ShortlyAI: Legit AI Writer? [2023 Review]

Interested in ShortlyAI but wondering whether it’s legit?

It can be difficult to oversee a blog or website when you can’t afford an editorial staff. There are several effective SEO optimized content tools available that can provide you with countless content ideas, but someone needs to actually write those ideas down.

You can create blogs, ad text, social media posts, product descriptions video scripts and various other types of marketing content with the aid of ShortlyAI.

This AI writing tool helps writers facing writer’s block and helps generate content with just a few clicks.

We’ll discuss what ShortlyAI is, how it functions, and the advantages and disadvantages of using the platform in this review. The most crucial thing is that you can decide if it’s the best AI authoring alternative for you or not.

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ShortlyAI: Legit AI Writer? [2023 Review] 7

ShortlyAI Review

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What is ShortlyAI?

The AI powered writing tool called ShortlyAI has been producing articles on subjects you are interested in. It applies artificial intelligence techniques, including natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) to generate high quality content that is close to human writers.

Shortly Ai

In order to help you write content, including blog posts, books, essays, YouTube scripts, and whatever else you can think of, ShortlyAI is an AI program based on the GP-3 technology. You still have to add extras to the article, such photographs, links, headers, etc., and it will write anything for you.

You don’t need to worry about the content’s quality because it is entirely original and free of plagiarism.

The rise of AI as a means of generating content online is on the rise with other tools like ChatGPT and Rytr coming up and showing that you can use algorithms to come up with content. So, let’s do a deep dive into how ShortlyAI works.

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Who is behind Shortlyai?

Shortlyai was designed by Qasim Munye in August 2020. In order to aid organizations and copywriters who are having trouble generating content, he created an AI writing assistant.

Qasim Munye

To make the tool as user-friendly as feasible, Munye also made sure that anyone could create content using it.

In June 2021, ShortlyAI was bought by the team now known as Jasper AI. Dave, the creator of Jasper AI, declared on the Official Facebook group that ShortlyAI has joined the Jasper family.

The good news is that ShortlyAI will not be integrated with Jasper AI. Both tools will function separately.

What does ShortlyAI do?

The ShortlyAI writing tool has a number of capabilities, including:

  • creates blog articles, entries and other content.
  • creates posts for social networking.
  • accessible powerful commands
  • unlimited credit for words.
  • can create subject lines for emails.
  • Almost human-like writing style.
  • produces video scripts

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How ShortlyAI works

ShortlyAI will produce copywriting frameworks so you don’t have to start from scratch while developing content. The Instruct command of ShortlyAI enables you to generate any kind of duplicate.

Any type of copywriting structure is acceptable, for example:

  • AIDA (Attention-Interest-Desire-Action) (Attention-Interest-Desire-Action)
  • PAS (Problem-Agitation-Solution) (Problem-Agitation-Solution)
  • Before-After-Bridge- One of the strongest copywriting frameworks for increasing sales is the Before-After-Bridge. Use the Before-After-Bridge copy for your product or service if you also want to enhance conversion on your website.

To learn how to utilize Shortly AI to write your articles, simply follow these simple step-by-step instructions;

STEP 1: Start a New Document

Open the “New Document” option in your ShortlyAI account to create a new document where you may compose your article.

ShortlyAI dashboard

Choose “Step 2” to “Write an Article”

The options “Write a Story” and “Write an Article” are now available. To begin, simply choose the first option and press the “Start Writing” button as displayed in the image below.

ShortlyAI options

STEP 3: Type the article’s title, introduction, and first line.

It’s time to enter the title of your blog entry, a brief article introduction (to explain to AI what you want to write about), and the first sentence of your article (for better output).

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STEP 4: Select “Write for Me” from the menu.

Now press the “Write for Me” button to witness the miracle. AI will soon begin writing your article.

STEP 5: Receive a fantastic article from ShortlyAI

Using slash instructions, you can collaborate with the AI to enhance the content that is produced. You could type, for instance:

  • To direct the AI on what to write next, use the /instruct command (e.g., /instruct [write about]). You can also use the /rewrite and /shorten commands to change the way the text is written.

Your content is automatically saved after it is generated. When you are happy with your article, click the share button in the editor’s upper right corner, then copy the link to share it with others.

