Adam O’Dell Infinite Momentum Summit Legit?

Adam O’Dell Infinite Momentum hour-long Summit has been getting a lot of attention because he reveals his new investment system that uses the computational power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to find stocks that go up in the long term (with “infinite momentum”).

It is the culmination of research that he did for a few years, spending five million dollars and analyzing 24 years of data.

Adam claims that his new AI-driven stock system can beat the market 300 to 1.

But, having said all that, is his stock system that good? Can he realistically beat the market 300-to-1 with an AI-based system or is this just the latest campaign to get people to sign up for a newsletter and nothing more?

We did extensive research into Adam’s claims and looked into his past investment recommendations before putting together this article where you’ll find out what Adam’s system really is and whether it is legit. Keep reading to learn more.

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Adam O’Dell Infinite Momentum Summit Review

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Introduction to Adam O’Dell Infinite Momentum Summit

Adam O’Dell’s Infinite Momentum summit focuses on a new and breakthrough AI system that can beat the market and allow ordinary investors to easily make profits.

Backed by Adam’s research and 24 years of data, the system is expected to harness the true power of AI and has the power to beat the market by 300-to-1.

Adam O'Dell Infinite Momentum

His strategy can be boiled down to this:

Buy stocks during their peak momentum, sell them when they fatigue, and replace them with a new stock showing new momentum. That’s how they create “infinite momentum”

Up until now, Adam has been relying on Green Zone Power Ratings that rates stocks from zero to 100 based on six metrics:

  • Momentum
  • Size
  • Volatility
  • Value
  • Quality
  • Growth

He’s been using it to buy stocks for the long haul and claims it has been outperforming the market 3-to-1.

Just to clarify, when Adam says he “beat the market x to 1”, it means that he has achieved a return on his investment that is x times greater than the return of the market benchmark. For example, if the market benchmark is the S&P 500 and he claims to have beaten it 2 to 1, it means that his investment has returned twice as much as the S&P 500 over a specific period of time.

Adam O'Dell Infinite Momentum

However, the new AI system focuses on the short term. He says that now all he cares about is the next 30 days and, therefore, he finds stocks that have that momentum for at least 30 days.

The system does its analysis based on thousands of data points.

He says that the infinite momentum system also does well during a bear market.

All this is based on backtests.

If you are unfamiliar with this, backtesting is a method used to assess the viability of a trading strategy by simulating how it would have performed using historical data. It allows traders and analysts to evaluate the risk and profitability of a strategy before committing any actual capital. By reconstructing trades that would have occurred in the past based on predefined rules, backtesting provides statistics that gauge the effectiveness of a strategy. The underlying theory is that if a strategy worked well in the past, it is likely to perform well in the future.

When formulating a trading strategy, backtesting helps traders interpret the past and provides statistical feedback for their trading system. It also helps quantify risk and return, leading to more efficient trades. Traders can use backtesting to compare multiple strategies before risking their capital.

Adam’s whole pitch is based on how his system could have performed based on historical data.

He’s written a special report titled AI Unchained: Beating the Market 300-to-1 With Infinite Momentum, which is supposed to give you exact instructions on executing the right trades to position yourself for maximum profits.

Adam O'Dell Infinite Momentum

This report introduces you to the new world of Infinite Momentum, providing details of the precise mechanics powering it, and the unique configuration of artificial intelligence Adam has implemented to supercharge the performance of his research.

To get it, you have to sign up for his new advisory service called Infinite Momentum Alert.

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Who is Adam O’Dell?

Adam O’Dell, a prominent investment analyst, is renowned globally for his expertise in the field.

He serves as the CEO of numerous investment newsletters, primarily focusing on identifying lucrative profit opportunities for the general public.

Since 2012, he has been providing trade recommendations to his audience through newsletters like Max Profit Alert and Wednesday Windfalls.

Adam O’Dell is dedicated to discovering the most lucrative opportunities within various asset classes like stocks, bonds, and commodities.

His systematic investment approach emphasizes identifying the best moneymaking opportunities in the markets at any given time. Lately, he aims to guide his followers and readers in investing in significant, multi-decade megatrends, including AI.

