Inertia Trader Review – In My Opinion It’s A Scam!

Inertia Trader is a new forex trading system that just launched so I’ve been taking a closer look to see what it’s all about and whether it’s legit. What I really want to know is whether it’s another binary scam just like The Cash Loophole and Wall Street Focus Group which are 2 other big scams that launched this week. Keep reading below and I’ll share all the details on this new system.

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Inertia Trader – Complete Scam

In my opinion Inertia Trader is a complete scam. I received an email about becoming an affiliate for these guys which means I could get paid to actually promote it. This raised flags with me not because being an affiliate is wrong in anyway, but because the guys behind this system have been behind many binary options scams and now they have moved over to forex as they believe that binary options is dying. Binary options is a huge scam and I’ve written many reviews about it. This new system is about forex which on the whole is not a scam like binary options because with forex you are actually putting your money into currencies and there are many people making money from it.

Where I find that Inertia Trader is a scam is that they are saying that you can make money automatically by using their software. Let’s be real here for a minute, forex trading can make you a lot of money but the guys out there crushing it with forex are not using automated softwares. I used to trade a bit of forex myself and whilst I was no professional I did make some okay returns and I didn’t use any automated software other than the trading brokerages trading software which was basically standard across the industry. I follow some professional traders and have access to a real course for trading forex and they actually advise against the use of any automated softwares and technical indicators because the fact is they don’t work.

Another reason you shouldn’t trust Inertia Trader is that these guys are selling their product on ClickBetter. Now don’t get me wrong I’ve got nothing against the guys over at ClickBetter however what you have to understand is that there are a lot of products on the ClickBetter network that are about making money online including binary options. The main reason this new Inertia Trader product is listed here is to gain affiliates who will promote it. If their software is really so good why do they need to give it away to other people? Surely they would be happy just using it and making a lot of money from it?

Inertia Trader – More Reasons Not To Trust Them

Check out this image taken directly from their website which states they do not trade binary options and don’t recommend it.

What they are saying is actually true however I know from my research that the guy behind this system DOES sell binary options systems.


This raised flags with me because whilst what he is saying is technically true that non of those companies trade binary options I have seen first hand that the person behind Inertia Trader has been behind other systems in the binary options niche.

Inertia Trader – Conclusion

In my opinion there are too many red flags surrounding Inertia Trader and the fundamentals behind how it works are missing.

Therefore I don’t recommend you spend your money on this system.

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