Jasper AI: Legit Copywriting Tool? [2023 Review]

If you’re thinking about trying Jasper AI you’re in the right place.

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere these days so it makes sense that it is being used for content creation on blogs and social media. Of the various AI writing assistants out there, Jasper AI is one of the most popular ones. But is it the best?

Jasper is a relatively new software service that content creators use to create original content.

The concept of using AI services like Jasper for content creation is still relatively new and in this Jasper AI review, we will take a look at how it works and share our firsthand experience using Jasper AI.

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Jasper AI Review

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What is Jasper AI?

Jasper AI is an artificial intelligence tool that generates unique copy. It requires human input and is often used by writers to work faster when creating content for all sorts of use-cases. It helps speed up your output. It is a competitor to others such as ChatGPT, Agility Writer AI, ShortlyAI and Rytr.


Jasper.AI software takes the information you provide and searches the web to create content relevant to the topic you’re writing about.

Due to its reliance on the internet to come up with material, the more widely covered the topic, the more sources it has to extract information from.

But that comes with a downside because when a subject is widely covered, it means that misinformation is also available, making it harder to separate facts from fiction.

AI is more prevalent today and we’ve even seen it used by investors to trade and currently people are searching for how to make money with AI more than ever.

To create new content with Jasper AI, you select a format, create a title, type a few sentences about what you want the summary of the article to be, and then select the tone. The tone varies based on how informational you want your content to be. There’s even a “Joe Rogan” option (which probably means informal discussion of the topic).

Jasper is an AI that learns as you use it more. It is meant to adapt and make the content feel more personal over time.

The company behind Jasper.ai is based in Austin, Texas. It was founded in 2020 and the Jasper team comprises 8 employees.

Jarvis AI to Jasper AI

Jasper AI was originally called Jarvis AI, but they had to change the name because there was always the looming threat of a lawsuit by Disney because Tony Stark’s AI Assistant (from the Iron Man movies of the Marvel franchise) also goes by the name Jarvis.

The company has been raising money to fund their project. So far, they have raised $6 million from a variety investors, including Foundation Capital and Hack.vc.

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Features of Jasper.AI

Jasper.ai has an array of features that help writers and creators come up with original content:

  • It provides you with blog post topic ideas, product descriptions, meta descriptions, email subject lines, just to mention a few
  • You can generate Quora or Review style responses
  • It has tools to write and translate content in multiple languages
  • Has a partnership with Surfer SEO that provides you with SEO features to write SEO optimized blog posts that rank for valuable keywords in search engines.
  • Can generate social media posts, video scripts, video titles, email copy, and more
  • It can improve on content if you provide existing content and rewrite it to make it more interesting, creative, and engaging.

As Jasper continues to add more features, one of the most recent additions is Jasper Art.

Jasper Art

Jasper Art is an art generator that generates unique images and photos. It enables you to have the perfect picture to match your message instead of relying on stock images.

Jasper extension

They also have extensions you can use to access Jasper on other platforms like Google Chrome, Gmail, Google Docs, and more.

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Who Uses Jasper.AI?

There are many companies and agencies that use the software to produce unique content for their marketing campaigns. It is mostly used for copywriting (AI copywriting is the process of using artificial intelligence software to create web content like social media posts, blogs, articles, and emails).

AI copywriting

Jasper.AI is more popular with the smaller sites that are looking to generate SEO-optimized content faster that will move to the the top of Google searches.

The typical websites and companies that use Jasper.AI to produce content are agencies, bloggers, lead generation sites, and media sites working for clients in need of content and they range from big corporations to niche sites.

Jasper AI Review

Jasper.ai is best suited for writers who want to create long-form blog posts, social media posts, or ad copy on a massive scale. That is the case if you are a creator because Jasper lets you create a template that you can use multiple times to generate ai content. There are also general templates you can use if you want to pump out content quick.

Jasper AI Uses

In a nutshell, the Jasper ai app is for:

  • Content creators: It can create blog posts that rank for SEO as well as meta descriptions that are keyword-rich and plagiarism-free. It is great for speed because you can finish your work faster than you would unaided. On top of that, the content isn’t just for Facebook or Google ads copy; it can create scripts for YouTube videos too.
  • Digital marketers: It improves ad conversions with better copy because you can generate more content and test more Facebook or Google Ads variations. You can also write social media posts, Facebook group posts, comments, and more faster.
  • Writers: It can help you come up with ideas on a topic that you are feeling stuck at. You can leverage its content creation ability to leverage ideas from the AI.

As Jasper continues to improve, they are releasing new features like the one that now generates art. This will probably not be used by artists, rather creators who’d otherwise be using stock photos.