Additional Shortly AI Features

The distinguishing characteristic of ShortlyAI above other AI tools is its potent instructions. You can write anything you wish with the ShortlyAI Instruct command.

The “Instruct Command” characteristics of Shortly AI are among its most intriguing features. Shortly AI’s feature can write anything for you.

These are some of the commands that ShortlyAI offers:

  • By using the command /Shorten[text], you can make a long sentence or paragraph shorter and easier to read.
  • To use the shorten command, select the sentence or paragraph, then hit “CTRL”+”[” on your keyboard.
  • Instead of building shorter sentences, the /Expand[text] command lengthens sentences.
  • To activate the expand command, select the paragraph or sentence, then hit “CTRL”+”]” on your keyboard.
  • The most potent command is instruct, which is /Instruct[text]. This command can be used if you wish to give particular instructions to your AI.
  • /Rewrite[text] – This command can be used to rewrite the previous line’s text, replacing it with the new notion. The prior sentence is not included in this command; only the portion that has to be changed is.
  • To use the rewrite command, you can alternatively select the sentence or paragraph and hit CTRL+P on your keyboard.
  • ShortyAI includes the command (and one more) /Command[text], which enables users to write numerous lines without needing to use ‘/instruct’. Better story writing will result from doing this because it will be simpler to remember where each line was written.
  • More ControlYou might occasionally want more precise control over the AI’s writing. You can set certain terms that your AI should or shouldn’t utilize when utilizing commands.For instance: [Write about London at night, with ++sky and -roads]When given this order, the AI is more likely to use the word sky and less likely to use the word roads. Different levels of control exist:++ indicates that this word will be used a little more frequently.+++ indicates that this word will be used much more frequently.— = somewhat less likely to employ this word.

    — = This word won’t be used at all.

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How to join ShortlyAI

Pricing for ShortlyAI is quite simple. For $79/month or $65/month if you pay yearly, you can choose the ShortlyAI monthly subscription to gain access to all features and an infinite number of words.

ShortlyAI pricing

You can use the ShortlyAI free trial. To access all the features, you need to have your email address and password. Use caution when utilizing the ShortlyAI free trial because you can only compose 300 words.

How to get a ShortlyAI free trial

Step 1; Go the link and enter your email address. Now hit the try it now button.

Step 2; Enter your name and password and get your ShortlyAI free trial activated

ShortlyAI free Trial

Step 3; You will now see a welcome message with basic tips on how to use ShortlyAI

ShortlyAI Free Trial ShortlyAI Free Trial

How to Get ShortlyAI premium plan

Step 1; Go to the ShortlyAI link and click on the pricing plan option

Step 2; Choose the plan you want to purchase

Step 3; Enter your account and payment information and complete your subscription

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Pros of ShortlyAi

Easy of use

Utilizing ShortlyAI is really simple. The user interface is quite intuitive, and the sign-up process is simple. Even if you’ve never used an AI writing tool before, you may quickly become familiar with ShortlyAI.

ShortlyAI’s minimalist design keeps you from being distracted by all the buttons and indications found on other similar applications.

You can create countless documents

The fact that there are no restrictions on the number of documents you can produce using ShortlyAI is another fantastic feature. This implies that you won’t need to worry about running out of credits when using ShortlyAI to create as much material as you’d want. This is in contrast with JasperAI that has restrictions.

Precise orders

Compared to other AI writing tools, ShortlyAI’s slash commands are far more complex and provide a wider range of options. For instance, the /rewrite command allows you to indicate how you want chosen text to be redone in addition to rewriting it. This is a fantastic approach to raise the caliber of your material without putting in a lot of effort.

Free test

The free trial is still a terrific method to test out the tool and determine whether it’s perfect for you, despite the fact that the amount of content you can produce is restricted.

Plagiarism free content creation

It produce high quality content that is 100% original and when the generated content is run through plagiarism softwares it doesn’t show.

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Cons of ShortlyAI

Limited content kinds

You can only create content with ShortlyAI for blog posts and news items. This is excellent if that’s what you need, but if you also need to produce other kinds of content, like social media posts or product descriptions, you should consider using alternative AI tools like Copy AI or Jasper AI.

