Luke Lango Reviews: Is He Legit? [2023 Update]

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Luke Lango is financial blogger who recently became a senior investment analyst at InvestorPlace.

He has been writing about his investment ideas for quite some time but I stumbled across him while I was on the InvestorPlace website so I decided to take a closer look at him to see what he is all about.

He has also been a top stock picker and he made history last year (2020) when he became the number one financial blogger according to

He has been mostly conducting research about investments in the technology industry to identify next-generation, small-cap stocks that have huge upside potential and his work has been published by some Wall Street publications.

In this review, I will share with you everything I found out about Luke Lango because with more information on him, you can better decide what to make of him as an investment analyst.

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Luke Lango Review

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Who is Luke Lango?

Luke Lango has always been a technical and finance guy. Luke was a student at the California Institute of Technology (CalTech) when his interest in trading and the financial markets piqued. He graduated with a degree in Economics.

Luke Lango

Since Luke Lango was a former basketball player, his passion for applying math to stocks in his trading days led to him applying math to sports.

After getting his degree, Luke Lango joined a fintech startup called Scoutables. He was part of a team that collectively developed strategies to revolutionize the use of analytics in professional sports. For instance, they designed cash flow management models based on player injury and performance data.

Right after that, he joined Seeking Alpha where he offered investment advice and examined various investment strategies within the financial community.

Luke was the founding manager of L&F Capital Management, LLC, a boutique investment fund based in San Diego. While working there, he combined quantitative analysis with behavioral economics to identify long-term growth prospects at the early stages.

Luke Lango currently writes for InvestorPlace where he identifies emerging hyper-growth stocks in the technology sector.

Luke Lango believes that the technology around us will not only grow exponentially but also it will change lives and create wealth. Luke Lango shares with his readers what he considers potentially explosive but largely uncovered small-cap stock investment opportunities.

In addition to investing and his work at InvestorPlace, Luke Lango actively seeks opportunities in the startup technology world. He is involved with a venture capital-backed discovery company called Fantastic that uses Big Data and advanced machine-learning algorithms.

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Luke Lango’s Investment Philosophy

Luke Lango’s approach is all about growth-focused opportunities both as an investor and analyst.

He has emerged as one of the most vocal stock pickers in the world with a reputation for identifying next-generation, small-cap stocks in the technology sector, which is fitting because he has a background in tech.

Luke Lango Reviews: Is He Legit? [2023 Update] 7Luke Lango’s investment philosophy entails looking at the big-picture when identifying small companies with huge upside potential. He has used this to great effect because he has identified companies that have gone on to do quite well.

He measures success by finding explosive stocks in the strongest wealth-generating megatrends. Technology plays a big role because he believes that it can compound exponentially in the long term.

For example, he has written about 3D printing extensively. He says that Wall Street does not yet grasp the industry’s potential although he thinks it may be one of the best megatrends to invest in.

Luke Lango has also been a big fan of electric vehicles and he constantly writes about the companies involved.

Luke Lango Reviews: Is He Legit? [2023 Update] 8He echoes the news headlines that we see these days when he says that he thinks that the electric vehicle industry will upend the auto industry by replacing gas-powered cars by 2040 thanks to improving battery technology, a shift in policy, and an appetite for electric cars among consumers.

But as EVs take over the industry, he expects most electric vehicle startups to fail. He argues that statistically, out of the hundreds of EV startups out there, only a handful will emerge profitable. His job is finding out which ones are likely to survive and this embodies his investment philosophy.

Overall, Luke Lango believes that when he finds a relatively unknown company, its obscurity is great news for investors who follow his advice and invest early on. Whether that is in autonomous vehicles or any other market that he writes about.

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Luke Lango’s Premium Newsletters

At InvestorPlace, Luke Lango is part of the editorial team and he edits three premium newsletters through which he publishes his research. As of writing this, his newsletters include:

Innovation Investor

Innovation Investor is Luke Lango’s flagship premium newsletter service. This newsletter is all about identifying ground-floor opportunities in the stock market.

Luke Lango Reviews: Is He Legit? [2023 Update] 9These ground-floor opportunities mainly revolve around explosive new megatrends such as autonomous vehicles, supercomputing, and the blockchain, just to mention a few.

Luke Lango looks into cutting-edge technological trends that have the potential to blow up in the future and his strategy focuses on mid- to large-cap stocks.

The Daily 10x Stock Report

While Innovation Investor focuses on established companies, The Daily 10X Stock Report centers on small-cap stocks. Every day the market is open, Luke Lango briefs you on what he thinks you should care about.

Luke Lango Reviews: Is He Legit? [2023 Update] 10

He sends you an email at around 8 a.m. and in every issue, you get a full briefing on a new small-cap stock he wants you to consider investing in, along with its growth potential. Luke Lango believes that these small companies can deliver gains of up to 1,000%.

Exponential Growth Report

With Exponential Growth Report, Luke Lango focuses on nano- and small-cap stocks. It is arguably Luke Lango’s most exciting service because he speculates about which tiny companies are likely to become the future technology juggernauts on Wall Street.

Luke Lango Reviews: Is He Legit? [2023 Update] 11Once you become a member of this service, you get insights into what Luke believes are the best micro- and nano-cap stocks with high profit potential. These stocks are mostly passed up by big Wall Street institutions but according to Luke, they have massive profit potential.

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Is Luke Lango Legit?

I think Luke Lango is legit.

Why? Luke Lango has made a name for himself as an astute stock picker and in 2020, he was the number one financial blogger on Tipranks. is an independent ratings company that gauges the performances of professionals in finance and rates them according to certain metrics.

As of writing this, Luke Lango is ranked Number 184 out of 8,119 bloggers and 706 out of 15,744 experts. You can learn more about his track record by visiting Tipranks.

Luke Lango Reviews: Is He Legit? [2023 Update] 12

What this shows is that Luke Lango is a legitimate investing expert because otherwise, he wouldn’t feature so high on an independent chart.

Although he is quite young, he is not a fly-by-night guru because he has a rich background in the world of finance. Remember, he has worked as an analyst for several years and has a legitimate track record of spotting great opportunities.

In fact, some of his recommendations have earned investors gains as much as 1,000% or higher over the years. For example, he urged his followers to invest in companies like Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), NIO, Chegg, and Shopify early on and they all ended up doing quite well.

What I like about Luke Lango

  • Lango is one of the most exciting prospects in the financial newsletter market.
  • He has a diversity of investment strategies to help ordinary investors turn a profit. This is evident in the way his services address a large selection of stock investments ranging from nano-cap to large-cap stocks.
  • His subscription services come with money-back guarantees (as of writing this). This enables you to receive a full refund of your subscription fee if you decide to terminate your membership. That being said, you should always read the fine print to determine the terms of these policies.

The Drawbacks of Lango’s Approach

  • Luke’s marketing campaigns for his newsletters are known for their over-the-top projections and hype, which can be misleading if you fail to take a closer look at them.
  • Some of his recommendations are high-risk and speculative.

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Luke Lango Verdict

If you are interested in investing in the stock market and are looking for a fresh approach from one of the rising stars of the world of newsletters, then Luke Lango is worth considering. His stock picks can offer you alternative ideas and open you up to a new way of looking at your portfolio.

He appears to be knowledgeable and since he works with other more experienced gurus, he makes up for his relative inexperience by tapping into their knowhow. His money management experience adds to his credibility and accomplishments as an analyst.

Although over the past few years he has had a good record for success, you should take his advice with a grain of salt and look into everything he writes about the market before you follow it.

His premium services come with an annual charge. Fortunately, they have money-back guarantees in case they fail to meet your expectation.

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