What is Marc Lichtenfeld Prediction 2022?

Welcome to my review of “Marc Lichtenfeld Prediction,” a webinar published by The Oxford Club whereby Marc Lichtenfeld talks about a new class of stocks that he thinks is outperforming the market.

At a time when the markets are unpredictable, he says that he has found an investment in what he calls “valorem stocks” that he thinks can earn you a good return in the next 12 months.

In this piece, I walk you through the presentation to give you an overview of what Marc Lichtenfeld was discussing.

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What is Marc Lichtenfeld Prediction 2022? 7

Marc Lichtenfeld Prediction Review

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Introduction to Marc Lichtenfeld Prediction

In Marc Lichtenfeld’s Prediction webinar, he talks about a new kind of stocks he calls “Valorem stocks” that he believes can be a good moneymaking opportunity.

Marc acknowledges that there has been a massive shift in the markets in 2022 whereby “traditional” tech stocks have gone through a rough start to the year. According to him, these stocks are massively overvalued because they’ve benefited from years of government stimulus. He notes that they are dropping fast with companies like Tesla, Zillow, and Peloton going down significantly.

Marc Lichtenfeld Prediction

He says that popular growth stocks in the technology space that did so well during the pandemic are starting to lose their momentum if not turning the other way. He reveals that this has triggered sharp drops in NASDAQ and S&P 500 indices.

As this happens, Marc claims that there are investment opportunities elsewhere, citing an unexpected group of stocks he calls “valorem stocks.” He says that there is a new bull market he is calling the “era of Valorem.”

So, what do these terms (“era of valorem” and “valorem stocks”) mean?

“Valorem” is a Latin name that means “value.” Therefore, he is talking about value stocks.

Value investing means buying stocks that trade at a significantly lower value compared to intrinsic value. When you invest in undervalued stocks, you look for companies that the market has failed to value correctly.

He thinks that the sell-off is just investors moving out of the overvalued tech stocks. At the same time, a new bull market has begun in value stocks. He says that this always happens during inflationary periods whereby value stocks become the best performers.

This set of stocks can deliver 200%-500% over the next 12 months and that’s why he did the video; to help individual investors take advantage of this new money-making opportunity.

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Marc Lichtenfeld’s Trading Strategy

Now that we know that Marc finds value stocks the best investment, how does he pick his stocks?

He uses the price to free cash flow ratio (P/FCF) instead of the price-to-earnings ratio, or P/E ratio.

He says that the P/E ratio is a better tool for determining whether a stock is expensive than the less accurate P/FCF ratio.

Why, he says that “earnings” can are easily manipulated by clever accounting but it is more difficult to do that about cash flow.

Marc Lichtenfeld has identified three value stocks that he wants you to investing in because they each could go up by as much as 200%… 500%… or in the next 12 months.

The first of these stocks sells popular financial products for retirees. It brought in in $209 BILLION in 2020 alone. On top of that, it has been paying a dividend to its clients every year since 2009, the figure has been going up every year.

The second company is an energy company whose P/FCF dropped below 10 recently (it reached 8.41). The company’s revenue has been going up every quarter and it is paying $3.9 BILLION to shareholders next year. It has been increasing its payments for 24 straight years and you can buy up shares for just $20. It paid out $1.7 BILLION for dividends last year.

The third company is a cash-rich biotech company (arguably the most cash-rich biotech company on the market). It has rights to the bestselling drug of 2020, 2019, 2018, and 2017.

Lichtenfeld has put all the details about those companies in a special report by Marc Lichtenfeld called How to Get Rich in the Era of Valorem.

You can get the report by signing up for his newsletter “The Oxford Income Letter.”

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Who Is Behind Marc Lichtenfeld Prediction?

Marc Lichtenfeld is an investment analyst who writes for The Oxford Club. He refers to himself as America’s #1 retirement expert.

He has shared his investment insights on platforms like Fox Business, CNBC, Bloomberg, Jim Cramer’s TheStreet, and more. His work has featured on Forbes, Yahoo Finance, MarketWatch, The Wall Street Journal, and Business Daily.

Marc Lichtenfeld is one of the best-selling authors and he has composed two books that have won awards from the Institute for Financial Literacy. Of course, these have at some point also been among Amazon’s best-seller finance books.

Apart from being a prominent retirement expert and finance author, Marc Lichtenfeld runs a daily finance column — Wealthy Retirement that actively helps more than 200,000 Main Street Americans to maximize their retirements, catch up on their savings, and live in a better way.

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How Does The Oxford Income Letter Work?

According to Marc Lichtenfeld, Valorem stocks can help you become significantly richer or make excellent profits on your investments. To share all the details pertaining these investments with individual investors, Marc Lichtenfeld has written a dossier called “How to Get Rich in the Era of Valorem.”

This dossier contains the top three value stocks for the upcoming year, their complete analysis, and instructions on how to invest in them. 

Marc Lichtenfeld is confident that this will be a huge moneymaking opportunity for early movers. Plus, he recommends that investors reallocate a portion of their money to value stocks.

At the same time, he has composed a second special report where he has shared the names of growth stocks that he thinks are likely to start to underperform. Marc Lichtenfeld has written a special report called 5 Growth Stocks to Avoid in 2022 where you will learn the names of stocks he thinks you should stay away from.

Marc Lichtenfeld has also come up with a six-part premium video series that will showcase how regular investors can maximize their income. This video series is called Dividend Riches: Marc Lichtenfeld’s Income Investing Video Series.

You will get access to all these special reports and the video series when you subscribe to The Oxford Income Letter

Other benefits to subscribing to the newsletter include:

  • Access to monthly newsletters
  • Weekly updates
  • 101 Ways to Grow and Protect Your Retirement Savings
  • Complete Oxford Income Letter Options Guide

Other than that, you will have access to four income-generating model portfolios including Marc Lichtenfeld’s fixed income portfolio, compound income portfolio, instant income portfolio, and high yield portfolio.

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The Oxford Income Letter Subscription Fee

The subscription fee is $49 in your first year.

Then the subscription renews automatically every year and they charge you $79 per year. It is an automatic process and you’d have to cancel if you don’t want to continue paying for it.

The Oxford Income Letter Guarantee

The subscription is covered by 365-day money-back guarantee.

Is Marc Lichtenfeld Prediction Legit?

Marc Lichtenfeld’s Prediction presentation is legit.

The strategy behind the presentation has been formulated by an experienced investment analyst who believes that he has come up with a set of Valorem stocks that can certainly outperform every other investment.

Not only does he reveal the names of these Valorem stocks, but also you will know when it’s time to get in on the “Era of Valorem.” All you have to do to get the details of these investments is to sign up for an annual subscription that will cost you $79/year.

I should mention that all kinds of investment come with risk and that’s certainly true of Lichtenfeld’s predictions and recommendations.

Marc Lichtenfeld Prediction Verdict

If you are looking for investment opportunities that may prove to be a better choice than standard stocks, then you should consider taking a look at Marc Lichtenfeld Prediction stocks. He believes that he has found value stocks that may end up outperforming the market.

Marc Lichtenfeld wants you to sign up for his newsletter so he can reveal these stocks. The subscription will cost you $49 for your first year and $79 per year after that(standard subscription). In case you are unsatisfied, you can cancel the membership courtesy of his 365-day money-back guarantee.

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What is Marc Lichtenfeld Prediction 2022? 7

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