It appears to be costly.

When compared to other AI writing tools available on the market, the monthly cost of $65 is pretty exorbitant. It is evident that ShortlyAI is rather pricey for what you receive when compared to something like Copy AI, which costs $49 USD per month with a more robust set of functionality.

Confusing content produced by AI

In some experiences, the AI-generated information wasn’t always coherent. For instance, some people occasionally had content created that had concise summaries of their essay in the paragraphs.

No diversity of language

ShortlyAI only understands English (Jasper AI, for example, is multilingual).

Word limit on free trial

In contrast to Jasper AI, which provides 10,000 words for free, the ShortlyAI free trial only provides 300 words.

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In this section of the ShortlyAI review, I am going to answer some of the most frequently asked questions in order to be able to give you as much information as possible.

Is it the top writing AI assistant available?

After conducting the study for the ShortlyAI review, I am forced to admit that the program is an AI content writing assistance with some flaws. However, identical flaws can be found in almost any AI writing assistants, so I decided not to weigh them against the artificial intelligence.

Based on simple instructions,the AI writer can create emails, video scripts, articles, and a variety of other sorts of content.

The artificial intelligence program frequently interprets what you want it to write incorrectly, which is the main problem.

You should double-check everything because machine-generated language needs human inspection, editing, and a critical eye to make sure the data is accurate, which is frequently not the case.

What are the alternatives of shortlyai?

Jasper AI – Jasper AI (formerly Jarvis Ai) is a cutting-edge method of writing copy that will assist you in creating material for your blog, social media accounts, and email correspondence. This application use artificial intelligence to accurately predict what consumers desire from their favorite companies, resulting in greater conversion rates for every pages they visit! Read our review on Jasper AI to learn more about Jarvis AI.

CopyAI- Compared to ShortlyAI, Copy AI is an AI writing tool that provides a more complete set of features. You may create content using Copy AI for more diverse reasons, including social media posts, product descriptions, and email subject lines. With a monthly cost of $49 USD, the cost is also cheaper.

CopyMatic – In a word, CopyMatic is a cutting-edge AI writing partner powered piece of software that generate content for sales pages, emails, commercials, and video scripts in more than 100 different languages in only 10 minutes. With the touch of a button, this clever piece of software enables business owners and entrepreneurs to produce copy that converts well and fasten the writing process.

Scalenut- It is an AI-driven writing tool with several useful features. It makes use of natural language processing (NLP) to automatically produce accurate material, and it offers sophisticated customization tools so you may adjust your output to meet your unique requirements. Additionally, it offers thorough insights into the effectiveness of your material, enabling you to make adjustments as needed. Monthly plans start at $9.99, which is a very affordable price.

CopyBlocks is an AI writing tool that creates beautiful marketing copy and website content for you in under 60 seconds. You can create sales pages with guaranteed conversion rates with Copyblocks to quickly convert prospects into customers. These pages can utilize cutting-edge technologies like PAS (Personalized Automated Social Ads) or IDA & Ada, which produce high-quality text at breakneck speeds that humans can easily read.

Rytr – Rytr is an AI writing tool and content generator driven by advanced AI technology that helps you produce high-quality articles with no expense, time, or effort. Simply select the type of copywriting service Rytr provides—news release distribution services or blog articles creation—and supply some basic information about niche marketing tactics, and it will produce excellent prose in a matter of seconds. RyTr uses machine learning algorithms that are developed using trillions of words from the internet and is driven by artificial intelligence (Ai).

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Who should use Shortly AI?

Being able to generate quality content rapidly has become quite valuable for many people as the world has moved online, especially those who work in SEO or digital marketing. Writing all pertinent material for your website becomes a challenge if you fall into this category. AI Technology like Shortly Ai is really helpful in this situation.

People like the following will find this tool to be very helpful:

  • – Individuals whose primary occupation is not writing
  • – Individuals who are preoccupied with tasks other than writing
  • – Anyone who isn’t proficient in writing
  • people experiencing writer’s block
  • – Authors and content producers that want to streamline their workflow (without sacrificing quality)

How does machine learning work?

