Lexington Code Scam – Don’t Trust It!

Lexington Code is a new system created by “Michael Lexington” hence the name the Lexington Code. I’ve been taking a closer look and I have no doubts that it’s a complete scam which you should definitely avoid because it will steal your money. You can check out my full review below and get all the details on why I believe it’s a scam.

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Lexington Code Review – Nasty Scam

As I briefly mentioned above the Lexington Code is a scam in my opinion and in this review I’m going to prove that to you. I’ve reviewed many scam systems on this blog in fact in the last 7 days alone I’ve written reviews of Prove My Profits and the Royce Code which both turned out to be huge scams as I predicted. Lexington Code in my opinion is no different to these other scams and it actually uses the exact same method to scam people.


The sales video seems to be set in London and Michael Lexington is the man behind the system. However he is quite clearly an actor who is being paid to portray this successful person behind the trading app. The very fact that their website states you can earn “$126,000 every single month” is a huge red flag and warning sign that this is a scam. It’s not that income claims are necessarily a bad thing however for a newbie to come online and make that kind of money with ANY system at all is unrealistic. I know people who have been online for many years and make 5-figures per month (myself included) who struggle to reach 6-figures per month even with a lot of experience, so do not believe these wild claims from Lexington Code.

In my honest opinion you’re not going to make a penny with Lexington Code. The system has been created by known scammers who have been behind a number of other systems. You only need to start looking more into binary options to learn what a dangerous and nasty industry it has become. A few years ago a lot of the people behind systems like Lexington Code used to sell get rich quick schemes. So they would put up a website which claimed you could earn a fortune with their “method” and all you had to do was buy their product which was usually a video or e-book. These kind of systems do still exist however many of the people behind the “scam” systems moved on from these to binary options.

These people realised that rather than selling e-books and video courses they could simply “refer” people to binary options brokers and they would get paid a commission each time. The commissions are big too as the brokers pay out $100’s to the owners of these scam websites for referring new traders to them. This is why their website is packed full of hyped up income claims, fast cars, luxury items and more because it’s all there to convince you to sign up and get started with the broker they recommend. These guys do not care about your success at all, because they don’t get paid for you to be successful, they get paid when you sign up and make a deposit to fund your trading account.

Lexington Code – Just Another Scam

Lexington Code is nothing new in fact most binary options systems you see are just clones of one another. The scam starts off with you receiving an email or clicking on an advert and then you head over to their website, watch the fancy sales video and you sign up to the broker they recommend. You then are prompted to make a deposit to “fund” your account and if you do this, that is when the Lexington Code creator gets paid. You will get access to a software however it won’t work as advertised in their video. This software will make automated trades for you however within a few hours or a couple of days max you’ll find that it’s wasted all your money away on poor quality trades. This is how all these “robots” work, they are actually designed to lose money believe it or not because what happens is they make random trades that ultimately drain your account to zero and when you LOSE the brokers wins.

Many people don’t actually understand how binary brokers operate but the truth is these guys are no different to casinos. They don’t actually want you to win. Unfortunately everyone knows that casinos make money when you lose money and that it’s a game of chance however most people believe that “brokers” are actually the middle man between you and the stock or currency markets and this is true with genuine stock and forex trading but when it comes to binary options it’s completely different. These guys ONLY make money when you lose money, so you shouldn’t trust a word that they say as it’s all complete lies and they have been known to scam people out of $1,000’s including their whole life savings.

Conclusion – Avoid Lexington Code

I’m obviously not going to recommend this scam software and I highly recommend you avoid it. You have done the right thing coming here first to learn more about it before signing up because I always share the truth about these scam systems in my reviews.

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Lexington Code Scam - Don't Trust It! 5

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