Wall Street Focus Group – My REAL Review!

Wall Street Focus Group is yet another scam to launch this week. This week is one full of scams as we’ve already had the likes of Click Money System and Prove My Profits launch and now we’re here with another one called Wall Street Focus Group. It’s a special focus group on Wall Street where you can make a fortune clicking a few buttons! (Yeah right!). The truth is this new system is a joke and a fraud, don’t believe a word these guys say. Read the full review below and learn the truth…

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Wall Street Focus Group – Complete Scam

The fact that you are reading this blog tells me you probably already knew this system was BS. It’s a good job you landed here to read this because if you land on any other review blog you might find a bunch of positive reviews about this system. There’s a lot of guys out there that will tell you this system is amazing but the truth is they just want to sign you up because they’ll get paid an affiliate commission if you join, so they write these positive reviews when really they’re a complete lie. David Lombardi is not a real person either this guy is an actor hired to pretend he is the creator of the Wall Street Focus Group. The truth is this guy is probably broke and had to accept this acting job to pay his rent!

So what is the real truth? Why does this website even exist? The Wall Street Focus Group is a scam website owned by scammers who have been behind many other similar binary options scams. They put together websites like this to convince you to sign up with their recommended binary options broker and make a deposit to fund your account because if you do that they will get paid a referral commission. The claims of making $381 to $796 per day are a lie, they serve only to try and convince you that they are the real deal so that you sign up to the broker.

Now you might be thinking okay so what? So you sign up to the broker so how is that a scam? When you sign up you need to fund your trading account with at least $250 however this is not really a deposit. The Wall Street Focus Group website and the broker will tell you not to worry because it’s “only a deposit” and you can withdraw the money anytime but in reality you can’t and if you try they will make it extremely difficult for you to get that money back. Plus, part of the scam is the actual software you’ll get access to. These guys claim their software will help you make a lot of money but in reality it will help you lose a lot of money. The software will make LOSING trades on purpose which will drain your account balance to zero.

The scam has quite a few moving parts but in reality it’s simple. The brokers pay referral commissions to people who send them new customers so the owners of the Wall Street Focus Group website set up fake scam websites that claim you can make a lot of money with binary options. You then go ahead, sign up and fund your account. The owners of the Wall Street Focus Group website are happy as they just got paid a commission for referring you. Now the broker needs you to lose money so they give you access to a trading robot that’s designed to lose. Within a couple of days your account balance is zero and the broker is happy because they’ve made money by you losing money.

When you lose money in binary options it’s not like losing money with normal stock or forex trading. Your money hasn’t actually gone anywhere, it’s simply gone straight into the pocket of the binary broker because trading binary options is just betting/gambling, it’s not investing!

The Brokers For Wall Street Focus Group

You shouldn’t trust the brokers either that the Wall Street Focus Group scam is connected to. These guys will try and come across as authentic and genuine but in reality they are the biggest part of the scam and they will try and take you for everything you own. They employ professional sales people who use high pressure sales tactics to get you to part with your money. Have you see the film Wolf of Wall Street? They deploy similar sales tactics to the people on that film but in my opinion they operate even more unethically than those guys did! In the film they target the top 1% of wealthy Americans however binary brokers target the most vulnerable people in society and have been known to take money from many senior people.

Wall Street Focus Group Conclusion

Don’t sign up to this scam unless you want to lose money. There are zero positive things to say about this system. Avoid it at all costs!

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