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How Jasper AI works

Jasper is relatively easy to use and if you still need help, they have tutorials that walk you through the process of creating each type of copy or art. They have the Jasper AI bootcamp to get you started.

In addition to that, the Jasper AI support team is also always ready to help with any questions you may have while using the platform.

One thing you’ll love with Jasper AI is that it is very easy to get started and unlike a lot of AI software, there isn’t much of a learning curve.

Here are some of the features on the templates page.

Jasper templates

For example, if you want to create a full long-form blog post, you start by describing what you want it to be about. You can either start from scratch or you can use a guide that will take a post from start to finish.

Creating a new blog post on Jasper

If you choose the guide, you will be provided with an array of topics to get started. However, you will probably write your own title and let the AI take over and generate ideas.

Jasper blog post

You will be allowed to have as much input as you want. For example, if you want to write your own intro, the AI lets you do that.

You still have the option of allowing the AI to do it for you because it can generate keywords, the title, and even the first paragraph. It provides suggestions to make things easy.

 AI writing assistant

The thing with Jasper is that you have to shepherd it through the whole process and ensure that all the content it produces is relevant to what you are writing about. This is to be expected because the AI is still relatively new.

Although it will not do everything on its own perfectly, it can speed up your content writing. You just have to guide it to give you what you want.

When it comes to Jasper Art, the process is relatively simple:

Jasper Art

You start by describe the image you want and feed the Jasper’s art generator with as much or little detail as you’d like.

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How Good is Jasper AI Grammar and Spelling?

Since it was launched, the grammar and spelling have been getting better and better.

Jasper AI Spelling and Grammar

A lot of effort has gone into improving the machine learning algorithms to produce more natural-looking content but it is not perfect.

You can use other tools like Grammarly to improve the content’s grammar and spelling. But even then, you still have to go through it word by word and implement changes to adapt it to your preferred style of writing.

How Does Jasper AI score on Plagiarism?

Jasper does quite well on the Plagiarism front. It relies on tools that ensure that the content is as original as possible.

Make no mistake, when it comes to plagiarism with the AI copy generated by Jasper ai, there is still some plagiarism detected.


The company behind it claims that Jasper writes unique content 99.98% of the time and their explanation is that they use the Jasper Plagiarism Checker powered by Copyscape.

Jasper is trained on content from the internet but it doesn’t just reproduce what it reads exactly. This ensures that you don’t get the same content as the existing content on the internet.

On top of that, you also don’t need to be worried about getting the same outputs as other Jasper users even if you enter the exact same input as someone else.

If you paste in content from another site as a starter for content the AI will ensure that very little of that original content is leftover at the end.

Is Jasper AI Great For Accuracy

When it comes to AI-generated text, accuracy is often the main weakness of Jasper AI.

To be fair, content accuracy is the biggest complaint you hear from most users of AI-generated content (other platforms, not just Jasper).

Jasper AI Accuracy

This does not mean that it will not be accurate, it’s just that you need to be careful with it to ensure that you are not getting inaccurate content.

You have to fact-check and monitor the content for accuracy. After you use it for a while, you get the impression that Jasper is designed to write creatively, not factually.

However, this will only get better as the AI learns more and becomes more intelligent.

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Jasper AI Pricing

One of the things people like about Jasper AI is its affordability (this is relative). It is cost effective, especially when compared to how much you’d have to spend to hire a freelancer.

That being said, you may still have to hire someone to monitor the content and ensure that it is accurate because as we’ve mentioned before, there are accuracy issues.

Jasper AI Pricing

They have three main price packages, Starter, Boss Mode, and Business. They have different features with different price points based on words per month:

  • Starter – It starts at $24 per month. It is for the hobbyist or someone who’s just getting started. This plan only provides you with features for short-form content like ads, product descriptions, and improving existing copy. The price you pay for the plan varies depending on the number of words generated per month.
  • Boss Mode – It starts at $49 per month. It is described as follows: “Harness the full power of AI writing with the ability to create full length content with full control & flexibility.” It has the blog post creator feature to create long-form content. The price here, like Starter, varies depending on the number of words you generate per month.
  • Business: With this plan, you get custom words/user packages and billing options, and the onboarding and support you need to scale with Jasper. You get all the features with the added benefit of allowing you to customize the plan to only pay for what’s unique to your business. You have to contact them to get started on this plan.

Boss mode is the most popular package the team at Jasper AI offer because it allows you to generate long-form content like blog posts and you get all the features you want. While you can get started with Jasper AI software in their basic package, you will be restricted to short-form content. If you want to create longer content, such as entire blog posts, you’ll need to go with the Jasper Boss Mode package.

Boss Mode and Starter allow you to start using the package for free at first before you start paying.

