Local Marketing Vault: James Bonadies Legit? [2023 Review]

If you’re looking for a Local Marketing Vault review you are in the right place.

I’ve been a member of Local Marketing Vault for several months so I’m perfectly placed to share my firsthand experience with the program.

In this review, I’ll take a closer look at the training, the founders James and Jason and I’ll share my unbiased verdict.

If you’re short of time and just want to know if Local Marketing Vault is legit see my key takeaways below.

Key takeaways:

  • YES it is legit! I personally use the Two Page Sites method and it works extremely well
  • Jason & James are stand up guys. I have regular contact with James Bonadies and he has helped me with my business.
  • They have 100s of success stories. I was blown away by the number of success stories of members past and present
  • The alternative programs out there are NOT as good (I’ve tested them already)
  • Verdict: Local Marketing Vault is legit. It ranks as my no.1 recommended program out of over 2000 that I have tested in the last 7 years since starting NoBSIMReviews!
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If you want to get the full in-depth review based on our experience sharing the benefits and drawbacks then keep on reading below.

Local Marketing Vault Review

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What is Local Marketing Vault?

Local Marketing Vault is an online course that teaches you how to run Google and Facebook ad campaigns for local businesses as you run a lead generation business. They focus on the local marketing model where you use paid ads (Facebook ads and Google Adwords) to generate leads for small businesses of a variety of business models.

Local Marketing Vault

The kinds of small businesses you target with local marketing include plumbers, Hair salons, electricians, and a host of other businesses that serve people within a relatively small area.

LMV provide you with the training on how to prospect and get sales for the client by running Facebook ads or Adwords campaings. The goal is to increase the visibility of the business within its area.

If you do a good job, they should maintain your services and start paying you monthly long term.

Local Marketing Vault also provides you with pre-built landing pages made using the Clickfunnel funnel model.

Local Marketing Vault is tailored for anyone who wants to start making money online.

There are many ways to make money online, including ecommerce, Amazon FBA, house flipping, MLM and so many others. But few people talk about local marketing.

Jason and James started making money in local marketing and decided to start teaching people how they did it. The good thing is that they succeed at the very same online business they now teach to more than 5,500 students.

As the internet keeps growing, local businesses need help to become more visible to customers, who spend more and more time online.

Jason and James believe that they are perfectly placed to teach the subject because unlike most teachers who offer courses online, they have worked in the space. They believe being in trenches gives them the proper credentials to teach local marketing.

What is local marketing?

Local marketing is a marketing strategy where a business targets consumers within a given radius from where it is located.

Local marketing can also be referred to as as neighborhood marketing or local store marketing.

A brick-and-mortar business, whether a local business or part of a chain, should consider local marketing as a strategy because it enables them to get more customers through the door.

Local marketing usually works for a brand that has a physical location, and especially locally-based businesses whose primary business happens in-person. It works better than when a business is online, because consumers can make purchases from any location.

Local marketing enables you to dedicate your marketing resources to a select audience. You will be targeting locals who can respond to and shop from your digital and print advertisements.

One of the most important things you have to do is know who the customers are. This will enable you to better understand your target audience’s demographic and psychographic information, including their geographic location.

With that information, you will know where to funnel your local marketing energy.

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Why choose Local Marketing Vault?

When you are marketing a local business, paid ads can help you get more customers. That being said, there are various skills involved in running a successful paid ads campaign.

For example, you have to be good at copywriting, finding the right images, creating the right offer or hook, and targeting the right audience.

Most small business owners have their hands full or don’t know how to do those things themselves. This is where an expert like you comes in and helps them craft a local marketing strategy and in return, they pay you a monthly fee.

Local Marketing Vault prepares you for that. They provide the training you need to understand local marketing so you can implement it to great effect.

When you are on the job, you can then decide whether you want to run paid ads. It’s an essential skill that you need to learn when you own a digital marketing agency.

Local Marketing Vault teaches you how to run paid ads. Once you are good enough, you can scale your business to have multiple clients paying you monthly.

Who created Local Marketing Vault?

James Bonadies

James Bonadies started off his career in education. He is used to teach Business Education in a High School and after he got married, he got his MBA in Administration and Supervision. Then he became a Vice Principal.

