hotspots and more mining power thus providing low power network coverage

The device simply plugs into an outlet in your home and connects via an app on your smartphone. Once connected, you will gain access to mine Helium which will be stored on the blockchain in your personal Helium account which can then be held, converted then be cashed out.


This stands for Low Power, Wide Area Networks. It can transmit small packets of data over large areas.

There are hundreds of companies and thousands of developers that are already building on The People’s Network, the world’s largest, and fastest growing LoRaWAN network.

There are many existing solutions, sensors, devices and gateways that can be easily configured to run LongFi, which is a powerful blend of LoRaWAN and blockchain technologies. It allows companies to on-board as many devices as they need to without any restrictions. Devices can be mapped by ID’s that are transferred to the blockchain allowing them to connect to other devices long range as long as they are connected to a Helium hotspot.

The hotspots work together to form a global wireless network and under Proof-of-Coverage.

Proof of coverage

The Proof of Coverage (PoC) work mechanism in the Helium blockchain is used to verify that hotspots are where they claim, according to the whitepaper. It aims to ensure that hotspots are honestly describing their position and the wireless network coverage they generate from it on a regular basis.

Helium Token(HNT)

The Helium Blockchain is powered by the helium Tokens which serve as the blockchain’s native cryptocurrency and protocol tokens. When the network hosts and operators join The People’s Network, they create and maintain network coverage by mining HNT.

The Helium is mined and then dispersed to hotspot Owners, Helium Inc. and other investors. Amount of Helium dispersed to hotspots is determined by the type of work they accomplish, which reflects on the value to the network.

As the network develops and time goes on, hotspots earn more money for moving device data across the network while Helium Inc. and investors make less profit. Distributions will remain fixed after 20 years.

The Helium Token is burned by enterprises and developers in exchange for data credits, which they may use to pay for their network usage. They have the choice of buying data credits using their credit card or burning HNT they mined.

With the Emrit Coolspot, you can start Helium token mining once the gadget is connected with the network and fully configured.

iHub global also includes an affiliate program, which means that for every person you recruit, you stand to earn a commission. The only way to acquire the Emrit Coolspot is by registeing as an affiliate.

The fact that the more devices there are close to you, the better the network, motivates affiliates to recruit.

In this way, the main source of income of Ihub global is through recruitment, which is quite shady and resembles a ponzi scheme.

iHub Global keeps 50% of the profit on sales of Helium devices and give the remaining 50% as bonuses or rewards to the affiliates.

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How to join iHub global

To become part of iHub global, there are a few steps that you are required to folllow.

You will first need to open your account which is completely free. You will be required to complete your details once you reach a free enrollment page. Once that is done, you will be prompted to book your cost-free Helium hub gadget.

Ihub Global Review: Legit Mining or Scam? 14There will be a web link provided which once you click , will guide you to the Helium website, where you will log in with your iHub Global login and password.

Once you are inside the Helium dashboard, you will want to download your hub which is off to the left side of your dashboard. After that, simply fill out your information along with the address you want to register your Helium hub at.

You will then get notified when they will send you your device. While you’re waiting on your device, you can start sharing your shareable iHub Global link. When you sign up, you have 72 hours to claim your hotspot location before anyone else. After the 72 hours, the spot opens up and is available for new members and hosts to claim.

In order to build the ideal people’s network, they must ensure that hot spots are organized in a methodical manner and not be too close together.

The last step is to start sharing your affiliate link to attract more miners therefore getting a percentage from their mining production too.

There are no costs except for the shipping charge, which depends on your address.

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How much does joining iHub Global cost?

iHub Global has two different payment options for its members to lock the hotspot.

First there is an application fee of $99 which is fully refundable no questions asked, provided you didn’t use the voucher code to order the equipment. This provides access to marketing funnels.

The two payment options include:

1.Locking with lease

This includes an $18 per month fee for a term of 3 years. Payment starts on the date of your receipt and acceptance of the hotspot.

Both parties, that is you and iHub, can come to an agreement to extend the lease for an agreed amount of time. Either party can choose to terminate the lease.

If none of the above actions are taken, the lease automatically continues on a month-to-month basis at the same $18 per month fee.

2.Locking with deposit

A $400 deposit is required to be made to iHub immediately before they ship the hotspot to you; that is the day of deployment.

iHub is legally required to return the $400 deposit to you without the cost of shipping upon the termination of the license. They are not required to not pay interest on the deposit or to keep the deposit separate from its general funds.

If you decide to return the hotspot within the 3-year term in its original condition and without damage, you will be eligible for the deposit to be issued back to you. Therefore you can choose to return the hotspot after 3 years in its original working condition receive your deposit back.

If the license is not terminated, you can continue using the hotspot and no additional costs are required in order to do so.

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How to make money with iHub Global

There are two methods to earn money from the iHub Global company. You could focus on mining helium tokens or the recruitment option, which is the most logical way of making money with the company.

iHub Global offers a service that allows you to mine for cryptocurrency, specifically the Helium crypto token.

For every 100 HNT you mine using iHub Global’s Helium hubs, iHub will automatically split your Helium earnings with you. 50 HNT is paid to the affiliate, 30 HNT is paid into iHub network’s compensation plan and 20 HNT is kept by iHub Network.

This means iHub Global takes about 50% of your HNT earnings.

iHub Global’s Compensation Plan

Aside from mining, you can also earn additional Helium tokens by recruiting more members into the company.

