My Home Job Connection Review [Scam Busted!]

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My Home Job Connection Review [Scam Busted!] 3

My Home Job Connection Review

My Home Job Connection is an online job finder that claims to match you with real work from home opportunities in your locality. However, the truth is that this program is a scam that you need to stay away from at all costs. It’s not much different to other scams I have exposed in recent weeks like entrepreneur jobs club which is a fake link posting scam and the financial money times.

Through the My Home Job Connection website, they promise to match your skills and capabilities with legitimate job opportunities in your area. These claims are completely false. My Home Job Connection will not help you find any opportunities to earn money at home. This scam actually reminds me very much of the secure online jobs scam because it essentially promises to get you a job from home but in reality that won’t happen.

From my experience with this online program, they will mislead you from the word go by redirecting you to a similar scam website that goes by the name EZ Money Team. This particular website has been exposed many times and is still being promoted by scammers around the web. The jobs they refer you to are online business enterprises with very high risk factors. This is okay for someone looking for a business opportunity but not a job. A job is NOT a business, yet they refer you to high risk businesses.

There are many red flags regarding this website, such as:

Fake Facebook likes

This is the first thing I realized. They show that they have 455,232 Facebook likes at the top of their homepage. This is completely false. This is just an image they have uploaded to dupe you. More so, its ridiculous that they claim to have a huge social media following yet they don’t even have a Facebook page. They are relying on people not checking this.

Fake Testimonials

Upon analyzing most of the testimonials on their website, I realized that they are fake. They have taken generic stock images from all over the internet and used them to sing false praise about their site. Remember anyone can grab those photos whenever they want and use them online.

Fake Networks / Endorsements

“My Home Job Connection” makes use of logos of network news companies illegally. Their intention is to make you believe that they have been featured on these companies’ news programs which is not true. Moreover, this online job finder is nowhere to be found in any media advertisements.

How Does My Home Job Connection Work?

On their homepage, they will ask you to enter your zip code for you to be able to find jobs in your locality. Then, they ask you provide them with details including your name, email address, and phone number to set up your account. After you have created an account, you will be required to provide further details such as they kind of home job you are looking for, your desired weekly income, the number of hours you can work per week, and so on.

Regardless of the jobs you choose, you are redirected to the same jobs and in reality, the job opportunities that they refer you to are never going to make you anything even close to what they claim. For some of the job opportunities they are referring to you will have to pay some money in order to join them. The whole zip code thing is simply to give you a false sense of security that the program they are recommending is well suited and matched to you, but in reality it’s BS.

What Do They Recommend?

EZ Money Team is an affiliate marketing program that they will recommend to you where you promote clients products online by posting affiliate links. People click on your links, they are redirected to the sellers website,and you will earn a commission if they will buy the offered products. Personally, I know of many legitimate affiliate marketing programs that give people an opportunity to earn money online. But My Home Job Connection is beyond reasonable doubt a risky site to join.

Making money through EZ Money Team is not a walk in the park as they tell you. Its not possible to earn hundreds of dollars by simply posting advertising links. This is just a con that they will tell you to make it sound easy when in reality it takes hard work and lots of time to learn the right strategies to use.

Verdict & Recommendation

After taking a closer look at My Home Job Connection it is clear that I won’t be recommending it.

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