James Bonadies

James realized that working in education wasn’t going to make him enough money, so he took the leap and pursued various avenues of making money online. After years of searching for the right niche, he found a Business Model that works. He joined a lead generation coaching program called Job Killing ran by Dan Klein in 2014.

He quickly hit 7 figures a year. He decided to shift his focus from getting clients to running his own coaching program with Jason, teaching paid ads.

Soon after, he had one of the fastest online programs to hit 8 figures, and starting running one of the longest running local marketing programs on the internet to this day. He attributes the longevity to putting the student first.

Jason also dabbles in real estate investments and according to some sources, he has $7 million worth of rental units.

James is a stand up guy, professional and someone you can trust based on our first hand experience dealing with him.

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Jason McKim

Jason McKim started out trying to be an entrepreneur but after years of failure, he decided to get a job as a financial consultant. He only got paid by commission because it was his only choice at that time. After a few big sales he was flying high until he couldn’t sell another thing.

Jason McKim

He was broke and freshly married, so he started dabbling in internet marketing. After learning a little bit about SEO, he took a job at a law firm doing their marketing. He became quite good at running ads and doing SEO so he started to grab clients on the side to make extra money. One day, the law firm said they needed to downsize. The firm asked him if he could continue to run their marketing, but on retainer rather than payroll. He decided to start finding other businesses to do marketing for

He decided to start doing this on his own and for more than one company. He learned more and more about SEO and paid traffic and then started his own agency and got few clients. Then he met James at a seminar and they found common ground.

Jason and James started teaching students how to get paid traffic in local marketing. James is more of the motivator and helps promote the program.

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How to join Local Marketing Vault

According to Local Marketing Vault, you only need two tiny two page websites to make up to $40,000/Month using the same model as Uber, Lyft and Airbnb uses to generate revenue.

They also say that you don’t need to have much Capital, Technology Experience or Time.

If you want to join Local Marketing Vault, the best way to do it is via their website. On the website, you will be directed to a page that looks like this:

Local Marketing Vault Reviews

When you click the button that reads “Watch The Free Training”, you are required to provide your email address to proceed to the first step. After providing your email address, here’s what the first step looks like:

Local Marketing Vault Review

It is a video tutorial on how Local Marketing Vault works in general. There isn’t specific information on how their model works. For that, you need to go to step 2:

Local Marketing Vault Review

Here, you will be required to book a call with one of their coaches. There are specific time slots that you can book to talk to them.

During the call, they talk to you about the program and how good of a fit you are. They also hammer out the payment details.

Once inside, you learn about:

  •  The “Article” which proves businesses are spending more now than ever!
  • The “2 Page Sites” responsible for thousands of student successes!
  • The “Pin Method” that gets clients begging you to work with them!
  • The EXACT advertising methods every single business needs NOW!
  • The “Online Model” only the Big Businesses are Smart Enough To Use.
  • How to take a small slice of this billion dollar online gold rush.

You get access to the training where they teach you how to make money online as a digital marketing consultant for local businesses.

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What is included in Local Marketing Vault?

Drawing from our experience, when you pay for the program, you get lessons on how to run a local ad business. Since you will be running a social media or paid ad agency, you have to learn the most important aspect of the business: prospecting.

It involves reaching out to business owners, grabbing their attention by telling them what you will do for them and then closing them to become your client.

Local Marketing Vault shows you how to prospect and get clients. You learn how to convince someone that you never met to hand over their credit card over the phone.

In these modules, you then learn how to do Adwords or run Facebook ads for local businesses, how to structure deals and how to scale your business.

Here’s the things you learn, in a nutshell:

  • Craigslist Lead Automation
  • Leads in Advance
  • E-mail marketing
  • Cold Prospecting; 10 Call Challenge (Cold Calling) and 25 Email Challenge (Cold Email)

Local Marketing Vault has its main goal as teaching you how to start and run a paid ads agency targeting local businesses. But paid ads is only 1 skill in digital marketing. They do not cover local SEO.

Here are the modules:

Module 1

This module is an introduction where you learn how you can get help, and where you should focus. You learn how the vault works, and there’s some vital information in this module.

