Neuro Trader Software Scam – Don’t Trust BS!

Today I am exposing the truth about the Neuro Trader scam software. The Neuro Trader launched by Intellix Systems is a complete scam. Don’t waste your time with it because you won’t make a penny. I’m writing this review to expose the Neuro Trader and help people like you avoid losing money to this scam software. Keep reading and you can see my full review, but first…

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Neuro Trader Software Scam - Don't Trust BS! 5

Neuro Trader – Nasty Scam Exposed

It feels good to be exposing Neuro Trader as a scam. I like to stop people falling victims to binary scams. In 2017 alone I’ve already reviewed a number of scam systems like Tesler Software and Rubix Project and Neuro Trader by Intellix Systems is just the latest. I’ll probably end up reviewing another one tomorrow and exposing that as a scam. There is one trend that just won’t seem to go away and it’s binary options. Every week new scams launch and more people lose money. Unfortunately the binary scams haven’t slowed down at all, if anything they have become more and more common lately. The positive is that for people who visit my blog, I can actually help you avoid these scams and direct you towards real systems that work, so there is a silver lining I guess. So let’s look more at Neuro Trader software and I’ll explain exactly why it’s a scam.

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What Is Neuro Trader Software?

The Neuro Trader software is supposed to help you make $10,000 a day which is such a ridiculous figure. Believe it or not I actually know people who earn this money online however they do it with legitimate online businesses. Nobody and I literally mean nobody will ever make $10,000 a day from an automated software with zero experience. This is such a complete load of BS and it’s just so typical of a binary scam. They always throw huge income numbers around because they are preying on people who want easy money. We all want easy money, don’t get me wrong, but earning that kind of income is just never going to happen.

I’ve always thought if they used smaller income claims like $200 a day for example surely more people would believe their scam, but who knows, after all I am not the person behind scams like Neuro Trader so I guess what do I know, but anyway… The Neuro Trader software will work by trading binary options for you. Binary options is basically betting on the stock market and currency markets. You have to bet on direction so basically whether a stock is going up or down. It’s hard to guess correctly so that is where Neuro Trader comes in. The Neuro Trader software will make it easy for you by doing all the hard work. It will literally decide what to trade and automate the entire process for you.

The way I’ve explained it I bet you’re thinking it sounds pretty good? It does doesn’t it. A trading software that will make you automated cash without you lifting a finger sounds amazing but unfortunately it doesn’t exist and will never happen. Once you sign up you are prompted to make a deposit of $250. This is the minimum and they recommend you deposit more because the more you deposit “the more you can make” which is yet another lie. Once you’ve funded your account the software will activate and you “should” start making money. Of course this never happens, you actually will start to lose money.

Their Neuro Trader software will start making trades for you and before you know it you’ll have no money left. It’s the sad truth behind the Neuro Trader software and many other binary scams like I’ve reviewed lately. The softwares don’t work and the shocking thing is they are designed this way. The truth is the brokers don’t want you to make money, so they rig the softwares so that they make losing trades on purpose. The owners of the Neuro Trader website get paid to refer you to the brokers. They don’t care about your success using their system. Anyway it’s not even “their” system, the software you get access to is owned by the binary broker, it just has the “Neuro Trader” branding on it.

The whole binary options niche is a scam and the majority of them operate like this. Once they get you in the door they will put their high pressure sales people on you and try and get you to deposit more. It’s important that you don’t speak to them, they can be very convincing and they have been known to scam people out of their life savings. It’s really quite sad, but luckily for you I’m revealing the truth and helping you avoid binary scams!

Neuro Trader Is Just Another Scam

The Neuro Trader system is just another scam system created by the binary scammers who have been behind dozens of scams in the last few months.

If you want to be safe, you need to avoid all binary options. In the last few years I have reviewed 100’s of them and not a single one has helped me or anyone else to make money. The only people who are making money in the binary options niche are the scammers who are referring people to brokers, and the brokers themselves who rip people off.

My Recommendation – Avoid Neuro Trader

Don’t waste another minute on this nasty scam.

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Neuro Trader Software Scam - Don't Trust BS! 5

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