Affiliates sign up either for free or for $99 annually though there is no compensation difference between the two options.

iHub has a unilevel compensation structure. This means that you are being rewarded only from personal recruitment

Unilevel Compensation plan

iHub Global compensation plan contains four different affiliate teams depending on the number of members that you recruit:

  • Pro Team- when you recruit 1-5 members with active hotspots
  • Bronze Team- when you recruit 6-15 members with active hotspots
  • Silver Team- when you recruit 16-25 members with active hotspots
  • Gold Team- when you recruit 26 or more members with active hotspots.

There are various rewards and commissions available for affiliates. These include:

Referral Rewards

The company pays a 20% referral reward to affiliates for developing each hotspot.

An example is 20% of the total HNT generated from the Pro Team, 20% of the total HNT of the Bronze Team, and so on is thus the referral rewards for affiliates.

Coded bonuses

Coded bonuses are quite similar to residual commissions. The commission rates are paid depending on the Helium tokens mined by your recruits. The percentage differs with each affiliate team:

  • the Pro Team earn 20%
  • the Bronze Team earn 25%
  • the Silver Team earn 30%
  • the Gold Team earn 35%

Pro network bonus

This bonus is paid as the percentage of HNT first five people..

If you are a part of the Pro team, you earn 20% from the total HNT, Bronze Team earns 25%, Silver Team earns 30% and Gold Team, earns 35% from the total HNT.

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iHub Global reviews

iHub global has received a 4.9 out of 5 star rating on Trustpilot even though it has been considered by some as a fraudulent mining network.

Here are some of the reviews:

Very prompt service and kept me well informed of the situation. In the end the fault was with my equipment (back up battery had ceased to work) but all was sorted.

-Jane Bold

Excellent Service!
I made contact with iHub this morning regarding a telephone issue, within minutes, I had a response to say they were looking into the issue.
I got another email to say the issue had been resolved. Within 5-7 minutes the issues had been resolved and were up and running again. Thank you for the excellent efficient Service you provide.


I had emailed IHUB in the morning, and within 10 minutes i had a response of support. David Smith my support handler at the time was extremely pleasant and very helpful, more so that my query had been dealt with and sorted within 10 minutes. It has been an extremely great experience and would not be worried about using them again. they were fantastic and thank you to David Smith for his prompt help.

-Jean Hynes

Always such prompt service. There was an infrastructure issue impacting incoming and outgoing calls caused by a misconfiguration of a GTT managed switch. iHub were able to liaise with GTT and this was fixed as quickly as possible with updated assurances from iHub. Many thanks as always.

-Catherine Young

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Frequently asked questions(FAQs)

How Are The Hotspots Deployed?

The hotspots are prioritized according to the locations with the highest earning potential which include the USA, Canada and Europe. However, it doesn’t matter where you live in the world because as an affiliate, you can earn from the people that you refer that live in these high prioritized countries before you receive your device.

How can iHub Global give these hotspots for free?

The company has partnered up with high net worth investors and it profits from a percentage of the HNT that is mined through these devices, which is used to reward the investors.

Is iHub global a scam?

No it is not a scam. It is a legit Crypto Mining platform for crypto mining and many other things.

iHub global uses a free opportunity to earn extra money from its members through a fully automated pilot helium coin mining center. The company offers a simple way to participate in their mining hub program regardless of their location or background.

Is iHub Global a pyramid scheme?

Even though iHub global claims to be a multi level marketing company, it behaves quite similarly to a pyramid scheme. For you to obtain the Coolspot, you must first be registered as an affiliate. This forces anyone who joins the company to be an affiliate and the main way to earn money with the company is through recruiting more people.

This is basically how pyramid schemes work.

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Pros of iHub global

  • You can obtain the helium hotspots for free
  • Reviews report excellent customer service from iHub global
  • The HNT token used by iHub globalhas been reported by CoinmarketCap to grow in value over the next few years.

Cons of iHub global

  • Founders do not have a great history with MLMs.
  • IoT devices are security liabilities and there is no solution offered to counteract this
  • The main source of income is through recruitment
  • The mining device only mines HNT tokens
  • You do not own any of the mined tokens since all of them are held on iHub Global’s own crypto wallets
  • If you do not lock your device in 72 hours, it can be claimed by someone else. The locking requires you to pay a deposit or lock with a lease.

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Final thoughts on iHub global

Ihub Global Review: Legit Mining or Scam? 15

Even though iHub Global seems to be a legit Crypto Mining platform. However, I would not recommend joining this MLM company.

The company is focused on the affiliate program as one cannot join without becoming an affiliate. This is a red flag and is too similar to the functioning of pyramid schemes. There is a very high possibility that the iHub Global is only a Ponzi scheme that is posing as a crypto platform to seem like a legitimate investment opportunity. If this is the case you are better off learning wealth creation strategies from a program like The Real World.

iHub global has no external source of revenue thus increasing the chances of its collapse due to a lack of funds when people stop registering at it.

Instead of mining HNT with iHub global, it’s actually much better if you just invest in HNT itself by buying from coin exchange sites instead. As the Helium token still has a low value compared to the like of Bitcoin and Ethereum, it’s still easy to invest in HNT right as an addition to your crypto portfolio

Eitherway, there are a lot of other options online that will allow you to earn passive income so do not let yourself get entangled in what might be a fraudulent mining network.

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Ihub Global Review: Legit Mining or Scam? 13

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