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How Does Adam O’Dell Infinite Momentum Alert Work?

The Infinite Momentum Alert is a new advisory service that Adam just launched to share the findings of his AI-based trading system.

Upon signing up, you’ll receive the current month’s edition of “The Top 10 Momentum Stocks,” featuring stocks recommended to start with.

At the end of the momentum cycle, you’ll receive instructions via email on how to rebalance your portfolio. This guidance will identify which of the initial 10 momentum trades have held their positions and which ones need to be cut out due to losing steam.

The membership includes access to the “Infinite Momentum Alert” Model Portfolio, showcasing all open and closed trade recommendations, and providing transparent insights into stocks, losses, and duration of holdings.

Weekly research updates offer an unfiltered analysis of market happenings and how they affect the portfolio, shared once a week.

Members will have 24/7 access to the exclusive Members-Only Website via mobile, where trade alerts and the model portfolio can be conveniently accessed.

Additionally, a dedicated customer care team is available to address any membership-related inquiries and concerns, providing a hotline number for easy assistance following a risk-free order.

You pay $2,995 for five-year access to the service or $1,995 for two-year access.

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Is Adam O’Dell Infinite Momentum Summit Legit?

Yes, Adam O’Dell Infinite Momentum Strategy is legit but before you dive head-first into it and start following his recommendations, you should be aware that there are no assurances that it will work.

In fact, in his pitch, he reveals that his assertions are based on the results of backtests on his system.

Relying solely on backtesting when evaluating the efficacy of a trading strategy has several downsides:

  • Historical Bias: Backtesting relies on historical data. The strategy is tested against past market conditions, assuming they will repeat or follow a similar pattern. However, markets can change due to various factors like economic events, policy changes, or technological advancements, rendering historical patterns less reliable. A strategy that performed well in the past may no longer be effective or could even lead to losses in current market dynamics.
  • Overfitting: It’s easy to tailor a strategy to fit historical data perfectly, optimizing for the past without considering how the strategy would perform in unseen future scenarios. This over-optimization can lead to a strategy that works well historically but poorly in real-time trading. We see this a fair bit in Adam’s presentation when he shares charts of stocks that his system would’ve picked that did well.
  • Transaction Costs and Slippage: Backtesting often doesn’t adequately account for transaction costs, slippage, or liquidity issues. In a real trading scenario, these factors can significantly impact the strategy’s profitability.
  • Curve Fitting: Traders might tweak parameters and rules to fit historical data perfectly, creating a strategy that is overly complex and unlikely to perform well in real trading due to its complexity and reliance on specific historical patterns. I am not accusing Adam O’Dell of this, but you need to think about that as you consider following his advice.
  • Unforeseen Events: Backtesting cannot anticipate unforeseen events like geopolitical crises, natural disasters, or sudden economic changes that significantly impact markets. These events can invalidate the assumptions and performance of a backtested strategy.
  • Psychological Factors: Backtesting doesn’t account for the psychological aspect of trading. In a live trading scenario, fear, greed, stress, and discipline play crucial roles, affecting decision-making and adherence to a pre-planned strategy.

If you believe in Adam O’Dell’s system but want to have a better clue of its efficacy, you can test it by using other evaluation methods like forward testing (testing in real-time but with small positions), paper trading, and applying the strategy with caution and risk management in a live but controlled environment.

Adam O’Dell Infinite Momentum Summit Verdict

Artificial Intelligence-based systems like Adam’s Infinite Momentum System can be used to analyze the stock market and have become increasingly prevalent in recent years.

AI and machine learning algorithms can process vast amounts of financial data, historical stock prices, trading volumes, news sentiment, macroeconomic indicators, and other relevant factors.

AI can be utilized for stock market analysis because it can identify patterns in stock price movements and trading volumes, helping predict potential future trends. It can even help in optimizing investment portfolios by suggesting the allocation of assets to achieve the best risk-adjusted returns.

However, it’s important to note that the stock market is complex and influenced by numerous unpredictable factors. AI-based predictions are not foolproof and come with risks.

You should only rely on AI-generated insights as part of a broader decision-making process.

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