Instant Affiliate Machines – Scam or Legit?

Instant Affiliate Machines is a new product that has recently launched on the WarriorPlus network and today I’m giving my full review. I’ve been taking a closer look at Instant Affiliate Machines so I can share my opinion on this page and let you know what I think. You can read all about it below and see if I’m recommending it.

First things first..

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Instant Affiliate Machines – Honest Opinion

Okay so you want my honest opinion on Instant Affiliate Machines? It’s a waste of your time. That’s my honest opinion. Why am I saying this? The reason is simple, I believe that there’s better ways of making money and I think that this is just another rehashed product that you see on WarriorPlus no different to any other “make money” products they list on their network. Each week a bunch of new ones launch and whilst they’re not scams they’re hardly great products.

I’m used to reviewing flat out binary scams like Vena System and Rubix Project and Instant Affiliate Machines certainly isn’t on their level as it is an actual product with some refund guarantees that I’m pretty sure they’ll honour, however that doesn’t make it a good product.

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What Is Instant Affiliate Machines?

Let’s look at what you’ll actually learn from Instant Affiliate Machines. So as their website states “Hot new software allows you to create sites in any niche, with built-in monetization, built-in SEO & built-in Traffic!…” which sounds amazing to a newbie but what the heck does that even mean. It states “built-in traffic!” what the heck is that? In my many years online making a full time income I have never heard of “built-in traffic” and do you know why that is? It’s because it doesn’t exist!

There are so many marketers out there claiming they have some push button solution to traffic and it’s all BS. Do you know what these guys are doing? They are preying on newbies who don’t know any better. When I started off online back in 2007 I genuinely thought that you could use some machine to get traffic, like pushing a button would deliver some fresh traffic at the things I was promoting. Then it occurred to me that “traffic” is actually people, real eyeballs looking at what you have to offer. You can’t just click a button and get that from some software tool it’s not going to happen. Where does traffic come from? It comes from Google, Facebook, YouTube and other big social sites. It also comes from peoples email lists and people looking at other popular blogs and websites. It doesn’t come from some BS software!

Things I HATE About Instant Affiliate Machines…

The more I am reading about this new product the more I am starting to hate it. Let’s look at what they say on their website and I’ll tell you everything that’s wrong with it.

Instant Affiliate Machines - Scam or Legit? 11

Okay so what I’ve done is highlight in red all the things wrong. I guess I probably should have just highlighted the whole thing but anyway the first point is that their software posts content from other “high authority” sites. I don’t really get how this is good for SEO because it’s duplicate content. Yes it might be good content but it’s not going to help you rank. But oh wait, the second highlighted point is that they have “remarkable SEO and built-in traffic”. There goes that phrase again “built-in traffic”, I’m still not sure what it means but it’s BS. And you also get an “instant affiliate marketing machine”. Let me tell you, I’ve been making a very nice income online for the past few years with affiliate marketing and I’ve never used an “instant affiliate marketing machine”, I guess I must be doing something wrong.

The biggest thing I want to point out that I absolutely hate about this product is the statement, “The secret with the SEO lies within the fact that it doesn’t actually “post” someone else’s unique content, but rather iFrames it and then “posts” the unique verson of the content to the site in the background for the search engine spiders to jump all over. Bottom line is the visitors will see the original content, unchanged and the search engines see the unique content.” – Do not ever do this on any website you have, it’s BLACKHAT.

What the are describing above is one of the most blackhat SEO methods you can do, and it will get you banned very quickly if you are caught. There’s a number of greyhat methods that a lot of marketers do, these are kind of the grey area between white and black, but the technique they describe that their software does is 100% BLACKHAT. Don’t ever do it!

Conclusion – Don’t Buy Instant Affiliate Machines

I’m obviously not recommending this. I started my review out quite hopeful that it could be a good product but it’s just not. The information is not going to help you make money, you’ll just waste your time building some rubbish websites that don’t make you a penny.

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Instant Affiliate Machines - Scam or Legit? 9


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