Is Jim Rickards’ Gold Speculator Legit?

Three Founders Publishing has been hyping up a presentation about Jim Rickards’ Gold Speculator?

Are you looking for more info on it? If you are, you have landed on the right page.

In this piece, I give my honest and unbiased review of Jim Rickards’ Gold Speculator where you will learn all the details about his strategy including the advanced MIDAS System and how it can help you to pick the best investment opportunities available in the mining industry.

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Is Jim Rickards’ Gold Speculator Legit? 7

Jim Rickards’ Gold Speculator Review

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Introduction to Jim Rickards’ Gold Speculator

Jim Rickards’ Gold Speculator is a newsletter that is published by Paradigm Press that will help you gain access to the most profitable gold plays by leveraging the power of an advanced proprietary system i.e. MIDAS system. Jim Rickards also tells you what’s the next biggest move of the market that can help you make substantial profits.

Jim Rickards' Gold Speculator

On the official site, the newsletter is described as follows:

Welcome to Rickards’ Gold Speculator! In this special welcome report, Jim and Dan detail why now is the time to buy high-risk, high-reward gold and silver stocks and why junior miners have phenomenal upside in this market environment. Read this report first as they explain what differentiates our gold publication from the competition and why your subscription will maximize your chances of creating life-changing wealth from a gold-centered portfolio.

There are many investment gurus writing about gold investments besides Jim. A few I have written about on this blog include Adam O’DellDave Forest, and Eric Fry.
One thing I’ve noticed in almost all their presentations is that they like talking about junior gold mining stocks. A junior mining stock is a company that is actively seeking deposits of gold, uranium, silver, and other minerals. When it specializes in gold, it is a junior gold miner.
A junior gold miner, unlike a gold mining company does not have its own mining operation. It is technically a venture capital firm because it relies on VC funding to finance its mining operations. The definition can be fluid but this is more or less describes the kinds of companies investment gurus tend to write about.
Jim Rickards and a top geologist, Byron King decided to come together to provide the Gold Speculator investment advisory service.  They have collectively come up with a strategy where they reveal what to buy and in what quantity through their allocated portfolio.

These two legendary investment veterans (Byron King and Jim Rickards) are experienced enough to assess and find out the top gold picks.

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Who Is Behind Jim Rickards’ Gold Speculator?

Jim Rickards’ Gold Speculator is run by Byron King and Jim Rickards. They are on the editorial team of Paradigm Press.

Byron King is an experienced newsletter editor. He focuses on precious metals, platinum group metals, copper-lead-zinc, rare earths, “tech”/battery metals & related advanced materials. 

Jim Rickards, on the other hand, is an American lawyer, economist, speaker, media commentator, investment banker, and author on matters of finance and precious metals. 

He is the author of Currency Wars: The Making of the Next Global Crisis. In addition to it, he has written six other books.

Both of them present their opinions on the gold mining industry through Jim Rickards’ Gold Speculator.

This investment newsletter service is focused on small-cap precious metals and also has a discussion of monetary issues, inflation/deflation, and wealth protection in turbulent times of a potential global currency reset.

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How Does Jim Rickards’ Gold Speculator Work?

The Gold Speculator advisory service is based on a proprietary system called The MIDAS system. It is designed to find viable gold investment opportunities. You get access to it when you become a member of this research service.

The system focuses on the penny gold companies that have a high profit potential. 

This is not the first time Jim is talking about the MIDAS system, he discussed it at great length in his $2 Million Prediction presentation.

When I reviewed that presentation, here is what I wrote about MIDAS:

The MIDAS System is what Jim uses to identify the best junior minors in the market. Conveniently named like “King Midas” the king popularly remembered in Greek mythology for his ability to turn everything he touched into gold, “MIDAS” in The MIDAS System is an acronym.

Here, M stands for mining, I for information, D for develop, A for assets, and S for secure gold production. It summarizes the criteria or process that Jim says he uses to find his ideal picks.

He has identified 13 junior minors using the system and they form what he calls “Penny Gold Allocated Portfolio” that he will give you access to if you sign up for his investment newsletter, the Jim Rickards Gold Speculator.

He doesn’t reveal how the system works in detail because it is proprietary, but you can tell that it is all about junior mining stocks.

Jim also believes that now is the ideal time to invest in gold because he expects the precious metal to reach a valuation of $10,000 in the not-so-distant future.

What you get when you join Jim Rickards’ Gold Speculator

Once subscribed, you will receive the following benefits…

Full Access to Analysis of “MIDAS” System Recommendations. You will receive brand new issues of the newsletter with new recommendations every month. These recommendations are based on the MIDAS system’s picks.

Access to Jim Rickards’ “Penny Gold Allocated Portfolio.” You will have access to Jim’s model portfolio, which contains 13 hand-picked “Penny Gold” plays. 

Access to Monthly Model Portfolio Updates. You will have access to the Penny Gold Allocated Portfolio, which Jim and Dan regularly update as the MIDAS system reveals even more investments.

Other benefits include…

  • A Valuable “G-series” Gold Coin pick
  • A Virtual VIP Invite to Mining Trips 
  • Plus, there are two “special situation” reports he wants you to read, namely The Path to $15,000 Gold (And How to Profit as it Rises) and The M.I.D.A.S. Touch.

How much does the Jim Rickard’s Gold Speculator cost?

An annual subscription costs $1,995.

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Pros of Jim Rickards’ Gold Speculator 

  • If you invest in a junior minor before it hits a mother lode, you can be rewarded with big returns.
  • You will receive Jim Rickards’ penny gold picks.
  • The strategy is designed by two people who know the industry better than the average investor.

Cons of Jim Rickards’ Gold Speculator 

  • Junior mining stocks are quite risky.
  • There is no refund policy.

Is Jim Rickards’ Gold Speculator Legit?

Jim Rickards’ Gold Speculator is a legit and reliable service.

Jim Rickards is a veteran in the world of newsletter editing. He has been writing about stocks for decades now and although he has made a few bad calls along the way, he is a credible expert.

To have someone who knows the market as he does is a positive thing and it means that you will learn about new investment ideas that can open you up to new perspectives.

That being said, this advisory service does not offer personalized advice. Jim Rickards merely offers general advice through the newsletter and you have to vet every opportunity before you dedicate your finances to it.

Jim Rickards’ Gold Speculator Verdict

Jim Rickards’ Gold Speculator focuses on junior gold minors. Junior minors require extra attention because you have to to learn to tell the difference between a legit company and a fly-by-night operation. They are generally considered growth stocks and many of them are penny stocks.

Although the profit ceiling can be high, junior minors are high-risk most of the times. Remember these companies typically have limited capital to strike it rich and if they fail to discover gold mines before they run out of money, they have to wind up. They are typically sensitive to the price of gold too.

Therefore, if you are planning on signing up for Jim’s advisory service, you should be prepared for these scenarios.

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Is Jim Rickards’ Gold Speculator Legit? 7


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