In the welcome video, Jason goes through every single tab in the website, talking you through every aspect of the training platform.

Module 2 (Getting Clients)

Module two is all about getting clients.

Local Marketing Vault

You get a daily checklist that you can use to stay accountable. It is a spreadsheet that helps you build good business habits like prospecting.

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Module 3 (The Vault Mindset)

Local Marketing Vault

This module shows you how to create the right mindset and how that is key for anyone who wants to be a successful entrepreneur.

Jason teaches you “consistency,” “persistence” and “patience” to describe the steady action you need to take to achieve success.

Module 4 (Vault Marketing Strategy Training)

The goal of the program is to show you how to get clients and generate leads for them.

Local Marketing Vault

Here you learn how you can offer services depending on their needs. Here you can start with a low-cost or low-risk service, and walk them slowly up to more lucrative offers.

This concept is known as the Value Ladder and you learn how to use it.

Module 5 (Vault Services Training)

The LMV business model has lots of different angles but they are all about helping small businesses get more leads, sales and profits.

Local Marketing Vault

Here you learn how to categorize your services in a way that clients can better understand them

There are three main categories that all successful businesses incorporate. They are Brand, Customers Now, and Customers Later.

You are introduced to a tool called Dashclicks that you can use it to generate all kinds of reports, as well as outsource things like social media posts and SEO.

Module 6 (Vault Sales Strategy Training)

In this module, the first video talks about thinking about things from the client’s perspective and identifying the things that they care about rather than focusing on yourself and your goals.

Local Marketing Vault

You learn:

  • Not to end a meeting without scheduling the next step
  • The concept of asking lots of “yes” questions during the presentation as a small psychological trigger
  • To ask clients questions like, “how do you feel about that?” to get feedback and practice empathy

You learn the importance of selling things as a package, giving a discount for bulk pricing. If a client doesn’t need all of the services you have to offer, Jason teaches you to downsell, using techniques such as waiving your setup fee, or offering a trial for your lead generation services.

You learn the Six Circle Close sales method. It is a slideshow that you use when selling your services.

You learn how to add the visual component to make your offer more compelling. This module lays everything out in three easy to understand categories for your clients.

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Module 7 (Building Your Agency)

Jason also talks about legally opening a business. He says that you should start out as a Sole Proprietor, and then work your way to an LLC.

Local Marketing Vault

He then teaches you things you can write off, such as your investment in the course and your computer. Jason goes into some strategies to avoid paying out of pocket for your tools.

He gives you some guidelines for naming your agency.

Module 8 (Done For You Value Ladder Training)

Local Marketing Vault

Here you go deeper to understand the Value Ladder. This helps you by giving you a clear starting place when prospecting, and shows you who needs your help.

Module 9 (Funnel 101 Training)

Local Marketing Vault gives you focused, niche-specific training that’s meant for local businesses.

Local Marketing Vault

He also shows you how to access custom, pre-made funnels for each industry in just one click.

Jason also does a good job of teaching every aspect of the ClickFunnels platform so you never feel like you’re lost if you are new to it. After that, he teaches you how to build your forms using Wufoo since they’re better than ClickFunnels forms.

He also teaches how to pick a domain name for your funnel and get it set up with ClickFunnels.

You also learn how to use a tool called CallFire, which is considered as one of the best tools for marketers in the world. Not only can you use it to forward and record phone calls, you can even forward texts.

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Module 10 (Funnel Automation Training)

Here you learn how to automate your funnels. You learn things like sending a notification to your client whenever a new lead comes in.

Local Marketing Vault

You learn how to use a autoresponder to send a “welcome” email or a couple of follow-up emails.

Module 11 (Vault Software Training)

The first tool called Howde is an automated follow-up tool created by the Vault. It takes leads that come through contact forms and reaches out to them until they respond.

Local Marketing Vault

The second tool is called TruReview and its job is to help automate the process of obtaining reviews, as well as sending out an alert whenever a bad review shows up so it can be fixed.

It helps to automate the act of reaching out to past clients.

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Added Features of Local Marketing Vault

LMV Partnership Program

The LMV partnership program allows you to have access to LMV-Approved Partners. This enables you to run your agency with someone who is better at something that you aren’t that good at.

