Intellix Systems Scam Software – Don’t Trust It!

Intellix Systems is a fake website claiming you can make up to 10k per day for doing nothing. All you need to do is use their Intellix Systems software and you will make money. I’m here to tell you it’s a complete scam. Their software is fake and won’t help you make a penny. Stay away from it because you will lose money, and read my full review below for all the details.

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Intellix Systems Scam Software - Don't Trust It! 5

Intellix Systems Software – 100% Scam

After taking a closer look at Intellix Systems and their “Neuro Trader” software it was so obvious to me that this was a complete scam. I’ve reviewed many scams in 2017 already and I’ve exposed the likes of Tesler and Rubix Project. Both of these scams are very similar to Intellix Systems and they promise huge returns from doing nothing but using a software to trade binary options. Intellix Systems actually states you can make $10,000 per day. I mean come on, do you really believe that? I certainly don’t and I will prove to you what a scam it is.

intellix systems logo

The Intellix Systems website was only registered 2 months ago. They claim that they have a lot of experience and they have been making a fortune, but why is there website so new? I’ll tell you why, it’s because their website is a scam and the whole backstory is fake. The truth is the guys behind binary options scams like Intellix Systems create many new scam websites each year. They refer lots of people into their scam system and then shut it down and start again with a new one.

Once you sign up for Intellix Systems you will be forwarded to a binary options broker that they recommend. The broker they have on their website is “BinaryBook” however this will vary depending on your location. You might actually go to another one, however even if you do go to BinaryBook I would be wary because this broker is known for scamming many people. The real creators behind Intellix Systems are not the people you see on their website (see below) but in fact they are scammers who make money off binary options referrals. What happens is you watch their video and follow their instructions to sign up at the broker they recommend and then you have to make a deposit. Once you make a deposit, the owners of the Intellix Systems scam website get paid. This is the only reason their website exists, it’s so that they make money by referring you to binary brokers.

The problem is that non of the claims they make on their website are actually true. They are all lies simply to convince you to sign up and make a deposit. They do not care about your success and the whole backstory about their system is fake. You will actually get access to the software that they talk about but it won’t work like they describe allowing you to make easy money. It will make losing trades on purpose and you’ll be left out of pocket. The brokers are in on the scam with the owners of Intellix Systems, so they create these fake softwares so that you lose your money and they make money. With binary trading it’s like betting, the broker needs you to lose for them to make money. They will even call you up and pretend they are expert traders in order to get you to deposit money. Many people have lost 10’s of $1,000’s and some people even more.

Intellix Systems – Stock Photos / Actors

Here are the people that claim to be behind the Intellix Systems company (that doesn’t even exist):

Intellix Systems fake actors

If you were to actually look up these people you would never find them. And even if their names exist they would not have anything to do with this scam system. Intellix Systems is not a real company, and if you sign up you will lose money and wish you had never found them.

The Truth About Intellix Systems

The truth about binary options scams like Intellix Systems is that they don’t work, period. The binary options brokers need customers, so they partner with the scammers behind websites like Intellix Systems (who are actually unethical internet marketers) who can send them new customers. The scammers then go and set up new websites like Intellix Systems, hire some actors, sometimes they even hire expensive mansions, houses and private jets to make it seem like the “owner” of the system is a true millionaire who can help them make money. Once people watch these fancy videos they get sucked into the dream of making millions from home.

The problem is they will never earn this money because the website is fake. Once they sign up to the broker and make a deposit the owners of the scam website like Intellix Systems gets paid, and now the broker takes over. First off you’ll lose any money you deposit into the system because of the scam software however the broker will take things one step further and try and extract even more money from you. They will call you up and literally promise that you can make a fortune, however this is all lies. They will convince you to deposit more money and some people have deposited their whole life savings. One man from the USA deposited over $500,000 and lost it all in a binary scam because he was promised huge profits. These people do not care about your success, they just want to take your money.

Intellix Systems Conclusion – Scam

Don’t trust this BS system. If you sign up you won’t make a penny and will only end up losing money.

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Intellix Systems Scam Software - Don't Trust It! 5


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