Artificial intelligence’s field of machine learning enables computers to learn without explicit programming [6]. Algorithms and statistical methods are used in machine learning to give computers the ability to “learn.” In essence, ML algorithms let you learn about the world and then apply that knowledge to new data.

Algorithms that use machine learning can “learn” this information from a variety of sources, including text, photos, audio, sensors, and even data from other computers. This collection of abilities is what we refer to as a “learning algorithm” in computer science. These algorithms are presently utilized in a wide range of AI applications in numerous different fields and industries.

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ShortlyAI Reviews

ShortlyAI has a rating of 3.2 on trustpilot which is average.

Here are some of the things people had to say about ShortlyAI;

Varsha Joshi-They are unworthy

They are unworthy, thugs and will cheat you. The service is giving errors since today morning. You need to find another place. I never ever again take any kind of car service from this company. Avoid like the plague.
Took my money and no response and not working. Fake website – shortlyai.

Date of experience: October 23, 2021

After a week of using Shortly, I pretty much gave up on it as it was costing me so much time compared to if I were to write things by myself. The final nail in the coffin for me was the tools inability to understand what you are writing about. It will often pick one word in the title or description that you provide for context and focus on it.

Think of a word like “ice cream”. A hyphen would put some better context onto it for an AI but ShortlyAI could read a word like this and write about ice or cream which are not the same as ice cream.

I decided to play around and I have found the perfect example of this to show just how useless this tool was for me. I got ShortlyAI to write a review about itself. Not only did it have no idea what I was talking about, but the content was pure garbage.

We all know that an AI is going to need some help to write a good article but if you read over the 500 word review below, you will get a pretty good idea of how much effort it is going to take to turn what it writes into useable content. This entire review is useless because the tool failed to identify what I was even writing about.


Everything was going great, I had 10 or so blog articles written in an hour. Then I hit a massive problem that made me lose all faith in the tool. I did some fact-checking about what it had written and it seems a lot of what it was saying was not correct. The AI was writing out paragraphs of factual content that was often wrong or slightly incorrect that rendered it completely useless. It would make me look like a total idiot if I were to post it.

This fact-checking ended up costing me time as I not only had to gather the correct information but then I had to rewrite a lot of the false information again. It would have been faster for me to just write the article at this point.

The fact that the AI technology can come up with statements and facts that are untrue had me lose all faith in it being able to help me. From this point, I was only able to use this tool to write about things I was already knowledgeable on. At least then I could spot the mistakes immediately. This was the first strike for the tool saving me time.

Date of experience; july 6, 2021

I am by no means an English expert but it is my first language. I make my fair share of grammatical mistakes but it is easier for me to spot mistakes with this AI. Any garbage level grammar, context issues and instances where what the AI says just doesn’t make sense at all.

The problem with this tool is it can be so convincing when it writes something. If English was not your first language, you could fall into a trap where you just straight up believe what ShortlyAI says and not have the ability to spot the mistakes.

This tool is going to become a massive thorn in the side of those looking to purchase articles from freelance writers. Cheap prices are likely going to result in you getting something written by Shortly, which is going to end up straight in your recycle bin.

If you are looking to write some articles in English and are hoping this tool will help you write better English, chances are it will actually make things worse.

Is ShortlyAI worth it?

With just a few easy instructions, ShortlyAI is a fantastic AI content writing tool that can create articles, video scripts, emails, and more.

There is no denying the incredible nature of ShortlyAI’s technology. I looked for a plagiarism instance but was unable to find one. It appears that everything it produces is completely original.

For someone who wishes to create material for a webpage that people will read and appreciate, this AI was, sadly, of no further use. Simply said, the AI is unable to comprehend what you are saying and veers off subject.

The majority of AI writing helper products, including ShortlyAI, cannot check facts or write with a particular tone or brand voice in mind because AIs have not been “trained” to do so.

You must carefully check your facts because inconsistent or inaccurate information will make it difficult for you to establish or maintain credibility.

Remember that there is currently no AI writing creative brainstorming partner that can complete all the work for you. Like most other AI writing tools, ShortlyAI can only be of assistance for you to continue writing . But it’s of great assistance for a lot of individuals!

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ShortlyAI: Legit AI Writer? [2023 Review] 7

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