For example, if you want to focus on sales without worrying about the tech stuff, you should go for a tech partner.

Local Marketing Vault Partnership

On the other hand, if you are great at the tech side of things but sales is not your cup of tea, find a Sales Partner to work with.

LMV Accelerator

The LMV Accelerator is a $997 one-on-one training with the top vault coaches. The goal is to help you get a client faster, like in your first six weeks.

LMV Accelerator

Inside the Accelerator, you will find services such as AdZombies run by Ken “Spanky” Moskowitz for outsourcing copywriting.

Private Facebook Group & Live Coaching

Local Marketing Vault runs a private Facebook group of over 3000 members. There are live coaching calls once per week.

Pre-built ClickFunnels Landing Pages

Local Marketing Vault has more than 50 niches of funnels that you can swipe and use. These pages are the ones that you send your paid traffic too. The copywriting and design is optimized to maximize conversions.

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The 10K Club

The $10K club is a program run by LMV where they reward you when you hit $10K in revenue. You get a t-shirt and a plaque.

The 10K Club

When you run paid ads, most of the revenue you get is spent on Facebook or Google Ads and you make 15%-20% management fee on their paid ad clients.

Local Marketing Vault Cost

Local Marketing Vault costs $3,994. You can pay that amount in monthly installments if you work it out with James and Jason. However, paying in installments will be more expensive.

They do have a refund policy whereby you can request a refund within 72 hours of initial payment.

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LMV has won some awards for their efforts.

8 Figure Award

They received the 8 Figure Award because the Coaching Program achieved 8 figures in 2 years, and has doubled in the last 12 months.

7 Figure Award

They received the 7 Figure Award because the backbone to their students’ success is having a proven method and vehicle to model after. They still run their own Agency to date.

Is Local Marketing Vault Legit?

Based on our firsthand experience, Local marketing vault is a legit program for various reasons.

First, they provide on-going support and live weekly coaching from coaches who are actually running successful businesses. Therefore, if you’re serious about starting a paid ads agency, it makes sense to go for it because you learn from people who know the landscape.

Although the price is high, you can earn it back when you land your first few clients. This won’t be easy and you need to be persistent in prospecting, setting up meetings with business owners that don’t know you and explaining why you’re the person that they need to generate more customers. If you can do this though (following LMVs training) it can work which is why we included local marketing in our recent list of best online businesses to start in 2024.

A marketing course like LMV usually gets a bad reputation because people often believe that once they’ve paid the fee, they don’t have to work hard to get the clients. That’s not the case because you have to be willing to put yourself out there, go through rejections without allowing them to affect you and keep going.

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Local Marketing Vault Benefits

  • You don’t require a massive capital outlay to get started because you won’t be spending your own money. It is the client who pays for the ad campaigns.
  • For those who love sales, mastering the prospecting strategies is easy and you could get clients quickly and make fast money.
  • Running paid ads is easier than learning local SEO

Drawbacks of Local Marketing Vault’s Business Model

  • Retaining clients is tough. When you are dealing with small businesses, you have to be prepared to lose clients for a number of reasons. For example, they may be courted by a competing agency that gives them better rates. They may also fail to see a return on the investment if their sales team does not close the leads you generate for them. So they won’t keep spending money on ads anymore.
  • If you are new to sales, it’s challenging to convince business owners to consider paying for your services over the phone since there are so many people out there offering marketing services and not all of them are good at it.
  • Paid ads are unpredictable. If you have competitors in the area who are also running paid ads, the price per lead goes up because of the demand. If the price is too high, it can become unprofitable for your client and they can stop working with you.

Local Marketing Vault Conclusion

In our experience testing Local Marketing Vault, we can confirm it is a great program if you want to get into local marketing, even if you have no prior experience. James and Jason have the experience working in local marketing and it is always nice to have someone who knows the subject well if they are going to teach you.

As always, you have to put in the work and take their teachings seriously. That’s the only way you will make money managing local marketing campaigns for clients.

If you get good at what they teach you, which is mostly paid advertising, you may have to learn how to optimize a website to leverage free traffic because it gets you more leads and its more stable long-term.

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