My AI Method by Douglas James [Unbiased Review]

Douglas James, who claims to be a tech millionaire, says that there is an “AI Gold Rush” and says that he can show anyone how to tap into it for a predictable semi-passive income online.

That is the crux of his pitch concerning the AI-powered Digital Real Estate Masterclass program he is pushing here. And, he says that you can do that without your own products, website, team, or tech skills.

Everywhere you turn nowadays, you find someone talking about AI and how you can cash in. Therefore, let’s take a look at what Douglas James is talking about here and examine whether it is viable.

Before I start…

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Key Takeaways

  • Digital real estate refers to an online business model where you generate leads for local businesses by creating digital assets that attract free traffic. You act as a “middleman” connecting businesses to potential customers.
  • Douglas James is an entrepreneur and digital marketing expert who has trained over 5,000 entrepreneurs. He claims AI can now automate 95% of the digital real estate business process.
  • His AI-Powered Digital Real Estate Masterclass provides the knowledge, tools, and resources to harness AI to generate income while automating much of the workload.
  • The package includes AI automation prompts, a 7-figure sales script, a profitable niche pack, an agency launch checklist, and more. It costs $97 with a 180-day money-back guarantee.
  • VERDICT: Local lead generation addresses a real business need and can be a legitimate way to earn money online. However, approach with realistic expectations as individual results will vary. There are risks with any business venture.

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Introduction to My AI Method by Douglas James

Digital real estate, according to Douglas James, is what connects a business to leads.

Therefore, to make money, you act as the middleman.

My AI Method

He says:

“There will NEVER be a shortage of businesses that need leads.

Which is where digital real estate comes in.

Because just like a real estate agent is the middleman between a homebuyer and a seller…

A “digital real estate agent” is the middleman between a business and their leads.

And when you can serve as that middleman and make that connection…

BOTH sides are happy to give you a slice of the pie.”

He says that you don’t need inventory, customer service, or to learn a new skill.

To find the businesses that may need you to connect them to new leads, Douglas James says that you pull out your phone and search for the businesses e.g. carpet cleaners near me, car washes, dentists, Invisalign, etc.

Then he says that you’ll see that there are many of these types of businesses in your area alone.

Then you create a landing page that prompts visitors to share their names and emails or phone numbers and businesses are willing to pay for such leads.

That’s where the idea of digital real estate comes from.

From that description, it looks like digital real estate is referring to a Lead Generation Business, an online business model for generating customers for small businesses by creating digital assets that receive free traffic on the internet.

Douglas says that AI now comes in to simplify the process of setting up your digital real estate business:

“The New TRILLION Dollar AI Technology Can Now Automate 95%

of The Process…


How you find clients…

How you find customers…

Setting up the page…

And every single step in between…

No, it doesn’t automate EVERYTHING.

And no, it won’t work if you don’t know what you’re doing.

But as far as the actual “work” part of it goes…

It’s literally as simple as entering some information…

Hitting a few buttons…

And automating roughly 90-95% of the work.”

James points out an important caveat there when he says that the whole thing won’t work if you have no idea what you are doing. AI needs you to guide it to get the best outcome and it has the benefit of drastically reducing the workload.

Douglas James says that he will show you how to go about it using his AI Digital Real Estate Masterclass.

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Who is Douglas James?

Douglas James has been a Navy Corpsman, an entrepreneur, a digital marketer, and a Facebook Ads Guru.

Douglas James started his career in the Navy and after serving there for some time, he launched his career as an entrepreneur as well as dabbling in digital marketing, AI, and advertising. 

Douglas James soon found out that if you hone digital marketing techniques, you can positively impact any type of business. He also explored the power of Facebook Ads and YouTube Ads and how they can be effective in reaching global audiences. It is something similar to what Tai Lopez has done over the years.

Douglas James has trained over 5,000 entrepreneurs on how to improve their sales and marketing strategies.

His ideas have also been published in major publications like FOX, Entrepreneur, Yahoo, NBC, etc.

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What is included in Douglas James’ AI-Powered Digital Real Estate Masterclass?

He claims that when you sign up for his program, you’ll gain access to “all the knowledge, tools, and resources you need to harness the power of AI to generate income from home while automating the majority of your workload and only having to work a few hours per day.”

Therefore, he will provide you with the tools, the prompts to use, and the nuances that he has honed over many years of running digital real estate businesses.

Douglas James says that will show you where to find local businesses willing to pay for leads and how to scale your income as quickly as possible too.

You also get these bonuses:

  • AI Automation Prompts: Instantly automate 90-95% of your workflow and skyrocket your income by using proven AI prompts designed to save you time and accelerate your results.
  • 7-Figure Sales Scripts: Get paid thousands (or even tens of thousands) of dollars from the comfort of your own home by copying and pasting our world-class 7-figure sales scripts.
  • Profitable Niches Pack: Identify the most profitable industries to target in order to maximize how much you get paid per client (and start generating income as quickly as possible!).
  • Agency Launch Checklist: Follow the Agency Launch Checklist to set up your new income stream the exact same way thousands of others have used to generate life-changing results.

Pricing and Money Back Guarantee

You can get the package for $97

There is a “180-day unconditional Money-Back Guarantee”

Read the terms and conditions pages to learn more about these details because they may change by the time you read this.

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Is The AI-Powered Digital Real Estate Masterclass by Douglas James Legit?

Douglas James’ approach is undeniably legitimate as it taps into the proven avenue of local lead generation, showcasing a credible method to earn money online.

Local lead generation involves connecting businesses with potential customers in their vicinity, addressing a genuine need for effective marketing outreach.

Douglas James, an experienced entrepreneur and digital marketing expert, brings a wealth of knowledge to the table, having assisted over 5000 entrepreneurs in honing their marketing skills.

His track record speaks volumes about the efficacy of his strategies, emphasizing the practicality and legitimacy of his approach to local lead generation.

My AI Method by Douglas James Verdict

Douglas James’ approach to local lead generation is indeed legitimate, as local lead generation presents a viable avenue for earning money online. As we’ve already mentioned, the strategy involves connecting local businesses with potential clients, a genuine service that addresses a real need in the market.

However, you must recognize the inherent risks associated with any entrepreneurial venture. While Douglas James may showcase impressive earnings in his presentations, approach the opportunity with a level of realism.

The documented success stories may not be representative of every student or marketer’s experience, and actual earnings may vary based on individual efforts, and market conditions, among other factors.

If you are considering this approach, go in with realistic expectations, acknowledging the potential for both rewards and challenges that come with a local lead generation business.

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