It is also important to note that the rate you pay gets cheaper if you pay annually rather than every month.

If you are a content creator, there’s no use in getting the smaller packages if you’re going to use this software for long-form content. 20,000 words sounds like a lot but remember that you may have to cut out a lot of that in your editing process.

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Jasper AI Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jasper.AI free?

Jasper.AI offers new users a free trial for a couple of days. Otherwise, you have to pay for it to use it. The cheapest plan starts at $24 a month.

What is Jasper AI Accuracy?

Jasper AI is quite accurate with some forms of content. But in most cases, you have to monitor the content and fact check it to improve on accuracy.

Will AI replace copywriters?

No, AI will not replace copywriters as we stand because humans do a better job of creating content than computers. However, humans write faster and can get more ideas if they augment their work with AI-generated content. That may change in the future.

Can AI write blogs?

Yes, AI writing assistants are often used to create blog posts to save the site owner time.

Can You Write A Book with Jasper.AI?

Yes, Jasper.AI can write a book, but it won’t be that good if you are looking at these tools at present. It can, however, just assist you in writing a book. In future, perhaps the AI will be good enough to write books if it improves vastly.

JASPER.AI Alternatives

If you don’t like Jasper AI for whatever reason, there are plenty of AI copywriting software alternatives. Other AI ad copy and AI copywriting tools include:

Each of these AI writing tools have relatively similar features since we are only beginning to see what they can do. They will only get better due to machine learning.

Pros of Jasper AI

Easy to use

It’s easy enough to use. All you have to do is follow the prompts and put in the information about the topic you want to cover, and the AI does the rest.

Relatively Cheap

It’s relatively inexpensive for even the most all-inclusive plans it offers.

Works great for short copy

If you want to write social media posts, SEO meta titles and descriptions, and things that require character limitations, Jasper is great at manipulating text to fit these requirements. It is more accurate at this than long-form content.

SEO Optimization

Due to its Surfer SEO integration, you can generate optimized content quickly. This tool is quite good at generating optimized content and has good reviews online.

Speeds Up the Writing Process

Jasper enhances the writing process by allowing you to write content faster. It has over 50 templates that you can use for Facebook posts, YouTube video descriptions, product descriptions, email subject lines, and other content.

Removes writer’s block

It can help you overcome writer’s block by getting you started and giving you ideas for blog posts.

Creates quality content for Popular Subjects

In topics that are frequently written about, Jasper excels because it has a larger pool to draw from. The AI will build out a solid base of content that you can then add your own unique perspective to.

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Cons of Jasper AI

Requires a plagiarism checker

Although it does a decent job, you have to run the content through a plagiarism checker. Since it just grabs information from the internet and doesn’t indicate its sources, you can’t double-check where it got its information from.

Lacks Personal Touch

The content is generated by a machine and, therefore, lacks real personality especially if that’s what you are going for (eg. humor). It will sound a little bit cookie-cutter. It is best used with close human assistance.

It is Inaccurate

It gathers information from the Internet and doesn’t really fact-check any of it. The information can be incorrect. This means that you have to go through and proofread everything, then fact-check the information and edit anything that’s incorrect/just sounds weird.

The Pricing is Not Optimal

The word count (that you pay for) isn’t based on the words that you end up with. It’s for literally every single word that’s generated. So, if it goes off on a tangent and starts talking about something that’s completely irrelevant to what you are going for, you’ll still be paying for that.

JASPER.AI Conclusion

Jasper AI is one of the leading AI writing software tools in the market that is meant to helps writers write content faster. Primarily focusing on marketing copy, including blog articles, it is meant to be an AI writing assistant that makes it fast and easy to create content for your blog, social media posts, landing pages, web pages, and more.

Jasper AI Review

Jasper AI is an particularly useful tool for some forms of writing. For example, If you are writing a lot of long form content, this tool will help with putting pen to paper and getting started writing. It can also help you overcome writer’s block.

However, since the accuracy isn’t all that great, you still have to do your research to ensure that what you are putting out is accurate. Fact-checking and monitoring the accuracy of content is necessary. It has natural language processing (NLP) to enable the AI to write surprisingly good copy.

I should mention that the accuracy bit is particularly important with certain topics where facts are paramount – such as those involving health and technical subjects.

In the end, most Jasper AI reviews online say that when compared with other AI copywriting options, it is pretty decent.

What all of the drawbacks of this software boil down to is its novelty. Since it is a new concept, there are still a few issues that it needs to work out.

Overall, Jasper is headed in the right direction and it is important to note that it has the potential for content writers to really speed up their daily tasks. It can be used together with content improvement tools like Grammarly for better outcomes.

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